These days we often hear the greeting, “love and light!” It covers all that is good and positive in our lives and it is also in alignment with many ancient traditional greetings. In the new spiritual wisdom we are told to only focus or concentrate on what we want to increase or sustain in our lives, and if we do that, evil or darkness cannot exist or be represented in our lives. This is true, but.. it is not as simple as that.

It is a fact that as we focus on what we want to increase and enhance in our lives what we do not want becomes a rarity. Again this is absolutely true, however, we do not live our lives alone. The mental influence, or thoughts and beliefs of others infiltrates our energetic field, and thus our lives... this is inevitable.. this is part of living here in Earth School.

Most of us live with a partner or a family member(s) or friends, or all of the above. We may visit with our relatives on a daily, weekly or occasional basis. We may go to reunions at various times or go on holiday together. We have all had experiences of the “holiday” from hell, or Christmas in some forsaken corner of the world with a dour auntie or grandmother. We have all spent time with relatives who are difficult or even downright abusive on so many different levels.

If this is the case, you can affirm your brains out, but if Auntie Rose has a lot of negative opinions, feelings and emotions based on her fears and anxieties, they will permeate her aura and thus her environment. If you are sitting in the lounge next to her, watching your favourite soapie together, you may be thinking love and light, but Auntie Rose is thinking something much darker.. and because we are intuitive, psychic, sensitive beings, you will feel and thus energise her energy.

Even if you live alone, and all your relatives are on the other side of the world, or the other side of life. Even if you are not in a partnership and live on a distant mountain top you cannot purify the energy totally; because we are all connected children of God/Great Spirit.

I meet a lot of people who are “purifying” the energy by not watching television news or reading newspapers, and there is something to be said for this action. It is certainly more aligned than getting into an “ain’t it awful” lamentation with your neighbour about the latest terrorist attack. And, don’t get me started on Facebook/Social media lamentations. No, I will not “share” if I think ‘cancer sucks’ or whatever, because I love everyone way too much to propagate and strengthen the idea of illness.  So how about a share on “life is wonderful” .. I would happily share that!

As spiritual workers in the field of Earth School we collectively have a duty to align our minds with the truth. The truth is that only light and love are real. Everything else is a nightmare dreamed up by those who feel unworthy, guilty and sad. People with these thoughts congregate together and energize the lies, fears and anxieties, over and over again until it manifests in their lives. And then they say “told ya!”

It doesn’t help anyone by joining with them in the darkness and thereby reinforcing and supporting the idea or dream of darkness; but neither does denial!

This is not easy. To be the true spiritual worker you have to be at the Christmas party with Auntie Rose and not join her energetically or judge her or separate yourself from her.

So to walk in feeling superior because you know these spiritual truths and these poor little dweebs know nothing; or to feign mock compassion by saying “ask yourself why you manifested this in your life” (usually said with a superior, breathy voice that makes you want to dong em on the head with the iron!) or retreat to the kitchen and get busy, or hide in the garden telling everyone that you need fresh air. These are some of my “get outahere tricks” and there definitely are times to use them ..  but the true spiritual master can stay with the aunties, listening to their critical backbiting, racist, bigoted, dark negativity and not judge them, but send them light anonymously.

Everyone can tell when they are being judged, even if the person remains silent or does not change his/her expression. You can feel judgement and as soon as you do, most people close down and get angry. Therefore, the spiritual master never judges.

As we become spiritual masters we become empaths. Sometimes, because of past lifetime work, we are born that way. At other times it awakens within once certain trials have been overcome. This is part of the life journey of the awakening master. There are no exceptions.

Usually the baby empaths become so sensitive that they run and hide. This is why, I believe, we are seeing so many people world-wide taking illicit drugs. It is not just something that occurs in the west but right across the planet at this time. This occurs because the baby empath is so overwhelmed by the energies and cannot close down, that he or she finds a chemical to do it for him or her. I have written about this in my book THE EMPATH

However, there is one important thing that every Empath must understand, be they new baby empaths or old hands, the darkness or fear of the unawakened ones is being deliberately controlled to ensure that the world remains in darkness. It is not just the fickle finger of fate, it is a deliberate engineering of the Earth School operating platform. You might say it is a deliberately introduced computer-style virus that is infiltrating the great collective. 

Every thought you have either feeds the light or the dark, and right now the whole world is hurtling towards the next spiritual crossroads. Are you ready to do your part?

If so, please read my book THE EMPATH and wait with baited breath for the sequel which will be published soon.