blueangel1As a clairvoyant and a spiritual artist who offers sessions, workshops and free talks at most of the New Age/Spiritual festivals, I get to see a variety of different people, and an amazing variety of different thought patterns. One of the things many of us encounter along our spiritual path is the knowledge that some people are simply not ready to hear certain truths. No doubt, you find yourself biting your tongue when talking to certain family members, or neighbours and even certain friends because you know their belief system conflicts with your own.

  Probably one of the most common mistakes we all make, in our zeal to assist another who is suffering or going through an emotional or physical situation, is to offer the idea that: Thoughts are things!

While we can view others who haven’t embraced this truth as ignorant or unknowing, it is important to always remember that we live in a consensus universe, as well as an interactive creative universe. The reason the world is the way it is – is because most of us agree that it should be this way! While you have the power (between your ears) to create your experience of reality there are some things you (as an individual) cannot change without the collective energy of your brothers and sisters.

For example with the knowledge that we could and can create any kind of reality “we” decided to make the sky blue. We could have made it any colour we liked, but we chose blue. Secondly, although we all call that sky “blue” we really don’t know what another person actually sees. You could be seeing orange for all I know, because the word you use for the colour of the sky is blue, I can only assume you see what I see. This is the consensus.

As we collectively think/create/choose/select, the universe simply reflects this choice without comment or judgement. In other words, the Universal always says “Yes” not “have you thought this through?”

Probably our greatest mistake is to somehow see “others” as people outside of yourself who have the audacity to think incorrectly, and therefore create inappropriately. Be conscious enough to realise that through your thoughts, or creative essence, you have selected to be part of this collective – there are no mistakes or stuff ups only simple and clear vibration. You are a vibational match with the world just as it is now. – If you weren’t you could not be here!

As we all know, you cannot heal what you will not acknowledge. So if you want to change the world, the suffering the strife the war and the turmoil, embrace the idea that you have created it as part of a collective that believes that they/we/us deserve to live in such horror and sadness. Everything you see, experience or witness has been brought into actuality by the thought that it is an appropriate experience. We know this because the Universe can only say one word: Yes!

The liberation in all of this, whether we look at our own lives individually, or collectively is that just as we had the power to create what is...we have the power to create what could be! We do not do that by condemnation or criticism or whining at others. We do not do this by becoming aloof, cold and unloving by saying such things as: “well, that’s what happens when you don’t do your affirmations!” You don’t do this by lecturing others and telling them where they have gone wrong. You do this by taking responsibility for every aspect of your!

You have vibrationally drawn to you a mother who....(fill in the blanks) You have vibrationally drawn to you friends, neighbours, politicians, etc who (again, fill in the blanks). We do this not to feel guilty, stupid or foolish (that would totally defeat the object) but to recognise that you are now at power to choose again....and of course....the Universe says “Yes!”

Many blessings,