We live in a dualistic universe. Everything from the tiny microbe to huge red dwarf stars have an opposite. Without that opposite, we wouldn’t have life, at least life as we know it. In other words, if the world has angels we also have demons, if we have yin we have yang. It is part of the script or the underlying principle of the matrix of which we are currently part. This dualistic universe is not real, in that it is finite and will (one day, when we chose) dissolve away to nothing. However, while we are in it, we should respect it for what it is and not "kid" ourselves that it is all "sweetness and light." 

As many of you know, I am also a book reviewer for New Dawn Magazine, so have read hundreds of books on conspiracy theories, reptilians, the Annunaki, Tolec and the Andromeda Councils, Sacred Geometry, Ancient Teachings, Mystery Schools and everything in between. In fact, I have studied these theories for well over thirty years, so I think I have a modicum of understanding about it all. 

We could discuss the many “hidden messages” and underlying principles till the cows come home, but ultimately no matter what the “facts” are, we must always remember that we/you/I are currently part of a dualistic mirage most people refer to as the matrix. What this means is that this universe and all life within it has actually been structurally created, like a huge interactive computer program. We collectively, with our creative minds, wove all the strands together into this incredibly complex experience. We continue to feed it with our belief-energy in every moment because if we didn’t it would dissolve in a split second. In order to energize it, we selected the constant friction of yin and yang, or positive and negative energies. It is just like the electricity generated in a battery from the cells filled with acid and water (yin and yang)! Again this could be discussed for hours, but the reality is that it is, in the end, a matrix or our collectively constructed creation appears to “live” for millions of years because it contains both positive and negative energies that constantly produce energy. 

With this in mind, it is clear that any “battle” against the dark forces is doomed to failure. Even if those efforts seem to bring about change temporarily, before too long, there is another “demon-du-jour” to battle. An example is the war to end all wars, WW1, created another world war only twenty years later, and all the others since. 

Does this mean that I am saying there is no point to standing up against the darkness? that we should we simply sit back and allow Satan and his reptilian henchmen take over the world and enslave us all? Are the reptilians actually alive and well and living inside the Queen (see pic) George Bush and Barack Obama? 

No. I am pointing out that often we take on battles that are doomed to failure in the hope that somehow we are removing the darkness. We could, and often do, only add to the darkness whilst we think we are supporting the light.

Some of this stories, are quite funny, particularly the one about the old Queen-Mother being a reptilian. However, if you push all that aside for a moment, we can find clear evidence of a reptilian agenda. However, from my perspective I believe it is an influence or an energy that each and every-one of us can choose to connect to, rather than a bunch of ETs hell bent on taking over the earth. (btw. I am not saying that this is not happening, but that is a minor concern compared to the spiritual reptilian connection).


The Human Experience:

Although we look in the mirror every day and see that familiar face, the eternal part of us is actually not human at all. We are beings of light who are eternal and malleable to any experience we choose. Because we are in essence, light, we can easily blend with one another, as well as our God-essence-originator. Therefore, we have each chosen to have an earthly, three-dimension, yin-yang experience which, like a football, we keep in play by energizing with our beliefs, thoughts and desires. Therefore an identification with a reptilian beings is just as erroneous as identification with our soft, little human bodies, because we are ultimately none of these things.

It is also important to remember that just because we find something physically repulsive or ugly does not mean it is evil or bad. We tend to love dolphins because they smile but not sharks because they scowl. 

 The ancient ones tell us that we (as our true selves - eternal beings of light) have all had many physical experiences and in many kinds of bodies so we bring that resonation with us. This, they tell us, is why we have a reptilian brain, right in the core of our mammalian brain. It is this part of the brain that governs the unconscious activities of breathing, heart-beats, blood circulation and more.

The mammalian brain is newer and grew on top of the old reptilian brain. We need both, of course, however it is possible for the reptilian brain to have an adverse and dominating affect on the mammalian brain. In some people, it can literally overcome the more thoughtful, kinder and compassionate aspects of the mammalian brain component. It is the reptilian brain that is trained by military institutes to make soldiers into thoughtless killing machines. It is this part of the brain that kicks-in to protect us if we are attacked physically. It is this part of the brain that constantly evaluates every relationship and situation from the “what’s in it for me?” component.  

Not all of this is harmful of course. We have all probably “bribed” a child with a lolly in return for a clean room or the consumption of vegetables. But we do need to understand that this seemingly “unthinking” part of ourselves has a big say in our choices, our behaviour and our ability to love, share love and give love. It is this, I suggest, that is the key to understanding the mysterious and scary “reptilians” that stalk our reality. It is a real "bummer" that they are all potentially in every single one of us because it is so much easier to blame and point the finger.

All the masters, from any school of thought speak to the mammalian brain and gently ask us to turn our minds away from the reptilian mind-set. The reptilian brain, if it controls your being, precludes love (accept when there is something to be gained by loving... which of course is not love!) We have all met people who display these self-orientated desires and in extreme cases, you will find that the person is cold, aloof, calculating, suspicious and is only nice or personable if they think they can sell you something, make money out of you or make you adore them with your energy. 

Do not underestimate these reptilian controlled folks and assume that they are not “spiritually advanced” because many of them are.

Many reptilians are very psychic, very intuitive and even clairvoyant. Many of them are “psychic readers, spiritual teachers and mentors.” These folks are experts at discovering your vulnerabilities and weaknesses, and invariably find a way to feather their nest at your expense (and I don’t just mean money.. this includes draining you of your spiritual/psychic energy too!!!) Most of the infamous “pyramid” sales schemes have been formulated by our lovely reptilian buddies. In fact these schemes are the epitome of reptilian thinking – a honey pot that seems too good to be true, entices you in, and then swallows you up, along with your hard-earned dough and disappears in a puff of smoke! 

You may have seen those photos of the internet where they highlight “reptilian” physical traits such as funny eyes, or green/blue patches of skin. Much of this is reflected light or photo-shop, but the fact is that reptilian-controlled people are very cold-blooded and calculating. When they laugh, their eyes do not join them but rather glaze with boredom. They only want to talk about themselves, their products, their agenda. They seem to have an insatiable need for fame or notoriety.

Some reptilian people do seem to physically shape shift into reptilian features but generally it is the spiritual energies that shift. As a clairvoyant I can spot the reptilian guiding energies that flow around the head and shoulders of the person. They tend to be the smoky gray-blue-green colours that seen to reflect into the skin tones in some of those people. The key, for me at least, is to look at the person side-on-profile so I can see the back of the head. If you look carefully, especially when the person is giving a talk or presentation, you will see the tell-tale shape of the reptilian spirit. These attachments often looks like a crocodile or lizardish person connecting through the back of the head. I have rarely seen this connection occur at the front of the person or anywhere near the heart chakra. 

It is inevitable that given the dual nature of our universe that we would be given a choice between “good” and “bad” spirit-guides.

In the end, we all ascend beyond duality and return to one-ness. But on our many journeys into this particular neck-of-the-woods we will have these experiences.

The key, for me at least, is to seriously not take it seriously. I saw several reptilian speakers/presenters at a recent spiritual festival and thoroughly enjoyed watching the reptilian guidance energy expand and contract around them as they spoke. (They don’t like it when you spot them!... cos they like to be secretive...) but I don’t let it get me down. It is just part of the journey and in the end, it is all used by the light to help us learn discernment, self-evaluation, love of true self, and how foolish it is to become materialistic in any way. Therefore, the dark is an excellent, if somewhat rough tool of the light.

The Reptilian energy wants us to believe that it is powerful... it is not.

They too are used by truth to illustrate what happens when we lie to ourselves...Remember this at all times especially when you go toe-to-toe with them. Just have a chuckle to yourself and remember what is real.


Next time I will share some of the tools, ploys and tips to help you stay safe while you play in the reptilian world!


In the meantime... keep smiling...it is your biggest, strongest asset!