goddess7jpgI am so lucky in so many ways. I live a varied life, that includes travel and creativity. I offer my spiritual art and clairvoyant readings but also write for a number of magazines including New Dawn Magazine. This magazine is one of the few truth sayers” in times of "fake" news, the global elite and President Donald Trump. I could happily pontificate about this subject for pages, but dozens of others do this... and you will notice that it always instils a feeling of hopelessness and fear. So instead I would like to offer solutions and a deeper understanding into why the world is the way it is, but most importantly, how we can empower ourselves and work towards healing the Universe.

If you look at all the facts, such as global warming, pollution, cancer, CSG, GMo’s, Monsanto, fluoride (...and the list goes on) you could end up pretty depressed. The chances are you may have seen some of the disquietening videos on Youtube or one of those numberous posts on facebook which outline the awful truth, which is usually that we have stuffed up the world, our bodies and our future... all pretty depressing.

I observe that, generally speaking, people take one of two actions: The either focus on the problem, pray for healing, safety, calling upon the angels, God and anyone else they can think of.... or .... they become depressed and withdrawn, and develop a "what's the point" attitude to just about everything. In many cases people from either or both of these categories gather together socially and lament the current state of affairs in a "ain't it awful" chest-beating conversation. Whilst the prayers/meditators will point out how much praying they are doing, or that they just attended a special "Lightworkers" conference to beam light to the problem area, or the problem person. There are those who choose to protest activity by doing sit-ins or chaining themselves to railings. In most cases, they are very upset, angry and may even fall into violence, albeit accidentally.

I want to make it clear that I consider myself a lightworker and recently attended a conference in Tucson, in the United States, where I had a wonderful time. I wholeheartedly support other lightworkers and I also believe there are times to protest, to stand up for what you believe in and make your voice heard... but....when we examine these issues from a spiritual point of view, we gain a new and powerful vantage point. It is this spiritual vantage point that will bring you peace.. and ultimately change the world.

We all "know" we are spiritual beings having a temporary Earth experience. We are not separate from each other, or the world. We are all one, and love is our true essence. Perhaps more importantly, we are also co-creators, or creative beings. Therefore, our thoughts, our focus, our open hearts create our reality.

You may well say that we are doing a rather miserable job as co-creators, and I would agree! But this is because the vast majority of are creating our lives from fearful minds that focus on the big lie or the Grand Deception. This deception tells us that lack governs this frightening world. We are told that we are refugees or outcasts from Eden who must struggle for the basics of health, wealth and security. In addition there are also "bad" folks who want to control us, bomb us, enslave us, polute our oceans with toxins, and the list goes on... (and on and on!)

Yet the deep spiritual teachings of all schools of wisdom tell us we are children/off spring of the creator. This is supreme spiritual truth, which you can deny and block, or embrace and manifest, but you can never destroy your essence. Clearly the key is to align ONLY with your truth, not foolish or poorly chosen errors. When you embrace and enhance that inner knowing you awaken from the awful deception.

This takes a little work (to say the least!) because truly lovely, kind-hearted, well intentioned people, who feel the pain so deeply will urge you to join with them in first focusing on the "problem" so it can be healed. These beautiful beings go into long diatribes about the "problem" offering details about every painful episode. They will explain all the "reasons" the problem exists without ever mentioning the fact that they have created it in their lives. As they do this, they strengthen and deepen the wound. They make the false real..They energize the lie with their life-force energy... They continue to live a lie (that they are helpless or hopeless) by stalwartly embracing their wound or problem.

This process is what author Caroline Myss calls "woundology" where she suggests people bond and become friends based only on the commonality of their respective wounds. In some cases they play "one upmanship" games with such phrases as "I have suffered more than you," echoing the funny Monty Python skit.

If you wish to rise above the pain and suffering of this world, you have to stop opening your vein of precious spiritual energy to the vampire antics of woundology. This does not make you popular. You may well get criticism and may find others declaring you unfeeling or self-absorbed, and probably worse. I know I have experienced this kind of feedback, so often find myself not saying anything or gently withdrawing. For you will also discover that many "spiritual" people are very much invested in woundology and suffering "one-up-manship"

Therefore, in the end, you have to choose the path you wish to walk in this world, and that can be lonely.

I personally refuse to vindicate or support cancer. This does not mean I don't have sympathy or understanding for someone taking the cancer journey, quite the opposite. It means I do not strengthen the fear surrounding this experience by putting red hearts on my facebook wall or talking (usually in whispered, touchy-feely tones) about so and so who died last week. Instead I focus on the eternal beauty of the soul in question. He or she is my brother, and they have chosen to take a journey. I lovingly support them by seeing them as magnificent spiritual beings with are fully awake and fully away. I will not play the "ain't it awful" game. I will not focus on the illness/problem/issue... The TRUTH IS that You cannot die. You are eternal. Your life is already perfect, just the way it is. As we focus on this eternal truth, this becomes the reality for the person (who is just another part of you!) You may also wish to seek out the wisdom of ho'onopono.. which takes this deeper still!

Therefore, when you are challenged by this world, be it a storm destroying an area, or a disease destroying a loved-one, re-focus your mind on the eternal. I am not suggesting, for a moment that you ignore and disengage yourself... I am instead suggesting you look at everything from a deeper, spiritual point of view and focus on eternal, unchangeable truth. If you are able to shift your perspective your soul will rise and you will have passed yet another test of the times.

So, my dear friends, if you have asked me to pray for a certain person with a certain condition, or to add my name to a prayer list for a natural or unnatural disaster, or place a star, moon or planet on my facebook page or wear a certain coloured ribbon, please try not to be offended by my lack of action. I simply ain't going to do it. I will, however, focus on the eternal beauty that is the eternal truth for the person or the place.. let me assure you of that....

So happy reading and please enjoy the new site, and always feel free to email me any queries, and finally, please support NEW DAWN MAGAZINE which is available in news agencies world-wide!.....

Blessed be....Lesley