Starseed 022One of the most common “problems” or issues expressed in the spiritual movement today is being ungrounded. We use this term to refer to someone who is so “floaty” that they live dashing from one drama to another, are very scattered, forgetful, exhausted, overwhelmed and usually extremely frantic. In the worst cases, they forget promises and commitments because they are so busy, and because they live on the very edge of exhaustion, one extra demand upon them, such as the car breaking down, or the a meal burning, sends them over the edge. Of course everyone has their frantic moments, especially around the Christmas season, but when it is a constant in your life, you are not grounded and therefore you are not living your soul-purpose, even if you are working as a healer, clairvoyant, or spiritual advisor.

As I clairvoyantly look at the person I usually see some disturbance in the bottom three chakras (base, sacral and solar) So most healers will recommend a bush-walk swimming, drumming and chanting earth songs, smudging with earthy herbs, or wearing base-chakra crystals, etc. These things absolutely help, but they are not “cures” but rather support mechanisms to be used whilst we look at the deeper problem and make the necessary changes in our lives.

The first step is to just stop. Let go of blaming others, or circumstances or lack of money and own the fact that you are living a chaotic life. Try not to get into self-blame or feel inadequate or badly done to, instead recognise you are at power to ground yourself and live a wonderful life. Without being grounded you are always on the edge of disaster and you can never express true life purpose or share your spiritual gifts with others.

Most importantly, there is a way to heal and ground yourself without too much effort. However, we must first understand what we have done to ourselves!


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You will remember the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami and the numerous accounts that except for humans and confined domestic animals, no other creatures died. All animals had sensed the Tsunami well in advance and had migrated to safer places. All these creatures obeyed their natural intuition and attunement to Mother Earth to receive the signals of the impending wave, and got the heck out of there, quick smart. There were dozens of tales of people seeing the wild elephants hiking up the mountains, and birds taking flight suddenly and fish swimming towards the deeper ocean. The reason why this occurred is that wild creatures are grounded! In other words, they are attuned to the present moment, aligned with their instincts and also with Mother Earth.

Yet highly “evolved” humans, for the most part, stood around scratching their heads feeling nothing (until the wave hit of course!) Groundedness has nothing to do with your regular intelligence but rather a word for alignment with the powers of the universe. Therefore, if you are ungrounded, and are disconnected and therefore running around chasing your tail. You cannot receive clear guidance or spiritual attunement because this requires groundedness.



Many of us have a collective memory of using and working with these natural powers. This is how we lived in the ancient world of Lemeuria. Human intuition, instinct and alignment with the Universe / Mother Earth / Father Sky was totally normal, ordinary and unremarkable. It was part of being human. An occasional person was born with a dull intuitive ability, and we would collectively work to awaken them. To have such a “disability” saddened us! Part of normal school curriculum was to hone these intuitive skills, with guessing games, and intuitive “pass the parcel” games where everyone had to guess what prize was in the middle of the parcel. The origin of all our games began in Lemeuria with an emphasis on using intuition rather than memory to know which cards would come up next. We knew that luck had nothing to do with it. It was simply the application of intuitive skills that would help us understand ourselves more deeply. In essence, in Lemeuria, we were mindful. Yet because of a series of events we shifted our minds from oneness and mindfulness, and thus Lemeuria fell from grace.

Since the fall of Lemeuria we have moved away from our intuition and into our fear-based educated mind. This kind of mind will unground you, because it is based on dubious logic and old adages such as “hard work” will bring rewards. Lemeurians knew better than that! Most people have shifted their thoughts to head-based plotting systems using small amounts of scientific or evidence based data. Yet deep within us is an enormous reservoir of intuitive or spiritual data stored in our minds through millions of years during the process of evolution. In other words, your past and future lives (all time is now!) can speak to you via intuition, feelings, visions, etc.

To better explain this, my guide, Mary Magdalene suggests I use a device that most, if not all of you own -- a smart phone/computer or tablet.


You might say that intuition is like data or a software app on your phone. When you look at your tablet/phone home page you get an array of icons for various apps. Some of them have been selected and then downloaded by you, but there are some basic ones that are automatically on your device. When you have too many apps and not enough download data, your apps lag or refuse to work at all. When you check your memory storage, you are told you have too many apps or too many photos (in my case!)... In other words you are overcrowding your poor little phone/tablet and therefore it cannot use any of the apps properly. At times computers or smart phones are “hanging” or waiting for information to download. A technician will tell you that there is not enough RAM for the many apps you are running. So you need to delete or disable some of the apps and free up some RAM. The human mind works in a similar way, but we might call the RAM of the mind, perception, or the ability to grasp and intuit incoming psychic or spiritual data.

When we unground ourselves, become scatty and take on too many tasks, we are downloading “confusion” apps that take up too much perception RAM and thereby prevent us using our intuitive / clairvoyant apps because they cannot be activated.

So if you want your perception to flow freely you also need to free up your mind by deleting apps that are consuming your perception. Another word for perception is attention. You will be surprised to know that you are running thousands if not millions of attention/perception/apps in your mind all the time, especially if you have a busy, or monkey-mind that never stops chattering. In addition to the “apps” you have chosen, such as your focus on shopping or collecting stamps, you also have family or cultural “apps” such as how you interact with your family, or if you automatically obey your Mother. Other apps include basic patriotic impulses, and these may include unconscious racism or culturalism. There is an app that tells you whether to be happy if your country wins a medal at the Olympics. There is an app that makes you misty-eyed when you hear your national anthem. There is an app which shapes your opinions about people, based on your app memory of your past where your likes and dislikes, as well as your fears and anxieties are stored.

In short, these hundreds or thousands of apps collectively make you who you are, which is essentially a false you. This is the “you” that has been moulded (conditioned) by others so that you remain ungrounded and forget your true essential self. The ungrounded person remains unconscious in the collective unconscious of this world.

This may sound a little depressing, but you must bear in mind that, just like your smart-phone, you can disable apps. You cannot remove (or should not remove) inbuilt apps, but you can disable them to ensure your perception is highly attuned, sharp and aligned with your true and eternal self, the God-self for want of a better word.

The world has always been full of distractions that unground and disconnect. This is why the wise ones of every culture asked us to quieten the mind through meditation, Vision Quests, calming affirmations, sitting quietly on a mountain top etc. These activities help us ground ourselves and return our energy to the important “apps” of the mind.

However, if you have spent most of your life ungrounded you do need to use additional methods to re-ground yourself and to unplug those apps. Seek out healers who can help you process, forgive and heal childhood wounds or difficult relationships. Take responsibility for your life and everything that happens, and most importantly, embrace a daily spiritual practice of valuing truth and integrity.

One of the most powerful shamanic systems is the Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz. The first agreement is to be “Impeccable with your Word:” This means to speak with integrity, keep all your promises, make your words count for something, do not gossip and only speak to add truth and love to the world.

The second is to not take anything personally because what others say and do is a projection of their own perception apps (and they could be ungrounded!) As you become immune to the opinions of others you will remain grounded and aligned. The third is to not make assumptions and therefore speak clearly and make sure your boundaries are understood. And the final agreement is to always do your best. When you are ungrounded you tend to get frazzled easily but when you slow down, and adhere to the truth principles, your best improves! People can feel your integrity and so if there is an error or a stuff-up, people are quick to forgive and shrug it off because they can feel you were doing your best to remain true to your word. I highly recommend Don Miguel's book... and must read for anyone feeling ungrounded.

With focus on this foundation, remaining true to your promises, and not reacting to others, you will find your own pathway of integrity. Over time, as you walk it you will disengage the “fluffy” apps so that the spiritual apps of mindfulness and groundedness arise automatically. These are your spiritual wings, but you only get them when you are grounded! There is nothing we need to “do” so much as to allow spiritual perception to return (along with the wings!) This is the creative, or God-given energy that, like a homing beacon, will automatically and inexorably draw us back to God consciousness, Unity Consciousness and thus primary creative energy.


Much of this information has been channeled from Mary Magdalene and will appear in an upcoming book.