Starseed 01Our beloved planet Earth has undergone many deaths and rebirths because, as a Goddess, she is constantly regenerating. We see her magic every day! Who cannot be thrilled by the blossoming of life every Spring, and perhaps a little sad as winter’s cold fingers sweep through the world each year.

We all know we live in a circle of endless magic because we are part of a living Goddess organism. We are part of Mother Earth, and like her, we have lived many lives in many places. Some of those memories are painful, but some are so utterly delightful that they remain deep within the soul. One such memory is Lemeuria. It is a place that sings in the memory... for it was a time of harmony and wisdom.....

Goddess Earth is literally part of us, and therefore like the human form, Mother Earth also has energy lines, and chakras. Anyone who has visited Uluru in the red centre of Australia would not be in the least bit surprised to learn that this area is considered the solar plexus chakra of Mother Earth. But the magic goes deeper. There is also evidence that this vast continent was once part of an ancient and wise civilization called Lemeuria. We can see the evidence in the north and the eastern coast, where many strange written inscriptions and pyramid temple structures can be found. There is a lot of research into the Egyptian-style hieroglyphs found north of Sydney, along with amazing spiritual rock art found all across the northern part of the country. All Aboriginal art is spiritually profound because it uses colour and dots/lines to describe the ever moving, undulating, pulsating energies of spirit, and of course we all know the power of the song-lines which work with vibration and sound.

I have been fortunate enough to visit dozens of sacred sites such as Stonehenge, as well as European Gothic Cathedrals, pyramids and temples right across the world. I have also spent time in powerful places such as Findhorn in Scotland and Sedona, in Arizona both of which are known for the vortex energy, yet I can truly say that the most spiritually powerful natural energy centres that remain pure and unsullied can be found in our own backyard. We are the lucky ones indeed.

The Australian energies buzz audibly and you can feel it very physical. In some sacred places a person needs to slow down using breath work, and then align and attune in order to tap into this power, but not in our central desert. It is literally palpable and when you align effortlessly with it, it speaks to you in story, legend, image and wisdom.

In one of my first Australian experiences I fell easily into a deep meditation on a quest to gain insights into what I was seeing and feeling. Within seconds I was given a beautiful vision of ancient Australia as part of the land-mass known these days as Lemeuria. I am not the first or only person to have received such a vision.

Lemeuria and the Starseeds:

Ultimately we are all starseeds, we are made from stardust and every star and planet we see is made of the same stuff. However, the first gentle and spiritually conscious civilizations were starseeded, which means that visitors from various places, particularly the Pleiades, came to our world to help form the first gentle civilization. There were communities prior to this but many of them were destroyed or interfered with by those with materialistic agendas. The Starseed beings are members of a higher level civilization who have made a pledge/promise to assist in the evolution of Mother Earth, and in many ways, the Lemeurian continent was the highest expression of Pleiadian harmony.

There have been many ancient civilizations prior to Lemeuria. It seems the Earth and this galaxy is so much older than scientists realize. Yet Lemeuria is probably our oldest memory of when we were an advanced civilization. It is deep within human collective consciousness and it still has a huge impact on us today.

This ancient place was a highly developed spiritually attuned land-mass that stretched south from the Hawaiian Islands, down through Polynesia and encapsulated most of Australia. The Lemeurians were open hearted, spiritually attuned beings who had profound healing abilities. They were wise enough to work in conjunction with the natural powers of nature and Mother Earth as well as from the higher, more advanced (or perhaps I should say, more awakened!) beings from other worlds. They could indeed harness the wisdom of the planet with the guidance of the stars, and the other-world-inhabitants.

Although they are our physical and spiritual ancestors, Lemeurians looked physically quite different to us. In fact when I first saw a vision of them I assumed they were intergalactic. I was corrected and told that we were, at that time, still very aligned spiritually with the creator spirit. Therefore, we loved one another as equals as well as ourselves. Because we remembered who and what we are, the human body took on a yin-yang or he/she quality. The Creator, which we usually refer to as "he" is actually neither gender, so as people become more inwardly balance, they invariably desplay a "he/she" quality. This still occurs on our planet and can be seen in many elders.

In Lemeurian times, it was very difficult to differentiate between a male and a female body because gender roles and prejudices simply did not exist at that time. Therefore, as you can well imagine, sexuality and thus relationships were also unrestricted by gender and only guided by love. These days our modern world continues to insist on gender roles and gets pretty upset when these roles are challenged. This is an oblique and often unconscious fear of love because it tries to restrict, question and control the flow and expression of love.

I have many memories of Lemeuria. As I aligned with my memories and the spirits of guidance, these memories became easier to access to the point that now they flow quite easily. I will, over time, write down the most useful memories and share them with those who feel and align with a Lemeurian connection, however, as your own Lemeurian memories awaken your own ability or powers to access these memories will also awaken.

These memories are contained in what is known as the Akashic Records, and I know that many of you are able to tap into this amazing resource at any time. The Akasha are simply energy records, like an every moving and recording mechanism programmed into the etheric energies that surround our bodies and the planet. Any shaman can easily access these records and sit back and watch a “movie” of the events. In fact, that is what I do for every client who comes to me for a spiritual drawing. I draw what I can see right now, and then enter the Akasha for insights into the “whys” of the patterns I am shown.

One of my strongest memories of Lemeuria is one of being able to fly by standing/sitting on a very special vehicle. I have since realized this memory is actually a collective “soul” memory or vision that most people with Lemeurian past-lifetimes have in common. It may resonate with you. Many of us have a vision of effortlessly flying, or floating about on a carpet-like structure. As Lemeurians we had invented an anti-gravity propulsion platform that used natural Earth energies to both draw and repel, thus creating very safe, naturally pulsating flying movement. The platforms rolled up like an umbrella and hooked over the arm, again very much like an umbrella hook, when not in use. The gadget could be flicked open with just a push or a tap of a button and then, after it unfolded, they were boarded like a wide flying surf board or scooter. I sometimes visit Lemeuria in vision, and smile with the memories and visions of us all swooshing around on our cute little flying scooters, ducking and weaving as we waved at one another! Because of the Earth-controlled propulsion mechanism, it was impossible to crash into one another or into buildings, because other objects offered a resistance to the vehicle, automatically pushing us out of harm’s way. We could read books and chatter to one another with ease, as well as appreciate the thrill of the rapid movement.

Some of you will be pleased to know that I do not, however, have any memories of texting devices, because they were unnecessary -- everyone was naturally telepathic, therefore we could beam a thought towards a friend and have a distant conversation. No need to worry about wifi or mobile/cell phone towers. We needed no outside devices for communication because everything was fuelled by our own natural energy field.

I believe that this memory-fragment is still in our collective unconsciousness which is why the idea of flying carpets, and simple personal flight propulsion springs up in movies, stories and legends. I also believe that many “flying” dreams are really memories of past-lifetimes in Lemeuria.

Initially I assumed I was given these visions for my own self-knowing, but then it became clear that the Lemeurians, who are (of course!) you and I, wanted us to remember their wisdom and resume its use in our lives. I also believe that this spiritual motive is the real reason we have “invented” computers, cell phones and smart phones. They are clunky and insensitive memories of our natural abilities. We can and I believe we will, release them to the junk pile when our natural powers return to us.

There is much wisdom available to us from our past selves because their (our) teachings are not lost, but merely covered over. This wisdom or knowing is accessible via the data-banks of the fifth dimension, or the fifth heavenly plane, or the Akashic Records. They still exist, but (there is always a but!!!) we have to match or align energetically with this higher wisdom. This and only this is the key to that door.

People often talk in whispered voices about other dimensions, but all dimensions and their information are available to all who come from the right motives. Those motives include exuding love for their creator, themselves, the world and each other unconditionally. The essence of expressed love automatically, and without any effort, raise the spiritual vibrations so a person can access various dimension. Those motives include, of course, the desire to bring healing and light into our third dimensional world, not for lower or fear-based motives, which including making money, gathering followers to live on some idyllic commune, become a saviour-messiah figure or to become famous. The Lemeurians were/are shamans and therefore anyone who uses shamanic practices can easily access their data banks, assuming they are coming from the highest vibrational motive. It is also very important to remember that the rescuer archetype (also known as the Messiah archetype) does not align with the Aquarian energy of this age. Therefore, much as you might ache to help others, approach it Aquarianly and you will be successful. Approach it Pisceanly (the previous age) and you will fail miserably. (Please read my book Living Luminosity if this interests you)

This information, and deeper insights will be available in a new book in the early part of 2018. Please contact me if you would like to receive a PDF of the first chapter. .