The Door to Ancient Wisdom

lilangelDraw your Angel: - One Day Workshop: - We are all connected to the angels and they wish to come closer to us. They connect via the inner soul vibration which reflects via colour and pattern. In this full-day workshop, Lesley will introduce you to working with pastels and other dry media, the various paper-types, and how to help you connect to your spirit guide or angel. When you do this, they "draw" through you! Other energies such as sacred colours, crystals and various spiritual symbols will also come through in this magical day. NO artist ability or talent is required! You simply open (via meditative techniques, that Lesley will share with you) and then allow the guide and/or angel to move your hand, and create a beautiful, professional looking, full colour pastel drawing of your personal angels * guides * totems and so much more!!

Spirit Vision with Lesley Ann Crossingham

 Astrological Alchemy

mandala5Every single person is on a very personal journey of transformation, evolution and alchemy. Through self-understanding and rising above the traps and temptations of the world of materialism, we eventually become fully aware, and in that awareness we are free to live as we were meant to live. Those who have embraced this inner knowing are called "masters" and they offer us clues and insights to help us achieve what we usually call "enlightenment." While there are literally millions of books filled with advice about how to achieve enlightenment, the simple essence is to "know thyself" because everything you need to remember has been literally programmed within you.

We can connect to this inner realm through meditation, stillness or other methods of spiritual attunement but it is only when we live our lives and face all the stresses and strains of this world but still make decisions based on self-love, gratitude and forgiveness do we make any real headway towards the enlightened state of time. In ancient times we were all taught to see the world as a wonderful expression of spirit, always in communication, always guiding us towards enlightenment. However, in our modern world, where the religion of science takes precedent, many of us have disengaged ourselves from the wonderful earth mirror and become lost in the rational mind and the evidence of experts. This is a dead-end road, and your heart already knows this. We need to reignite our alliance with eternal truth and allow that ancient and eternal guidance to return to us. I have created my Sacred Journey Oracle Cards to help people tap into their own inner reservoir of wisdom by recognising the symbols and messages that are all around us at all times. By seeking answers to our problems through inner work, including signs, symbols and dreams, we become more spiritually powerful and less reliant on the every shifting sands of this material world.

Another profound method to assist our journey into self-wisdom is Alchemical Astrology. This method uses the natal birth chart to map the pattern of the soul and the choices you made before you incarnated in this lifetime. Everything you need to know about your life has been programmed into this easy-discover inner road map and once you know the language of the stars and planets it can become an invaluable guide to your life.

This system points to : * Your life purpose * karmic debts/weaknesses and strengths * Soul mates * Sacred Contracts and your spiritual pathway * :