There is a huge part of me that is more than a little bemused by the clear and undisputed fact that I use Facebook -- yet at the same time I have been “trolled” as well as openly and obliquely manipulated by this megalithic, faceless, monster of a media platform. 

Luckily a sense of humour and dash of irony puts it all in perspective.

This week several friends used a facebook app to put a rainbow over their profile picture to support gay marriage equality. And, not surprisingly, all hell broke loose once again. Several friends were vilified by facebook trolls and other lovelies for being gay or ... whatever (yawn) and now there are numerous threads banging on about it. So let’s explore this from a spiritual point of view, or at least my point of view as a dedicated Facebook participant!

What you may not be aware of is that Facebook is not only faceless and notoriously hard to contact, but they actually “utilize” us as guinea pigs for marketing ploys and more. This was one of the “secrets” Julian Assange revealed via his website. In fact in 2012 Facebook used 700,000 unwitting users in an experiment that allowed Facebook to manipulate emotions and emotional responses, without telling anyone, including the unsuspecting “participants!” 

Perhaps you were one of them.. perhaps I was! We shall never know cos it’s a secret!

Facebook data scientists set out to see if they could influence the emotional state of site users and prompt them to post more positive, or more negative, content. They used an algorithm that automatically omitted certain content. (in other words, they censored your/my posts!!!). They did this for one week. They later published the data but there was such an outcry in the U.S. Some of the scientists behind the study apologised for their less than ethical methodology. (see footnote!

Problem is folks... Facebook have been doing this kind of thing from the start. 

The forces behind Facebook learned, very quickly, how easy it is to influence the emotions of facebook users with little to no work. Subconsciously users are being swayed by the posts they were “allowed” to see and facebook is subtly programming, manipulating and controlling everyone involved!!

I have seen this with my own posts, and I have certainly experienced this when notorious facebook pseudo psychic trolls spread defamatory lies about me on a “private” (please.. facebook private!?) thread earlier this year. 

The bottom line is that it is in Facebook’s best interests to keep us all tangled up in negativity -- we are easier to control that way because fear, anger, sadness, feelings of overwhelm make us vulnerable to marketing forces. 

When we fall into fear (anxiety, stress, etc) most of us seek out coping mechanisms to make us feel better. This can be anything from a tub of rocky road ice-cream (yeah baby!) through to illicit drugs or even a cigarette. Most aware people try to find healthy ways such as munching an apple or going for a walk, but so often good old sugar, caffeine and lots of food colouring agents are consumed. These products contain a boost of quick and soothing sugar energy that drugs us into calmness. This consumption of basic “sugar-junk and worse” impacts our health leading to diseases such as diabetes or heart disease. Then, bit by bit, and with enough fear, stress and upsets, the body also breaks down. Before you know it you are on the slippery slope to chemotherapy and other such delights!

Every step you take along that particularly slippery marketing road ensures you feed the corporate machine with your life-force energy as well as your finances. And they get you wherever they can! If you are smart enough to save your Super, the corporates will crash the market (GFC) and ensure that gets wiped out too! And don’t get me started on Greece!

Facebook works in concert with search engines such as Google. I am sure, like me, you have Googled something to find an ad for that kind of product showing up on your facebook wall! ... And so it goes. In short, my lovelies, we are cash cows and we are letting them milk us dry!!

So, let me make it clear that I support gay marriage equality, but I did not use the rainbow app because Facebook is not telling me what to do!!! 

Seriously though, this reaction and over-reaction was deliberately formulated by the “thought Nazis” of the faceless corporations that own Facebook and more. They want us to remain divided and fighting amongst ourselves.  Slowly and very surely the big corporations are controlling most of the population with their “fear bait and switch” tactics. On the one hand they claim to deplore troll activity, but do nothing about it. They claim to deplore cigarette smoking but ensure that everyone is so tense, stressed and overwhelmed that they ache for some kind of drug to calm them down. Then they ensure that there is a no smoking zone anywhere including our prisons!!! Then they deplore the riots that occur because they banned smoking in prisons. Then they tell us they are doing this because they love us! (oh please!)

We live in interesting times, my friends. We are all being tested by each other and our lower fear-based nature. Yet there is a way to turn this around, at least in your mind and your reactions, and I believe it is to see it as a SPIRITUAL INITIATION! --   (hang in with me here!)

Since the beginning of time, shaman’s have tested themselves and their inner power by deliberately entering the underworld(s) of darkness. These worlds are controlled by the reptilian forces and are usually called the naqual by the South American shamans. If you can walk through the nagual-dream-world that is Facebook untouched and remaining positive -- you are a shaman indeed

* Recognise and remember that they are constantly trying to manipulate you into fear and then control. * Recognise that if you take that journey unconsciously you will suffer the physical, mental and spiritual consequences.

No matter what anyone says, no matter how vicious, untrue and plain stupid the facebook trolls are... smile and wave. See it for what it is and never get dragged into the reptilian agenda that is Facebook.

(rant over!)

Sorry about the reptilian artwork.. couldn't resist!



Footnote: Please read New Dawn Magazine, July/August 2015 edition, and the article: “Weapons of Mass Distraction” by Marie D. Jones & Larry Flaxman, page 11 for further insights and references into this Facebook event and so much more...!