AABasic.fwYour life, my life, everyone’s life tends to be circular -- I am sure you have noticed! We all have reoccurring “patterns” that can, at times, drive us nuts. You may have noticed the same patterns, or the same kinds of people returning, over and over again. Many of us find this frustrating and groan “not this again!” when this occurs. We might assume that these patterns mean we have “failed” some test, or that we have not “healed” sufficiently, yet the Elders tell us that we are looking at this all wrong; the sacred circle asks to take the next step and step onto the sacred spiral.

owl 02It is said that the wise man is guided by the stars, but the fool governed by them, and that is certainly the case these days when many astrologers seem to be always writing “doom and gloom” about the current movement of the planets and the stars. It is very sad, in many ways, because it is all based on getting “traffic” to their site/blog and nothing generates interest better than “bad news.” Of course, as a former journalist I am very aware of how to garner interest. I remember, years ago, I wrote a story about one farmer who had a chemical reaction to something.

Starseed2 01

You may have heard of the Holy Grail, the sacred cup of healing. It is this sacred vessel that the Holy Knights of the Round Table were in search of in the wonderful Arthurian legends. This legend is hundreds of years old and it still fascinates us today; this is because within these magical stories lies the wisdom of the ancient, and a deep understanding of the western mind. The Legend tells us that this cup was used in the Last Supper by Jesus and it was then used to collect his holy blood, before being taken to England by Joseph of Arimathea and others. The Knights of the Round Table went in search of the cup. 

starbody pln1

Recently I was honoured to be asked to present a workshop on living as an Empath.. a subject matter I feel very passionate about! I truly believe that we are seeing a huge number of empaths incarnating right now to help us overcome the inertia of materialism and to awaken our world to a higher vibrational pathway. Sadly, so many empaths are not supported and some either close down, or choose to exit this planet via suicide. This is why I wrote my book: The Empath, which reveals this pattern and offers several alternatives.

spiral 01If you take a quick look at my site, read any of the blogs or any of my books, you will quickly discover that my underlying message for the world is self empowerment. I see so many people struggling or stressing about their lives and for the most part it is because they are looking for answers in all the wrong places. One of the worst places to look for inspiration is main-steam media, and regular television where there is an emphasis of materialism and seeking happiness outside of oneself. -- Yet so many believe this is the only way to live but there is another gentler way to be in this world.. and yet not "be of this world." 

empathplain1Living as an Empath/Starseed in this world is not easy. Empaths feel everything and may not understand what they are feeling and yet once they embrace the wisdom of this gift it brings enormous rewards. Yet it is also a lonely path because for many years I have been unable to discuss what I see/feel and know with others. Yet in the last few years I have begun to see a huge groundswell of people who see, feel and intuit, as I do! This is why I wrote my book, The Empath to offer some insights and advice for the budding and awakening Empath.