empathplain1Living as an Empath/Starseed in this world is not easy. Empaths feel everything and may not understand what they are feeling and yet once they embrace the wisdom of this gift it brings enormous rewards. Yet it is also a lonely path because for many years I have been unable to discuss what I see/feel and know with others. Yet in the last few years I have begun to see a huge groundswell of people who see, feel and intuit, as I do! 

This is why I wrote my book, The Empath to offer some insights and advice for the budding and awakening Empath.

I have recently encountered large numbers of folks who feel very confused and have misinterpreted their signals to the point that they have self-harmed, or found some way to “numb” the pain via alcohol or drugs. They have done this because they do not fully realize that what they are experiencing is not “their stuff!” They are in essence picking up on the general, invisible energies produced by those around them, including some very dark and nefarious types who are intent on spiritual mischief. 

The pathway of a sensitive is never easy because the journey is different for each person. Some of us attune to certain energies such as the destruction of animals or Mother Earth, more strongly than others. Others connect more easily to their physical families, or their community or ethnic background. Yet others connect via their religious group and fully feel what happens to members of this group. Others connect to all levels at certain times and then just a few levels at other times. These spiritual alignments may be past-lifetime related, or karma, or even a spiritual obligation you may have signed up for prior to incarnation here. There are many computations and just about anything is possible.

One thing I can guarantee you is that you will learn from every full-body empath experience.

You may recall that a few years ago, the dictator Sadam Hussein was executed suddenly. At that time I was offering my music at the Woodford Festival in Queensland and camping out there, so not near televisions or radio broadcasts. Yet as I sat on the hill watching the bands one evening I received a clear full body “download” about the event. My body experienced the emotions, fear, anxiety, overwhelming sadness, anger..yet not in a knowing way, with explanations, but in a body way...which is a very different experience because there are no “sub titles.” I shared the information with friends and of course it was all was later confirmed.

It was not a pleasant experience (to say the least!!!) and ultimately the fact that I knew what was happening, why and a dozen other things, made no difference to how events turned out. I guess my account may have made a few of my friends think about the power of connectiveness... but chances are they probably never gave it a lot of thought!  

The only explanation that resonates with me, and which has been confirmed by spirit, is that it occurred partly to teach me a little more about the oneness of all things, but most importantly, so I could channel, dissipate, and balance the negative flow of energy, and therefore transmute the energy.

We all talk about us all being “one” with each other and yet most of the time we live our lives in inner isolation. The fact is, there is only one of us all connected at various levels. What we all saw in the Sydney siege was a huge flood of energy that impacted on hundreds if not thousands of Australians. Many automatically assumed their emotions were the usual sympathy but there were enough of us who realized that we are all, collectively, becoming Empaths and we are therefore feeling things at a much deeper level, in order to heal ourselves and our world. 

The energy manifested and collected at the siege was flooded outwards, long before the event took place in the physical world. If you think back three or four days prior to the siege you will probably felt * uneasy * anxious * tense * nervous * upset for no obvious reason. You may have justified these feelings and found a good “reason” such as Christmas shopping crowds or too much chocolate to seemingly explain it. But if you truly examine the facts or how you felt at other times, you will know immediately that the energy was different, heavier, and more invasive this time.

During the evening of the siege, I like dozens of other Empaths was awoken at the very minute the police raced into the building and the bullets hit the targets. I felt the energy flood the area in a black cloud that reverberated up and down the east coast and then slowly right across the country. I believe many people felt this, channeled this, and may have suffered slightly or greatly as this energy was counter-balanced with light and with love. 

Yet there were some empaths who were totally overwhelmed and “infected” by the energy field and are not doing so good.

When Empaths do not understand what has happened to them, they can (because of their super sensitivity) either find a way to numb themselves (drugs and Alcohol) or channel the energy in unhealthy, sometimes evil ways.

This is where the old expressions of “being possessed” comes from. We often laugh at these interpretations and put it all down to a dire need for valium, but I believe a huge percentage of mental illness is a sign of the awakening Empath who has no guide, teacher or way-shower to support their awakening journey.

I believe this is what we are currently seeing, not only with these events, but generally in the community. As you know, the figures for suicide, mental illness and depression are skyrocketing. The old thinking dictates that if we all had more money and more material possessions none of this would occur. Perhaps someone should remind the pundits that these illnesses occur in all walks of life, including the very wealthy.

By all means, seek out counselling services if you are feeling overwhelmed, but go deeper than that. Ask yourself what you are feeling; how this is manifesting and what it reminds you of. Connect to your spiritual guides and allow them to take you to the books, workshops or experiences you need. Western medicine has its good points, but also many bad ones. Do not allow others to label you and give you an excuse to drop out, be lazy or take a life-time vacation from thought. Recognise that if you are seeing/experiencing this, it is for a purpose, but that purpose may not be obvious to anyone else in the world. Get the knowledge you need to understand what is happening to you. Once you know more, many of the inner demons dissolve away. Be aware that many phoney experts have a vested interest in you remaining sick and needy because they can make a dollar or two from you, or from government funding. 

Nothing has gone wrong. We are all collectively meant to be awakening our Empath knowing, because it is part of us all. Being an awakened Empath is a vehicle that you suddenly find yourself in, with the engine running.  Now we need to learn how to drive this new car and stop crashing it into the ditch.


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