Our beloved childhood stories, Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty (or Briar Rose) and others contain the Starseed teachings of divine or Goddess awakening. As we embrace and allow our lives to reflect Starseed consciousness, our Earth lives begin to reflect or echo these stories. The Goddess Tales will play out in your life in a unique and very personal way, but every awakening Starseed will take the Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty journey. These hidden Codes reveal the awakening of the Starseed Goddess because it is through divine consciousness that the Divine DNA awakens or begins to function consciously -- The Goddess Codes are a transformative journey hidden within simple and ancient legends about an sleeping princess!

 The Goddess Codes are the secret Starseed Codes, hidden within the famous Fairy Tales.  

In this book, using my own life, and true events I illustrate how these stories played out for me. I reveal how the "Mary Magdalene" wound (rejection of feminine power) leads us to awaken the hidden Codes within the Goddess legends. As this occurs, your "fear" buttons really get hit and you go into a spiritual crisis. So many fall by the wayside and isolate themselves, as did Mary when she went into exile in the south of France, as did I when I left the city to move out to the bush far away from everyone and everything.

The Goddess Tales were written by the Knights Templar and hidden in the "fairy tales." They are always about a lost princess who has her power taken away from a step-mother (the Catholic Church) or step-sisters who have lost their power. This experience is the feminine "Dark Night of the Soul" that is unique to those who chose to be born as starseed women in this world. 

Each Starseed woman is spiritually aligned with Mary Magdalene and each will have her unique expression of The Magdalene. For me, my memory is the journey of a rejected woman. It wrote about this in Amma Na Tha. Yet once the book was written, the Starseed within me grew and suddenly my life reflected Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and many others. This is the journey of the Starseed

All of my books offer various ways to embrace that inner light and release/heal the darkness. I have compiled the most effective and powerful methods in my books: The Empath, Living Luminosity, and The Goddess Codes. These books are practical, no-nonsense approaches to actually doing your inner work. 

Living Luminosity, I offer the Celtic traditions of overcoming or healing your Dragon Wounds. The dragon, in Celtic mythology is a negative and very powerful force (like the story of St George and the dragon), that if you do not heal or balance can burn you up... literally! In this book I offer several tests to help you see how the dragon influences your life. I also offer the wisdom of the Essenes and much more.

The Empath outlines the powers of the Empath/starseed, but also uncovers the dark or shadow side in the world that impacts on the Empath. The Empath feels both light and darkness, and finds it difficult to shut out the dark. This is why so many Empaths become so emotional, or reclusive, but also why they might turn to drugs or alcohol. These substances lower vibrations, and thus shut off the empath powers.

In The Goddess Codes, I reveal how these codes awaken within by comparing my life with the stories of the Goddess. I believe if you do the same thing, you will see you have been walking the Goddess or Divine Awakening path for many years.  Each of us is a sleeping Goddess, in one form or another, and therefore until we awaken her fully within, she will always be potential rather than an actual living component within our lives. 

I offer my personal story to reveal how natural divine awakening is for us all. We are all walking the Goddess pathway but once you understand this, you can speed it along. We are meant to thrive! We are meant to live loving lives in oneness with all that is. We cannot do that when we feel crippled with pain, guilt or lack of worthiness.





These books are a good foundation for spiritual growth and for understanding the deeper levels of existence in this world, and therefore you will notice that many of my older titles are no longer available. They are available via Amazon and their Kindle eBooks. Please go to my  book store to order you copy.. or go to Amazon for an eBook.

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