The Dark Night of the soul is a phrase coined in medieval times to denote the deep depression we can fall into as we walk away from ego guidance and embrace the soul. You will have noticed that I have changed the spelling from night to knight because ultimately the only way we can healthily traverse this necessary journey is to become like a Knight of the Round Table — diligent and determined!

One of the greatest misunderstandings of the Dark Knight phenomenon is that is only happens once. The Dark Knight occurs (for most of us) several times as we traverse the various levels or stages of our spiritual growth. If it occurred in just one night they’d have to take you away to the funny-farm! Is a gentle, but somewhat confronting experience that literally buffs away the ego’s hold on your mind. It is literally like a slow but steady exfoliation because to rip it off like a band-aid would be far too traumatic for anyone to endure.

If you are feeling depressed/despondent or sad for no good reason, know you are entering the realm of the dark night. Symptoms include disturbed sleep, as well as tummy upsets, sudden food allergies, and appetite disruptions — these are the tell-tale signs that you should never ignore.

If you try to pretend that everything is “fine!” you will end up worse off because you have inadvertently strengthened your ego connection — not, I repeat — not — weakened it. Weakening its hold is the essence of the Dark Night Experience. — Try not to go to your doctor as they tend to offer anti-depressant tablets. None of these drugs will work for genuine Dark Night symptoms!

Instead embrace the process (which runs contrary to your instincts!) and allow the journey of inner purification/cleansing to occur. Embrace your sadness with the remedy of acceptance. You cannot heal what you refuse to acknowledge and accept, so therefore embrace your melancholy or feelings of loss without judgement. Say “thank you for the gift of learning, but now I choose again.” When you can embrace all your feelings you can then begin the journey of moving into higher feelings.

Now begin your inner journey of inching you way back into higher vibrational levels. The first question to ask is “who have I not forgiven? Or what have I not let go of, blessed and sent loving thoughts too? Be vigilant here. This is where the Knight stands on his trusty steed holding the sword of truth as the deep wisdom guides him/her. Also remember that you may find the person you have not forgiven is yourself!

Finally, enter the abyss -(again a little daunting!) Surrender and call your soul to awaken you to the next stage. This may take more than one “night” but as you empty and surrender, a way will be shown.

You know the dawn has come when your enthusiasm returns!

For more information on this, please read my book: Flower of Life!