GoldenKeyI have written dozens of books on walking the spiritual path, yet the one question I am asked over, and over and over again, is how do we heal the world and make it a place where we all want to live in peace and harmony. The answer is, of course, the Golden key.

The answer is not lengthy! In fact it is just one word long... although I have used several pages to describe it in my short eBook on Amazon/Kindle. Here is a shortened version with all the salient points.. I hope you find it a blessing for I know you know this, but perhaps you need a few little reminders! As do I.. regularly!

..."The wise elders, teachers and gurus of all traditions world-wide tell us that we are all one divinely created being, inexorably linked in the love of Great Spirit/God/all - that - is. We live in a world of “illusion” -- a wounded mirror of ourselves and our issues because we chose to experience something other than oneness. Over time and through many experiences and indeed, many life-times, we forgot our trueness along with true identity.

This is the seed wisdom found within the story of the Prodigal Son, one of the famous teaching stories Jesus offered us in the Bible. The reason we remember this story, and can relate to it, is because we are all Prodigals. Most of us feel we are wandering in the desert, alone and struggling against all kinds of circumstances, not the least of which is a feeling of separation from God, or the creator. This feeling is usually called the wound of separation and thousands of books and teachings have been written about “healing” this condition.

Yet, we must remember that even when we feel really bad about ourselves and our lives, angels of healing are being sent to us to help us find our way back home. Of course, we often do not recognise the angels, and instead see them as demons or perhaps just difficult people. Yet the creator never gives up on us, and continues to send us a steady stream of angels. This is why we “draw” or attract certain people or events into our lives, they are in fact angels in disguise. Each angel (albeit an annoying relative or seeming angry neighbour!) are catalysts triggering us into taking action that will heal our inner wounds and return us to wholeness.

The wise ones tell us that if we are being triggered (angered, upset, harmed) by “another” and this may include your own body, we are receiving an angelic blessing or healing. One of my teachers would say that this person/illness/event was my “healer” and had been sent to me specifically for this purpose. If there is a pattern or repetition of these kinds of incidents/experiences we should actually “rejoice” because it means that despite stuffing things up previously, we are given new hope and new opportunities for healing. One of my elder teachers from the Navajo people would say that these inner wounds occured because we had embraced the poison of a snake. It was now flooding our bloodstream and that the “healers” had been sent by Great Spirit to offer the antidote or anti-venom. Sadly, many people fight the healers, and refuse to take the anti-venom, but this is just because we are actually afraid of healing. 

The anti-venom is, of course, forgiveness.

We all know this! Yet the vast majority of us find the process extremely difficult, especially when the whole world supports and actively encourages us to remain enmeshed in a “victim” consciousness. You will find dozens of people from close friends to neighbours happily supporting you when someone or something “done you wrong.” They may demand retribution, form a new support group, create a special day or event to fund-raise for the “Victims are us” campaign. Yet few will encourage you to truly forgive, let it go and rise above it.

True forgiveness, of the outrageous, dreadful pain, injustice and hurt of all kinds is the antidote. This magic make no sense at all to the logical mind; yet when we embrace it fully it rolls like thunder through your life, and the lives of everyone, transforming us and the world in a twinkle from the dark dream to the eternal light that lives behind the dark clouds of fear. Forgiveness sweeps away the heavy rain clouds and magically reveals that we are indeed all one!

 Of course the world has its own form of forgiveness, which is doomed to failure. The perspective  upheld by most religions, and mainstream society is basically: when someone “good” and usually long-suffering “forgives” the “bad” person or event they do so because they know that the "bad" person will be judged and punished by an angry “God” who will make them rot in hell, burning for a million years, etc.

This is not forgiveness and it will bring you, or the world, any healing because it is based on condemnation and judgement. 

There are many ways to engender forgiveness in your life. There are books or workshops that recommend you write down the person’s name, and then forgive them by releasing the paper to the wind, river or ocean. There are exercises where you write them a letter, fold it into four (the number of completion) and then burn it. There are other methods where you cut ties that bind you symbolically by a ritual of tying a piece of string around your wrist and then cutting it. There are dozens of wonderful rituals that can help you cement this healing technique into your life. If you follow your heart and strongly desire to heal you will be inspired to find a technique that helps you.

Yet there are some powerful shamanic techniques that can speed up this process and weave golden magic into your life. These ancient systems are called The Golden Key because they unlock the rusty bolt you may have placed across your heart, perhaps millions of years ago and transform it with alchemy into gold. This is the blessing.

GoldenKey 01

The Golden Key:

The Golden Key of deep, unwaivering forgiveness is magical and brings about total and complete transformation of your life, and the lives of everyone. At its purest, most powerful stage, it liberates the world because as one lock is dissolved, all the inter-linking locks within the hearts of every person also dissolve.

This occurs when you realize that having something to “forgive” is actually a dualistic concept. The Golden Key teaches us that there is only oneness, and therefore any pain or suffering comes from not truly living this. This erroneous concept is what needs to be healed, not the actual event that "appears" to be causing you pain. As you embrace this knowing, you automatically and with little to no effort, rise up to a higher vibration that only sees oneness. With that vision, you can easily deny the denial of truth.


The Ancient gift for our times:

A fundamental principle in true spiritual healing is that there is nothing we need to “do” to facilitate a spiritual healing experience. It is not about us or our efforts in the usual sense of the word. More than an additive energy (yang) forgiveness is a release or yin energy. You are strongly encouraged to literally turn over each and every relationship to the Divine. Simply telling the Divine, in your own heart, “this is for you” will do it. This declaration puts your ego on notice that it is no longer welcome to jump in and rule the roost. You are acknowledging and embracing oneness. This is the first step in healing.

Ho’oponopono is an ancient practice from Hawaii. In ancient times, when a tribe or family member was in any kind of difficulty, such as illness, or the victim or perpetrator of crime, natural disaster etc, the whole tribe would gather around the person and silently search their own hearts for what role they may have played in this person’s suffering. They knew that there was only oneness. Therefore, if someone in the tribe was suffering, they had personally supported/encouraged the expression of that suffering. As each came to this understanding and took responsibility for their role in the suffering (even of "another") they silently asked forgiveness and then left the circle. Eventually all that was left was the healed person who once was wounded.

This ancient and empowering practice is a beautiful example of quantum healing on the level of the One Mind. It recognizes, and underscores the fact that we are not separate but in fact one.  It reinforces the truth that if one of us suffers, we have all played a role in that suffering. This is a HUGE concept to embrace because it is no longer "your fault, or the finkle finger of fate" but the knowing that because we are one, I share that suffering too! ( even if I feel fine... if I witness you, I witness myself!!!)

My perception of you suffering masks the hidden or unconscious suffering I still hold in my mind in the form of guilt. If I had no hidden or unconscious guilt I would not, could not see you as anything other than Divine.

The Divine is, and ever remains, innocent, pure, invulnerable and living a life of pure, resplendent love.

This technique confirms and underscores that as we heal within ourselves, a spontaneous quantum wave of healing is created. This magnificent, light/love wave ripples outward and affects all.

This, my beloved brothers and sisters... is planetary healing... and it is possible!

Not long ago, a Hawaiian social worker, Dr Hew Len, discovered this technique worked well within a modern institution. He was working the night shift in a hospital for the criminally insane with many offenders who were shackled for their own and others’ protection. Because he had little to do on the nightshift, he spent his time adapting this ancient technique to his current situation. One by one, he would pull out each inmate’s file, look at the picture, and repeat: the ancient Ho'Oponopono technique:  “I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you.

He had no other direct contact with the inmates but simply repeated this exercise every night for several months. Over time, Dr Len saw all the inmates get well, except a couple who were transferred to minimum security facilities. The hospital eventually shut down the ward and Dr Len was out of a job --  he was an incredible healer.

You may have heard this story offered by many others, but the facts are amazing and so inspiring. When interviewed, Dr Len said that he also applies the practice to objects, traffic jams, the evening news, or anything that disturbs his peace even slightly. He tells us that any disturbance we perceive is something that needs to be healed in our lives.

This is the golden key. When you turn it in every lock you discover it is indeed a universal key!

This key can glow within your heart and be employed in all and any situation. Most importantly, you can use it in old “re-runs” in your mind of an old wound or past relationships, including with people who have died. You can simply visualize them standing before you and offer the Ho’oponopono prayer and let the magic flood through your life.

The golden key is golden on all levels, and works in any rusty lock, including your own wounded and battered heart. You do not have to “feel” true forgiveness at first, because you may be so rusty and unused to allowing the flow that you will be numb. This is okay. Forgive yourself for feeling flat and robot-like. If you can go through the motions with some trust and know that with practice and determination, you will heal, you will be given plenty of opportunities to offer this healing out to others.

The Key in Action.....Begin by saying:

I love you. I include you as part of my Self. I respect you and give you total freedom to be who you are, and to make your own decisions about what you need to learn, if anything. I rejoice in our Oneness. I know your healing is my healing. “

“I am sorry, for the role I have played in your suffering in choosing, along with you and everyone, the experience of separation. I know there is really one problem and that is the foolish belief in separation. Therefore I bear the burden and share the responsibility for your suffering, which is my suffering too!

“Please forgive me: To forgive means literally to overlook and not see it any more. I ask you to join me as we overlook the impossible. I accept that the belief in separation is the root of all suffering and it is nothing but an illusion. I ask you to see me in my innocence which is who I truly am, as I see you in yours. Please overlook our belief in illusions, and release us both from the prison of judgment. There is only One of us here. I trust you to love me, for I know who you truly are!

“Thank you: for the opportunity to heal the unconscious guilt in my mind, and in the One Mind we all share. I know that because I carry this guilt that I perceive fault in you! You are my sacred mirror. Thank you for being so brave and loving that you held this up for me to truly see. I extend it in love back to you.



Ho’oponopono is a precious gift held and offered to us by the ancient Hawaiian culture for this time of transformation. Many believe that Hawaii is a remnant of Lemeuria. It was indeed a very spiritually evolved society. This wisdom teaches us that only through true forgiveness can we realize that this world is an illusion. As we embrace this knowing we heal the schisms on this planet between people, races, nations and Mother Earth herself. Choosing the path of forgiveness is the greatest gift you give to yourself and everyone here. We are all here to achieve amazing things and it begins with pure and total forgiveness which means that the past is over and the future is unburdened from the past failures and judgements. Forgiveness is the fastest ticket and the golden key out of the dream of duality back into the real world awaiting us beyond the seeming veil of separation!

Forgiving Yourself:

GoldenKeySo many of us find forgiving ourselves the  most challenging journey. This is because we have been programmed by our negative ego to stay downtrodden with very low self esteem. We often unknowingly attack ourselves because we feel our negative judgements and condemnation would destroy the false ego -- this is one of its ploys. No action of hatred and anger can bring healing to ourselves or the world. 

You may wish to make a list of those actions you are ashamed of, along with any persons who may have influenced you at that time and go through them step by step with these techniques. As you do this you will strengthen your soul. You may find that some relationships require frequent cleanings perhaps over many years, but eventually you will find there is no trace of guilt or remorse. This healing action ensures you cement the eternal, unchanging wisdom that we are all truly one. This deep inner knowing which you are now nurturing and supporting will clear the way for the healing of all relationships, on both a personal and planetary level.

The beautiful, eternal, ever-shining golden key is always in your hands at any moment and in every circumstance. It opens heaven’s gate which was never locked by God, only by you. The doors swing open to a new Garden, a blissful, sweet garden filled with wonder and magic that awaits your return. We are all prodigals and our loving Father/Mother God awaits our return, turn the golden key in the lock of your heart and fly free, once again…


For a PDF of this book, please email me, For the eBook, please check out Amazon.. blessed be....


“The major difficulty that you find in genuine forgiveness on your part is that you still believe you must forgive the truth, and not illusions. You conceive of pardon as a vain attempt to look past what is there; to overlook the truth, in an unfounded effort to deceive yourself by making an illusion true. This twisted viewpoint but reflects the hold that the idea of sin retains as yet upon your mind, as you regard yourself.” … “Because you think your sins are real, you look on pardon as deception.”
A Course in Miracles Workbook -134.3,4:1