There are so many beautiful legends from all over the world, and yet the Celtic myths still enthrall us. The story of the Holy Grail, the sacred cup of healing is a profound story that actually contains secret clues to our own healing. Ultimately we "drink" from the grail when we apply its magical wisdom to our lives.

The story tells us that it was this sacred vessel that the Holy Knights of the Round Table were in search of in the wonderful Arthurian legends. The Legend tells us that this cup was used in the Last Supper by Jesus and it was then used to collect his holy blood, before being taken to England by Joseph of Arimathea and others where it became lost. The Knights of the Round Table went in search of the cup. 

Their quest was to find it and to take it to King Arthur who wished to share its healing powers with his kingdom.

The Grail legend is actually a series of fascinating stories but perhaps the best known is the story of Parcival and the Fisher King. This legend contains many gems of wisdom because it is all about our own search for spirituality. Yet there is a wonderful gift of healing that many of us overlook in this story. It is now known as the infamous “Mother Complex” wound, which many if not all of us struggle with.

There is a tendency these days to focus on the father complex, sometimes called the Oedipus complex, named after the Greek myth, but I was shown, by my guide, Mary Magdalene that the Mother Complex has the greatest impact on our lives. The Mother imprint or complex" is how we set our interpersonal boundaries, healthy or wounded, as the case may be; and it is our boundaries (or lack thereof!) that make us feel safe and nurtured in our lives. If we cannot set healthy boundaries we can end up feeling isolated and alone, or overwhelmed and even the subject of abuse. Either way, not good!

In the Holy Grail story, Parsival is going off to become a Knight but his mother impresses upon him not to ask too many questions, and thereby appear like an simple country fool. Because of her advice be begins to question is own instincts/feelings and creates very heavy inflexible boundaries. This complex made Parsival miss a golden opportunity to complete his life mission because he was supposed to ask “whom does the grail serve?” but instead remained mute. Once he realizes this and then heals it, he returns to the castle complete his mission... Luckily we all get multiple chances to heal!

Mary gave me this information, but as I wrote all of this down, I realized my Mother Complex had clothed me in a similar fashion because it revolved around a lack of worthiness. My Earth mother made it clear that I was low on the pecking order in life and that good things were highly unlikely to happen to me. Therefore I should accept without question, whatever came my way and be grateful for small mercies --. in other words, don’t expect too much!

This complex is worn, like an uncomfortable hair-shirt, within the mind, and used to filter to evaluate all events and choices. It programs the base chakra, and is therefore connected to survival and safety instincts. It is unconscious and it blocks instincts, intuition, and spiritual guidance. As choices and opportunities are filtered through the unconscious Mother Complex we create either impenetrable or weak boundaries which sabotage our lives. In some cases are boundaries keep people out, in other cases, we become doormats for other people in our lives, such as our own children. We are not aware of this Mother Complex until our lives either grind to a halt or we find ourselves feeling lost and alone.

In the Holy Grail story, Parsival is given a “hair-shirt” by his mother to wear to help remind him of his humble beginnings. The hair-shirt was also known as a cilice was originally an undergarment made of coarse cloth or animal hair and worn close to the skin as a constant irritant. It is used by members of various Christian traditions as a self-imposed means of repentance and mortification of the flesh. This detail was woven into the story to illustrate how debilitating the Mother Complex is, and once you see your own complex you will agree.

We live in a left-brain, logical world, yet cold, hard facts cannot heal the wounded heart. The soft beauty of the Holy Grail Legend, and the gifts of the StarSeed Beings are, I believe, the healing balm for the heart and soul. This is the panacea that heals all complexes and all false impressions and thus sets us free.

My wounded Mother Complex made me resist the wisdom of Mary Magdalene for many years, but now I can honestly say these two books are the best, most profound teachings I have ever had the privilege to flow through me to share. I personally will continue to study the information here, because I need to learn it too!

The books are available via me in paperback form, or if you are comfortable with eBook format, I have blended them into one eBook as a Kindle download. 



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The books are available via me in paperback form, or if you are comfortable with eBook format, I have blended them into one eBook as a Kindle download. Please click the link below to go to my shop... or go straight to Amazon for the eBook, where you will find lots of other books of mine too!