If you read any of my blogs, articles or books you soon see that my basic message to everyone is to embrace “self empowerment" and take full responsibility for our spiritual growth. The evolved or "evolving" person never "blames" but takes full responsibility for their lives. The only way to do that is to remain ever present and ever aligned with your heart and soul.

While there have always been many earthly distractions out there, the current wave of facebook trolls, cyber bullies and internet zombies can make it a bit of a challenge. 

Like many people who offer their insights, artwork, spiritual readings and information I have my little troll followers who either distort what has been said or simply make it all up... bless their little cotton socks! One thing is for sure, they do not allow the facts to get in the way of a frenzied cyber rant.

The key, at least for me, is to rise above it and see the hidden agenda that they are in fact propagating. Once you uncover that you will suddenly find yourself smiling at their antics and ignoring all the vitriol! But jokes aside, finding negative comments, lies, distortions and pure fabrication on a facebook page or a blog can be a little unnerving.. so be kind to yourself while you put everything into perspective!

In April of this year I received some screen shots of facebook comments that I initially thought were April Fool's Day jokes because they were so funny. I smiled, ignored it and went downstairs to my art-room. I came back upstairs for coffee an hour or two later and as I switched on the jug I saw my computer screen lit up with a series of facebook bings... it was almost a symphony! 

As I checked in, I saw I had dozens of new friend requests, lots of shares, lots of complimentary statements about my art or my books. There were people remembering meeting me gazzilions of years ago in Collingwood or in the Dandenongs, twenty five years ago..or at the Bal;arat Rainbow Festival in 1992..Then I checked my email account.. the box was full of the same kinds of statements..... what the!

Did I need to tune into my guide, who I could hear very softly tittering in the corner of the room? No... this was not obscure, nebulous, ephemeral messages from another realm .. it fell into the “bleedin’ obvious” category.----..

Cyber Trolls!!

 (cue the refrain from Psycho, the movie! ) 

I have been so touched by all your messages/comments and personal emails supporting me and my work. I really, really appreciate it. Several of you have suggested I get a Restraining Order on the Cyber-troll-du-jour, but that would be exactly what he wants -- they always want attention. 

Cyber trolls and various computer zombies have become a huge problem out in the world. You might believe that they are just a bunch of spotty faced boys hiding Playboy mags under the bed and imagining themselves as Neo from the Matrix, but you would be wrong. There are in fact several professional “psychics” who have their own websites and businesses who avidly engage in such activities. In addition there are dozens of “chat-rooms” and discussion sites where all kinds of horrible and negative behaviour occurs. We might expect this from avowed sceptics but much of it comes from declared working Psychics! It is clear they are using facebook posts to promote themselves by dragging others they see as competition down by stating..."We are the best, everyone else is..."bad!" Yet as we examine the facts I think you will understand why they have fallen into this trap, and how you can avoid getting dragged in. 

One of the core teachings of all great teachers is that it is imperative that we all stay awake and aligned with spirit at all times. This is exactly what my Native American Indian elders taught me, as do all great masters everywhere. Some of you may also be familiar with the books of Ekhart Tolle who also expresses this great truth.

But it is not easy.

Distractions, fears, anxieties and nastiness pulls you away from this alignment, and thus you are disconnected from your spiritual energy. There are thousands of distractions out there, but one of the big bad ones is social media especially when the agenda is controlled by Cyber Trolls and internet zombies of all kinds. 

This is why, you may have noticed, I only use facebook to remind everyone of what I am doing or where I am, but I often leave it for days on end; it is a distraction and time can dissolve as I just “check my messages.” Turn around and an hour has melted; the dinner’s burned, the house is dark and the cat has fainted from hunger! -- note: turn off the facebook squeak.. I only learned recently that you can!

If this was the worst thing that could happen, that would be fine... but this is a slippery slope that leads down the rabbit hole to the.....

 Cyber Troll Underworld of the Damned.

 (cue Beethoven’s fifth symphony)

There are people, many of whom entered Cyberdom for noble reasons who have lost themselves in the process. As they valiantly defend their “campaign du jour” a dark persona they did not even know existed arises and begins to control them. This darkness is usually called the shadow because it has been forged by fear and false information. If fed by wallowing in negativity, it can overwhelm and block the inner qualities of love, trust and joy -- thus they are plunged into a hell world of pain and suffering.

Over time the shadow, which is always controlled by the ego grows and morphs into something even darker and very negative. Sometimes a person might feel confused yet they continue to believe the delusion that they are cyber warriors supporting and defending truth and “outing” the bad people. In fact what they are doing is spreading hatred and darkness and losing their souls in the bargain. Not a good exchange in my humble opinion! 

It gets even worse!


This ache to race to the computer/mobile app and involve themselves in attacks or reading about mud-slinging, back biting is every bit as addictive as street drugs such as “crack or ice!” I would further suggest, the end results would also mirror those of a long-time drug user! So the question to ask yourself, should you be tempted to react or involve yourself is.....

Is this where you want to go?

There are literally hordes of internet users who have lost touch with their genuine nature. They have lost themselves in the machine and actually believe the lies, distortions, fabrications and exaggerations out there. Some of the psychic trolls block the person they are attacking, preventing them from replying or correcting the distortions. This has happened to me and many others. When I visit the page in question I cannot see the defamation, lies and distortions, but everyone else can! If this is not the epitome of cowardice and subterfuge I don't know what is.

Trolls and their cyber buddies are dark little cowards who don't have the guts to have a sensible and civilized discussion of the facts. Instead they attack from the safe haven of their controlled cyber lair. Their comments are based on a series of Chinese Whispers deliberately twisted to reflect badly on their victim. If you react or even get upset, you are feeding this negativity with your own psychic or spiritual energies!

I am not going there... and I hope you won’t either.

Challenging though this may be, the secret is to ignore them and never, ever never get caught up in their psychotic rants. It is not easy, especially when they spread lies.. such as the lie that I created Find Your Psychic website to glean email addresses from other psychics.  Do not defend yourself, or another. Those of you who have not involved yourselves in these recent psychotic tirades and quietly messaged me support are spot on. To those of you who go to this person’s facebook page to correct him I want to say: Please, don’t fall into this trap. I know you are coming from noble motives, but it is exactly what he wants you to do. 

A facebook friend did exactly this and indeed made several salient points including the fact that these rants had been going on for three years or more. However in the end, the Cyber Bully Kingpin du-jour simply accused him of being me in disguise! It seems that no matter how much you offer prayer, peace, love, logic, facts and common sense you always come off worst cos these lost possums have an answer for everything!

Allow the cyber bullies to play their games and walk away with your head held high. Never ever involve yourself because they will turn on you; your words or phrases can be lifted from context and distorted. When you participate you have “published” information in the public domain on an internet forum, therefore you have tacitly given your agreement for them to be republished elsewhere. Facebook, for example are notoriously difficult to reason with, or to even contact. You can report pages, and report posts anonymously if you wish, but most importantly.. please.. don’t get dragged in. Put your own spiritual safety and spiritual growth front and centre! Nothing matters more than this!

No matter how much spiritual work you do, when you involve yourself in this petty field of cyber-nonsense you will start thinking about it a lot; you will start phrasing your replies in your head, wondering if they said anything to your last clever retort, hoping they will sue you and then you’ll show them! You will start obsessing by checking your phone every five minutes....etc. As you do this, you block spiritual messages because you are enmeshed in darkness. You will also notice that eventually even their cyber troll friends will tire of the latest rant. The whole thing becomes very tired very quickly and that is because the process itself is so negative.


Stay grounded, stay loving, stay in loving presence and be like the penguins in the movie cartoon Madagascar.. smile and wave...boys, smile and wave!