Digital reading platforms like the iPad, the Nook and Amazon’s Kindle have soared in popularity creating a new and exciting way to disseminate ideas. Readers have become ereaders, selecting most of their reading materials online rather than in stores. In 2009, eBook sales totalled $169.5 million of the $35 billion publishing industry. A report by Forrester Research predicts sales will total $966 million in 2010, and projected to cross the $1 billion line by the end of this year! Most importantly, there is no postage, no packaging and immediate results... not all books can become good eBooks, but many can and it gives you another platform to offer your wisdom to your readers!

Print sales are dropping and smart authors are riding the wave of the digital publishing revolution and gaining a larger audience for their books. Your ebook can be edited, converted to ePub for Adobe Digital Editions (ADE), iPad, Android and Nook and most importantly Mobi for Amazon's Kindle and uploaded within five days. You can be earning revenue within hours of your book appearing online!

You can also learn how to do this yourself.. giving you full control. You do need to be familiar with WORD, but then you learn the techniques of inserting hyperlinks and formatting your book for the requirements of the various platforms. We offer training in our workshops, but you will find lots of how to guidelines on the net or on the various websites of the eBook platforms, including Amazon. None of this is difficult but it can be time consuming.

Ebook formats

If you have done any research you will soon discover that is over fifty different types of eReader devices on the market and this can be very confusing to an author. We have tested the major devices and developed a simple process that converts your book into the formats that can be used on all devices!


Once created, your book will need to be distributed. Ebooktree has simplified the operation into a choice of plans. We will upload your book for you! We will create an account, if you do not already have one, that will be linked directly to your email address. You will be able to then monitor your own sales directly. You may also wish to have your book available on your own website, this is easily expedited.

Production Services. We provide a range of services to help you create beautiful books of many genres – fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, illustrated books, coffee-table books to mention only a few. Ebooks require a different approach because of the devices they use. We have discovered delightful graphics and easy to read formats for our ebooks, that will make your book stand head and shoulders above the rest!

Cover Design: As graphic artists we can create a cover that best reflects the contents of your book. Ebook covers need to be eye-catching as they appear on the distributor’s site in full colour. It is often the cover that makes a potential reader stop, pause and read the first few pages of your book. This, of course, leads to more sales! Let us design a cover with impact, clarity and appeal!


How do I start?

You can learn to create your own ePub file to upload onto Amazon and other platforms. If you are not particularly “tech” savvy, I offer a quick conversion package. You need to supply me with a edited, ready to public WORD document, and I will convert it for $50. This includes all the hyperlinks to a TOC (table of contents) to make the book readable. You will need to make your own cover art, or have someone do it for you, and then you upload it onto Amazon yourself (very easy to do!!!) I offer a quick turnaround. Your book will be up and running within five working days. We offer personal assistance, support and suggestions gleaned from thirty years in the publishing, writing and printing industry. You can relax, knowing your manuscript is in safe hands!