Become a Spirit Guide Artist - Diploma Course.

lilangelFull Day Workshop Intensive : - I have been a spiritual artist for over forty years. I learned to do this through spiritual guidance and was guided, by spirit, to develope a system that can assist any would-be spirit guide arists to develop his/her skills in this endeavour. This intensive takes place over three days, usually three Saturdays or Sundays in a row. Ideally you have already done some spiritual development elsewhere and have a working knowledge of the psychic realms as well as the basics of the chakra and aura system. I recommend that you read and study my book: LightBody.
In this intensive I supply all the basic art materials, including pastels and paper. You will be given a list of requirements you need to bring, such as a personal wash-cloth for your hands etc.
 Day 1) Introduction to spiritual art, the materials, the methods. Learning to activate the right-side of the brain to enable the spirit world to work through you. The basics of channeling art.
Day 2) Practicing your skills on each other; going deeper, receiving feedback. Art techniques that assist the process.
Day 3) You will be paired up with a "client" to offer them a session. They will give feedback and insights.
Upon completion you will receive a recognised Spirit Guide Artist Diploma of applied science. Please contact me for further details, times, dates and costs. Costs vary depending on the rental of venues.
You will be introduced to working with pastels and other dry media, the various paper-types, and how to help you connect to your spirit guide or angel. When you do this, they "draw" through you! Other energies such as sacred colours, crystals and various spiritual symbols will also come through in this magical day. NO artist ability or talent is required! You simply open (via meditative techniques, that Lesley will share with you) and then allow the guide and/or angel to move your hand, and create a beautiful, professional looking, full colour pastel drawings of Angels * Spirit Guides * Masters * totems and so much more!! - please email me for further details, dates, costs and so much more! 
There is also a special facebook page :

Spirit Vision with Lesley Ann Crossingham


Medicine Ways

Many years ago I lived, worked and trained with traditional Native American Indian people. I have written my series of books, The Shaman's Door on this journey. In the early 1990s I offered medicine teachings in Victoria, Australia for many years. I also assisted my dear friend, Medicine Chief Archie Fire Lame Deer, from the Lakota people to come to Australia and offer ceremonies. I offered Vision Quest and Sweat Lodge ceremonies on my own land in Victoria for several years and was happy to share medicine teachings, drum making and so much more.
I am happy to offer Medicine Way Teachings once again, here in southern Queensland. The core teachings are simple and yet profound. They ask us to gather in Sacred Circle to share the wisdom of the pathway, to assist us to come into right relationship with all and everything, and to open ourselves to deep spiritual guidance from the spirit beings of Mother Earth and Father Sky.
These teaching circles are profound, yet reasonably priced, to cover the basic costs of venues and outgoing expenses. I will be covering: Medicine Songs * Black Lodge Ceremony * Pipe Ceremony * Prayer Bundles * Prayer Ties * Prayer Robes * Medicine Wheel construction * Sacred Earth Walk * drum making * Talking Stick/Pahoe Sticks * 
If you feel called to experience Sacred Circle, Medicine Wheel Teachings and the power of traditional ceremonies, please contact me for further information.. We also have a special facebook page  where the latest information / dates / places are listed:  Our next gathering is June 21st for the Solstice: