“After Life” which is even scarier than the Jehovah’s Witness ideal of a world filled only with their followers!

 This is the same basic theme offered by authors such as David Icke who offers the theory that reptilian overlords control the world and our minds, and have done so from the very beginning. My main concern with reptilian overlords is that humanity tends to label anything or anyone who has an “ugly” appearance as evil. We see this in all our horror movies and it is the same problem faced by the hunchback of Notre-dame, and we all know that sharks scowl whereas dolphins smile!

At the same time, the sugary-sweet visions of “heaven” offered by most members of the spiritualist movement is equally depressing and unsatisfying, if you really look at it. Most of the visions sound terminally boring at best, but of course, when we compare this vision with a life in this world where most people have to work hard, deal with health issues and family problems, a life of sitting around doing nothing can sound very tempting.

 Of course, in the end, you must discover your own understanding of the Afterlife via your own inner knowing and your own psychic wisdom. My experience is that everyone automatically gravitates to the level of their personal knowing or personal vibration and sadly, there isn’t a “one size fits all” answer. It is very much like the cream in the milk which rises by its own consistency rather than via conscious meditation or thinking about rising above the heavier milk. 

The biggest obstacle to overcoming any issues of evil or reptilian overlords and the like, is our belief in those obstacles. In the end, and I know you know this, love conquers all because it rises above all, but we must focus on feeling and exuding love, not just thinking loving thoughts or making it an intellectual exercise. By all means, use thoughts to help you get a handle on love, but know it is only when you can sit (stand or run) and feel it flow from your heart-soul out to everyone, everything (including those reptilian overlords!) and then back again do all obstacles dissolve back into the nothingness from which they came!

  It is really simple! if you think about it!