goddess7jpgI am so lucky in so many ways. I live a varied life, that includes travel and creativity. I offer my spiritual art and clairvoyant readings but also write for a number of magazines including New Dawn Magazine. This magazine is one of the few truth sayers” in times of "fake" news, the global elite and President Donald Trump. I could happily pontificate about this subject for pages, but dozens of others do this... and you will notice that it always instils a feeling of hopelessness and fear. So instead I would like to offer solutions and a deeper understanding into why the world is the way it is, but most importantly, how we can empower ourselves and work towards healing the Universe.

We live in a dualistic universe. Everything from the tiny microbe to huge red dwarf stars have an opposite. Without that opposite, we wouldn’t have life, at least life as we know it. In other words, if the world has angels we also have demons, if we have yin we have yang. It is part of the script or the underlying principle of the matrix of which we are currently part. This dualistic universe is not real, in that it is finite and will (one day, when we chose) dissolve away to nothing. However, while we are in it, we should respect it for what it is and not "kid" ourselves that it is all "sweetness and light." 

blueangel1As a clairvoyant and a spiritual artist who offers sessions, workshops and free talks at most of the New Age/Spiritual festivals, I get to see a variety of different people, and an amazing variety of different thought patterns. One of the things many of us encounter along our spiritual path is the knowledge that some people are simply not ready to hear certain truths. No doubt, you find yourself biting your tongue when talking to certain family members, or neighbours and even certain friends because you know their belief system conflicts with your own.


There are many stories about how the Sacred Pipe, also known as the Peace Pipe was given to the traditional people of North America. In all cases, and with all nations, it was always brought to them in mysterious ways and always via a woman. The most famous is the Lakota story of the White Buffalo Calf maiden. There are lots of other stories, including the Blackfoot story of Feather woman, or the Cree story of White Beaver woman. They are all beautiful stories and offer many teachings.


mayacalendI was one of those people who got on the spiritual journey at a very young age, in fact, even in childhood I had a desire to understand this world, why we are here and what it is all about. In the 60s I went to my first ashram and swept floors and pathways as part of my duties. In the 70s I studied numerous spiritual disciplines, traveled the world and went to see all and any spiritual speaker.  In the 80s I spent many years on the Native American Indian reservations hanging out with elders and going to traditional ceremonies. 

The airplane disaster in Europe in mid-2014 has now become part of history, but at the time I posted a comment on facebook about how I had experienced the event energetically whilst I had no intellectual knowledge of the events unfolding. I received a huge number of posts, plus emails and messages from people saying they had similar experiences. Some had put it down to “indigestion” or anxiety about an event in their lives because the rational mind will do that. So I’d like to offer my insights from my life journey as a sensitive/clairvoyant person... which you are too!

The Dark Night of the soul is a phrase coined in medieval times to denote the deep depression we can fall into as we walk away from ego guidance and embrace the soul. You will have noticed that I have changed the spelling from night to knight because ultimately the only way we can healthily traverse this necessary journey is to become like a Knight of the Round Table — diligent and determined!

If you read any of my blogs, articles or books you soon see that my basic message to everyone is to embrace “self empowerment" and take full responsibility for our spiritual growth. The evolved or "evolving" person never "blames" but takes full responsibility for their lives. The only way to do that is to remain ever present and ever aligned with your heart and soul.

While there have always been many earthly distractions out there, the current wave of facebook trolls, cyber bullies and internet zombies can make it a bit of a challenge.