Ten years ago, driven by inspiration, I went to Israel and Egypt -- it was one of the most powerful experiences of my life, and certainly one that stays with me today. It was also tumultuous and emotional, as you can probably imagine. Like so many of us I actually fought with the guidance because it was uncovering so much emotional wounding, clearly from many past lifetimes. 

I wandered around Jerusalem and went to all the "sacred" places, but could not find the guidance I was seeking. Then I became so frustrated, I actually called out to Jesus and Mary, where are you? I suddenly felt myself guided up beyond the city to the quiet orchards of Gethsemane to walk in the ancient olive trees. I felt so lost and yet everything felt so familiar. Over the next few weeks I was guided by Mary, and my book, Amma Na Tha is the channeled words she gave me there. Later, after teaching and sharing the book, I wrote The Goddess Codes to help everyone understand how the Goddess literally awakens within. But somewhere in between I made a teaching DVD called The Hidden Goddess.

DVDs are going out of style these days because everyone wants things streamed live, but I managed to get ten printed (if that is the right word!) The workshop I share on this recording is an overview of the Goddess and then a workshop on uncovering the hidden Goddess we find in the fairy stories. As a special offer, I will give you a copy of the DVD with any copy of either Amma Na tha or The Goddess Codes ordered online.

The Shaman's Door Series
of books encapsulates my personal journey living and working with Native American traditional people, and includes the core teachings that everyone can embrace in their lives. Thank you for your positive feedback and sweet comments about Michael, my spiritual brother, however you also said you wanted more information on the ceremonies and teachings and so the series has expanded. I am also working on a book on the sacred herb sisters and more.

I want to emphasis that what I offer here, and in all my work, is not a "new" or different way of living in the world, so much as a return to the basics of nature. We are by nature connected, heart, soul and mind, to Mother Earth and Father Sky. When we separate ourselves from our spiritual parents we feel bereft, lost and often quite mad! 

I wear many hats, as an author, artist, teacher, musician and more. I love variety, which is just as well. Although I have written about how my clairvoyant abilities awoke when I was little, I realized, very recently, that when I first began to clairvoyantly see fairies and nature spirits, I also began to write little stories. My experience was that as one skill awoke, so did several others. I would write my little stories and then illustrate them with my pictures (all with wax crayons!) In fact I wrote my first “book” at age eleven. 

As we come to the end of the Age of Pisces, a deeper understanding of the wisdom of the two people, Jesus and Magdalene, who heralded the Piscean Age has becomes imperative.

Each of the Great Ages (which occur every two thousands years or so) bring in a wave of spiritual evolution. However when we don't embrace it, the energy morphs into the negative aspects of the Age. The negative side of Pisces is deception, delusion and distortion... and we can see evidence of this everywhere.

I have written about my experiences of being born an Empath and how my habit of talking to trees or seeing fairies isolated me from other "normal" children. Many of you have written to say you have had similar experiences. Yet only fairly recently have I realized that the awakening of Empath abilities is only the first step of "Divine Awakening" or the realignment with Divine Identity.

If you are like me, you probably loved the well known Goddess stories, including our fairy tales of Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. These stories remain popular because they contain the seed teachings of divine awakening. I expect you already know that, as did I. However, what I did not know is that as we awaken our lives reflect or echo these stories. Of course they play out in your life in a unique and very personal way, yet their power is the story that awakens your own Divine DNA!

I was born sensitive and what my mother called "overly imaginative." For years I battled this gift, which I saw as a horrible curse rather than a blessing. Like so many young people, I felt different, alone and had no idea why I could hear thoughts, see spirits and colours that others could not. My parents were constantly called to the Head Mistresses' office because of my hysterics (as they called it). In despair, my mother sent me north to Scotland and the dubious care of my tiny Scottish Grandmother in the far off Islands of the Hebrides.

 It was the saving of me! 

My fay Scottish Grandmother spoke to fairies and taught me the ancient Celtic Wisdom.