StarSeedNar 01Most authors I speak to spend months if not years thinking about a book and its subject matter. It is all the opposite for me. I receive a brief overview vision, start typing and very often the book morphs into something else. The case in point is with my latest book, StarSeed - The Owl - The Journey of the Narcissist. As you can probably guess, this book focuses on the uncanny and strange relationship between mystics of all kinds, and narcissists of various kinds. Almost every mystic I know has had at least one, but often several very close relationships with other people who are clearly narcissists. This can be a parent,  but often a partner or even a child. 

Initially, most mystics put up various barriers in order to feel safe. Creating healthy boundaries is very important for every person, but particularly for the mystic who is super-sensitive to so many energies and yet has enormous compssion and understanding for those who are suffering.

StarSeed5 So many of us love Mother Earth, and yet also feel a deep heart-connection to the stars. My teacher, Kimiwan would say that there were many campfires up in the sky each night because there are many worlds. The attraction to the stary heavens is in fact the first sign you are one of the Starseed Beings who may have come to our Mother Earth for many thousands of years, on mission to offer the awakening energies so desperately needed in this spiritually sleeping world. 

I have written a series of books on this phenomenon to help StarSeeds learn how to navigate their way in this world, and understand their star-body mission. I have now rolled up those four books into two volumns with some additional small books to support the Journey. You may also be an Empath as well as a StarSeed and so it is important for your own well-being that you gain some insights into your spiritual origins in order to live a fulfilling and balanced life in this world.

Like the human form, Mother Earth has energy lines, and chakras. Anyone who has visited Uluru in the red centre of Australia would not be in the least bit surprised to learn that this area is considered the solar plexus chakra of Mother Earth because our vast continent was once part of an ancient and wise civilization called Lemeuria. A StarSeed or Empath, or Earth Mystic will feel incredible powers in such power places as our red centre.

workbook 01The Shaman's Door is a series of books recounting my personal journey living and working with Native American traditional people. It includes the core teachings, such as the Vision Quest and the sacred Medicine Wheel, that everyone can embrace in their lives. The final book is the Sacred Circle Workbook which includes the day-to-day basics of "how to" grow * smudge herbs, * make smudge bundles, * make and wear a Medicine Bag, create a Medicine Wheel, including a diagram, plus a listing of every stone, crystal, herb and colour and their places on the wheel.

I have included my memories of my time with my wonderful teacher, Sun Bear, in his centre in Northern Washington State, back in the 1980s. He taught me and many others, this information and so I feel blessed to share it with you. Sunbear was an amazing man who had a quirky sense of humour, but a heart as big as the ocean. I am so grateful to have known him and received his gifts of wisdom.

I was born sensitive and what my mother called "overly imaginative." For years I battled this gift, which I saw as a horrible curse rather than a blessing. Like so many young people, I felt different, alone and had no idea why I could hear thoughts, see spirits and colours that others could not.

My parents were often called to the Head Mistresses' office because of my hysterics (as they called it). In despair, my mother sent me north to Scotland and the dubious care of my tiny Scottish Grandmother in the far off Islands of the Hebrides. This mystical and ancient land had a name for me.. I was faye, or gifted by the fairies! Today we have a new word... Empath... And millions of Empaths are currently incarnating into this world.

In the far north of Scotland I felt accepted because my skills were considered a gift from the fairies. My Grandmother explained that I had a gift and that I was to use it to help others. I was and am an Empath, but because I had a wise grandmother I was able to see this gift. Without her I would have probably fallen into drugs, drink and probably worst. This is what happens to thousands of Empaths who are not nurtured and guided!

Are you and Empath? Do you see your "strangeness" as a curse rather than a blessing? Do members of your family think you are strange?