Ten years ago, driven by inspiration, I went to Israel and Egypt -- it was one of the most powerful experiences of my life, and certainly one that stays with me today. It was also tumultuous and emotional, as you can probably imagine. Like so many of us I actually fought with the guidance because it was uncovering so much emotional wounding, clearly from many past lifetimes. 

I wandered around Jerusalem and went to all the "sacred" places, but could not find the guidance I was seeking. Then I became so frustrated, I actually called out to Jesus and Mary, where are you? I suddenly felt myself guided up beyond the city to the quiet orchards of Gethsemane to walk in the ancient olive trees. I felt so lost and yet everything felt so familiar. Over the next few weeks I was guided by Mary, and my book, Amma Na Tha is the channeled words she gave me there. Later, after teaching and sharing the book, I wrote The Goddess Codes to help everyone understand how the Goddess literally awakens within. But somewhere in between I made a teaching DVD called The Hidden Goddess.

DVDs are going out of style these days because everyone wants things streamed live, but I managed to get ten printed (if that is the right word!) The workshop I share on this recording is an overview of the Goddess and then a workshop on uncovering the hidden Goddess we find in the fairy stories. As a special offer, I will give you a copy of the DVD with any copy of either Amma Na tha or The Goddess Codes ordered online.

One of the most powerful things Mary has shared with me is that our biggest obstacle is the need to know and understand. This sounds ridiculous but what she means is that we need to let go of the mind and trust the heart more. We do not freeze the mind, instead we balance the mind with the feelings of the heart, with the heart the most important. This is the key teaching of the Goddess, and it is a teaching the world desperately needs right now.

I could write a dozen books on this alone, but rather than have you wade through all of that, let’s save time by letting go of any perceived “need” to understand; and instead simply ask for healing. The bottom line is that if you are not in total and absolute inner peace, you need healing, not necessarily knowing. And it all begins with loving yourself, just as you are, and acknowledging, in a powerful and life-affirming way, that the answers lie within.

Deep, down within your heart and within your soul is the answer to every question you have ever had and will ever have. Deep within you have a secret programming that will bring you all the peace you seek. But you can never access it until you honour and acknowledge your inner divinity. This particular aspect of divinity is the feminine element, or Goddess within. This applies to both males and females. This is why the Bible speaks of becoming a bride and marrying the Holy Spirit, etc. Only when your divine nature speaks within can you ever enter the halls of wisdom that bring that eternal peace. I know you know this, but sometimes we all need to have it spelled out for us once again.

In ancient times, and certainly in the time of Jesus, this divine awakening was offered via the priestesses in the temple. This could not be offered by males because it would not underscore the necessity of the divine feminine awakening within. This is what Mary Magdalene did for Jesus. You will recall, especially if you have read my book: Amma Na Tha that she was compelled to anoint him, in front of others with spikenard oil. She felt utterly unworthy which is why she was weeping and therefore she used her tears to wash his feet. Jesus could not have completed his mission without this amazing and awakening ritual of anointment by the priestess of the temple.

All of this was shown to me in Jerusalem; I was taken on an amazing journey to have this experience and I wrote about it both in The Goddess Codes and in my DVD, In the Footsteps of Mary.

I returned to Australia with a few bottles of traditional spikenard oil and offered them for sale for several years. They then ran out and so I withdrew the DVD; but recently Mary has returned to whisper that I should once again offer the recording because the story and the experience are useful to many people. At the end of the DVD I speak about the oils and so Mary has given me new instructions: 

Recently spikenard essential oil has become available; this oil is originally from India and the Himalayans. It was traded throughout the Middle East and is available here now. I am sure some of you who live in mountainous areas can grow the little crocus that makes the oil and Mary asks me to inspire those of you who feel drawn to begin to grow spikenard bulbs here in Australia.

In the meantime, if you feel an attraction to Mary and Jesus’ story, please follow Mary’s instruction:

Place seven drops of spikenard with seven drops of pure olive oil, preferably oil grown here in Australia, into a small bowl. Bless it under the full moon. Then with two fingers (ring finger and big finger) dip into the oil and bless each one of your chakras from head to toe. This awakenings and invokes divine energy: Then say the Divine Invocation:

“From the heart of life, and the soul of God; awakened I am today;

The shakinah power of Goddess light shines forth from my heart forever;

I am that I am the power resplendent; as are all about me, I pray..”

This is your anointment prayer, which you can repeat as often as you wish. The spikenard is the Feminine power of Mary Magdalene and the olive oil the Masculine power of Jesus. Together they are the divine twin flame.

If this calls you, share it with others but know that when you feel anxious and upset for any reason, big or small, you can stepped away from the shakinah to wander in the desert of forgetfulness (also known as the reptilians). Return to the true power; the power of the feminine that is guided purely by healing and love and NOT by knowing anything in particular.

If this intrigues you, please read my Goddess series.