The airplane disaster in Europe in mid-2014 has now become part of history, but at the time I posted a comment on facebook about how I had experienced the event energetically whilst I had no intellectual knowledge of the events unfolding. I received a huge number of posts, plus emails and messages from people saying they had similar experiences. Some had put it down to “indigestion” or anxiety about an event in their lives because the rational mind will do that. So I’d like to offer my insights from my life journey as a sensitive/clairvoyant person... which you are too!

Many of us have undergone training in psychic workshops or seminars, but I find that the best training is life itself. I have always been sensitive and therefore, like many, I tend to take it for granted and don't find it particularly remarkable. But I learn as I go along. So let me share my journey’s far!

Feeling: One of the main insights my teachers shared with me was to be always vigilant about my personal energy and the "tone" of the general energy around me. In other words be always aware of how everything “feels” around you. 

Whilst many people think that clairvoyant abilities are so wonderful, most of the time it is my clairsentience that I rely on, and it was this power that my teachers emphasised and encouraged! Your feelings indicate (at every moment) what the rest of the world/matrix/construct is doing and gives you an opportunity to either join in (connect your energy to) or block/disconnect and make another choice. 

However, that said, there are powerful (I should say well practiced and determined) forces out there who wish to “own” the world/matrix/construct for their own desires/ambitions. This has been going on since the very beginning. These forces are not really “evil” as such, although their actions bring about evil experiences, but rather selfish, greedy and spiritually immature. But like a naughty child who is constantly given what they cry for, they are used to getting their own way. 


What we must remember is that they cannot do this without us. They actually need your energy/compliance/acquiescence, or in other words, your agreement to manifest anything in this world. They do this by gentle manipulation via the media (of course) but also via our politicians, leaders, religion and the often unspoken rules of polite society. They want us to believe/plug into their story and therefore empower it with our energy. 

The easiest energy to manifest is fear...

Fear is creative in its own way but its pups are just like their mother! When we are “horrified” at those dastardly “bad guys” who morph from one group to another, we energize the reality of this. They actively encourage us to be outraged at the culprits that they colour with their “evidence.” This scenario goes back and forth, but underneath it is another secret agenda.... despair! They want us to be in utter despair that the world will ever “come right.” 

Despair is their “fodder of choice.” When people fall into despair they lose all hope and close down all connection/observation of personal energies. When we lose control of our energies or disconnect because it is all “too painful” the energies don’t disappear... they become orphans!

Orphan energy can be easily manipulated by a stronger, more focused force. Just like poor Oliver Twist in Dicken’s novel. Like Oliver, orphan energies are “used” by others for their own agenda. The main weapon/tool of manipulation is the lie of the Messiah or some "god-like" person who will save us all.

In every culture and in every corner of the world there are stories about some messiah-type figure. Every so often, we get a person such as Jim Jones stand up and declare himself a messiah but they are always deposed or ridiculed. The dark forces prefer the messiah who is just out of reach, and going to turn up according to some obscure prophecy, one day, some day! This lie, this ridiculous belief, literally ties a noose around you energetically making people become like those ants that spiders lay their eggs in -- fodder for the parasite.

This scenario is being played out all the time, usually with the small, dull and constant “fear stories du jour” tales that we see on the news or perhaps on “A Current Affair” type news programs. If you ever watch these programs you will notice they recycle the stories on a regular basis, according to the desires of their masters. For example, at least twice a year they do a story on the “bad” people stealing welfare payments, or taking stuff out of the Salvation Army bins, or the poor old digger who had his medals stolen by a druggie. All these stories, whether true or false, are created to maintain the despair factor, coupled with the "dream" for the Messiah to arrive and sort it all out for us! Thus we remain spiritual orphans waiting for a parental figure to "save" us from ourselves.

You might think your meditations or belief in spirit guides or angels will save you, but beliefs alone will not cut it. It is all about how you feel in every moment: Therefore every time you feel bad, sad, upset, mildly peeved, indignant, angry, be assured that your energy has been harnessed to maintain the world/matrix/construct to remain as it has always been... a nightmare reality! 

Every few years they stage a “biggie.” They do this, usually, when enough people have become immune to the constant diet of regular, "common or garden" disaster. In order to pull this off, however, they need to siphon off a huge amount of psychic energy in one big glob and shift the vibration at the same time, within the astral field/level. When they do this, the energetic level of the world slumps momentarily, and I believe actually switches off for a millisecond before powering up again very rapidly, with the new construct in place. 

When this occurs, there is a blast of heavy energy that psychics and most sensitive people receive as a “restlessness, sleeplessness, heaviness, headachie, upset tummy” energy blast. Every person processes it diffently, but over time you are able to read these symptoms. The vast majority of sensitive people shrug it off and assume they have eaten too much cheese, but those who are in constant communication with their energy and have an insight into their patterns will get deep insights into what has really happened.

And... surprise...surprise... it ain't what the media tells us!

My experience is that I don’t get these symptoms after or even during the event, but before it! When the event actually manifests within our reality I can sleep and have had some amazing dreams/visions. 

As you know, when you sleep you reorganize your psychic energy, which is why you can either forget or remember something when you sleep. This is because you are literally getting an energetic “reboot” from the Higher Self energy. I cannot sleep when manipulations take place in the Astral or my wires would get crossed, so I have to stay awake even if I am exhausted.

When 9/11 Incident happened I felt sick and dizzy during the twelve hours before the event. I went to bed early that night (at the exact moment the explosions happened or when planes hit the buildings) and fell into a deep, vision-filled sleep, without any head-knowledge of the events.

When Princess Diana passed, I was at a psychic festival at St Kilda town hall. No one was playing the radio and this was before we all had cell phones, but I felt the energy swept through me and I had to go home early. I only played music in my car, because the radio was broken (funny that!) but when I got home, the news was on the TV. 

I could cite dozens of these kinds of experiences/events and they include, of course, the event of the air Malaysia plane(s)....but my point is that I do not get these experiences with every disaster (and they are hundreds of them every day!!!) I get them when a major manipulation has taken place for a particular agenda.

What has just happened is simply a construct or manipulation to drag the world into yet another huge conflict and to mask other conflicts/manipulations currently underway. Once again our collective fear will be increased yet another notch and the levels of anxiety will sweep through our communities! This event will sweep the planet into a new energy field that will be challenging, to say the least! 

What they want you to do: -- They want you to feel despair, disconnect from your energies (because it is all so painful), send love, tears and sympathy, react and get upset and thus be manipulated. Then they want you to focus on your “messiah saviour dream” (which could be a religious construct, the belief in fairies, running away to live in a commune) and continue to plug your energy into this world-view.

What I am going to do:  Laugh at their games, not fall for the lies, and most importantly continue to love myself, my life, my experiences and offer my insights, guidance and truth to all and anyone who wants to listen.

One of my beloved teachers, Medicine Bear, would remind me every day, that nothing (and that means no thing, no person, no idea, no manifestation) is more important than feeling good about yourself. 

This “self” is not the ego self, but the eternal self that has chosen to plug into this matrix/construct to have these experiences but not get lost! In the midst of this utter drivel, if you can find yourself, unsullied, pure and perfect as you have always been. This becomes the true appreciation of the jewel of the Self, and ultimately it is the meaning of the beautiful mantra: om mani padme om... I am the jewel in the lotus.

The lotus blossoms sit regally on the top of the water of emotion, b/s, green slime and putridness. Its roots are in the black mud of the pond (so don’t unground yourself!) but its flower opens up to the eternal light. Be the lotus and do not let the waves of fear, manipulation, games and false messiahs disturb your pretty petals, for you are made of stronger stuff.... and besides we came here to play this game!

If you would like to know more about my teacher, Medicine Bear, please read my Medicine Woman trilogy: Sacred Circle * Kachina * Vision Quest for deeper insights!