Starseed2 01This world was created millions of years ago and during that time many civilizations have arisen. The modern scientific "wisdom" tells us that civilization is only a few thousand years old, yet there is evidence that this world has existed, in some form, for millions of years. 

During that time there have been many wars over Earth resources and that includes between spiritual visitors from other worlds who have colonized this world. There are dozens of books about this, including the evidence that a powerful Gallactic Council protects the safety of our small blue planet. Yet what is not so widely known is how many StarSeed Beings have incarnated into Earth-bodies and Earth identities to assist the awakening and the healing of this world.

These Beings are the StarSeeds and you may be one of them.

StarSeed Beings express as both Empaths and spiritual “misfits” who come to this world to heal and awaken. They are often born into families where their "other wordly strangeness" is not appreciated or supported. They may feel like outsiders who never fit in and are never fully accepted. They are super-sensitive due to their other wordly spiritual attunement and tend to see through all the lies, machinations and subterfuge this world offers to keep people closed-down and disconnected from spirit.

It can be a lonely road, for the StarSeed, but in these two books, Lesley has written about how to embrace the StarSeed spiritual journey and the essential elements of embracing your spiritual family. In the first book, The Magdalene Papers, Lesley channeled Mary Magdalene, one of the primary StarSeed Beings to help floundering StarSeed Beings embrace their special gifts and accept their spiritual journey.

In the second book: StarSeed - The Holy Grail, Mary Magdalene returns to offer and reinforce the special star-seed wisdom that had been gifted to this world by numerous StarSeed Beings in the past. This wisdom was offered as the The legendary Holy Grail. The grail is not a physical cup, nor is it a bloodline, it is a spiritual wisdom cup.. and the StarSeeds left clues hidden in ancient legends and sacred scripture. This second book uncovers and highlights the ancient wisdom and offers it in modern terminology for those who wish to complete their life-purpose at this time.

This book also contains the ancient Goddess wisdom of the Kundalini activation. This process is the ultimate spiritual union between the body and the eternal soul. It is an essential element of ascension, or transcendence. The Kundalini is described as a snake, and it is this wisdom that the authors of the Bible, and the Book of Genesis denied. The Goddess Eve offered the wisdom of the forbidden fruit of the Kundalini activation to all of humanity (adam is another word for the soil of the Earth) and thus this wisdom was buried and denied.

Both books contain controversial information that will make you question all religious teachings. 

This book is channeled directly from Mary Magdalene as a healing gift for those who thirst for eternal truth. Some of the information contained herein is shocking, yet it is also a balm of healing for the wounded soul. Trust your heart and your guided intuition, for these words will change your life, how you view the world and your spiritual mission.

Are you ready for the deepest truth? Only you know!

These two books follows Amma Na Tha and were channeled from Mary Magdalene. This book completes the journey as it reveals the mission of the Holy Family to awaken those who are ready to remember.

The books are available via this website, please go to the book store to order your copy. They are also available on AMAZON as eBooks.

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