StarSeedNar 01Most authors I speak to spend months if not years thinking about a book and its subject matter. It is all the opposite for me. I receive a brief overview vision, start typing and very often the book morphs into something else. The case in point is with my latest book, StarSeed - The Owl - The Journey of the Narcissist. As you can probably guess, this book focuses on the uncanny and strange relationship between mystics of all kinds, and narcissists of various kinds. Almost every mystic I know has had at least one, but often several very close relationships with other people who are clearly narcissists. This can be a parent,  but often a partner or even a child. 

Initially, most mystics put up various barriers in order to feel safe. Creating healthy boundaries is very important for every person, but particularly for the mystic who is super-sensitive to so many energies and yet has enormous compssion and understanding for those who are suffering.

I also see so many mystics who are not only  harmed and depleted by narcissists, but often driven to suicide and semi-suicide (living in a spiritual closed-down state).

This book was channeled to me from Mary Magdalene and in it we address the issue of the Narcissist and how to work with them to heal them, when possible. However, there are many narcissists who cannot be helped and you must place a healthy barrier of love around yourself at all times. Not everyone can be healed because not everyone wants to be healed. Many narcissists like being the way they are, even if they complain bitterly about their lives at all times.

As I was writing the book, it kept changing and new information flowed to me, often quite unexpectedly. At one stage I received a download of the famous poem : The Owl and the Pussycat, which I am sure you remember. However, this time it changed to the Owl Mystic and the Pussycat Narcissist and I realized the poem has originally been about two voyagers who were seeking transformation rather than just a new place to live. I have written the new poem at the beginning of the book and I also uploaded it onto facebook at one stage too!

This book follows on from the first two StarSeed Books and I have included StarBody, which has been out of print for some time, as part of the book. So you basically get two books for the price of one!

The book is currently at the printers and going through its final stages of completion. However, it is already available as an eBook / Kindle on AMAZON, so if you feel the calling, please follow the link below: Or email me for further updates on its proposed arrival!