aaEgyptianIt is said that the wise man is guided by the stars, but the fool governed by them, and that is certainly the case these days when many astrologers seem to be always writing “doom and gloom” about the current movement of the planets and the stars. It is very sad, in many ways, because it is all based on getting “traffic” to their site/blog and nothing generates interest better than “bad news.” Of course, as a former journalist I am very aware of how to garner interest. I remember, years ago, I wrote a story about one farmer who had a chemical reaction to something.

The sub-editor (who writes the headline) wrote: “Death spray kills farmer” You will not be surprised to learn that our newspapers sold out within minutes, which is why we wrote the story the way we did! So please be wary of “click bait” as it is now called!

Click bait absolutely rules the internet, and with a variety of alleged spiritual teachers, etc using “be afraid.. be very afraid” tactics to get your attention.

The “fear du jour” is the retrograde action of Saturn. Saturn goes retrograde (appears to go backwards) almost every year but this one was a long one. Saturn is the master of time and karma, therefore when it goes retrograde you “may” get some old karmic patterns rising up in your relationships and friendships. This depends on what house your Capricorn is in. For me, it is the solar third house (communications/siblings), and this means I am revisiting LightBody.and reworking it to get it ready for its next printing. This is one of my older titles and was first published close to twenty odd years ago. I am also re-evaluating whether it would be more cost effective to have some books printed together in one cover to make it cheaper for the reader, and will be doing that with my StarSeed books. I think you get my drift. Most importantly, I hope you agree that therefore this Saturn retrograding through my third house is not “bad” although it does mean extra work for me.

If you are one of those people who just wants to play and have fun all the time, Saturn’s movements are very annoying, because he is, in essence, like a strict Victorian father. Saturn expects you to clean up after yourself, do your work diligently, and ensure that every i is dotted and t crossed. If you hate that, then you will suffer. If you embrace it, you will not. But Saturn is there in your chart to help you gain self-determination, self knowing, harmony and balance through work. But most importantly he asks you if you are “doing the right thing” even if you could get away with being slack and lazy.

In Asian Eastern wisdom Saturn rules over the three gunas. These are Sattva, Tamas and Rajas. These are the three urges within us all. Tamas is the lazy, indolent energy, Rajas is the spicy, greedy, pushy energy and Sattva is the light energy that takes us towards ascension. Saturn therefore, is trying to get you to burn off your karma/patterns (inherited or from previous lifetimes) by working through your tamas (too lazy, can’t be bothered, too hard, whimper) energies, or your pushy (I want this, gimme, coercion,) tactics to embrace Sattva, your true light. Saturn will do this directly (when Saturn travels direct) or in retrograde, in other words giving you a second chance to have a go at what you didn’t achieve while he was travelling directly through this part of the heavens.

Therefore for all these “experts” to feed fear or use Saturn retrograde as an excuse for all the “bad” things that are happening in the world or in our lives is immature babyish nonsense. All planets and all their movements are offered as tools of healing, harmony and oneness, and this absolutely includes Saturn. I saw recently one “teacher” pointing out that we get the word Satan from Saturn, whilst this may be true at some level, it totally distorts the true wisdom Saturn offers us. In addition, I assume many Capricorns, ruled by Saturn, might be a little miffed at such utter distortion.

No, my friends! Saturn is your friend, teacher, father-figure, and healer. He can show you where, in previous lifetimes, you have failed to be the brightest, sattvic person possible. He can show you where to heal yourself by your own inner work, for that is the key. Saturn rules work. So when I received the clear message that my books needed working on, and that old titles should be offered once again, I rolled up my sleeves and set forth. Yeah, I could have been a baby and whimpered that it is all “too hard” and that I’d rather sit on the couch eating chocolates, but... well I am sure you understand.

So if you are finding old obstacles arising in your life pulling at your patterns of denial, laziness, dummy-spitting, know that chances are this is indeed Saturn. But so what? The universe is beneficent and brings gifts for us all. Therefore embrace the urges, patterns, and follow your heart. Love is always the answer to every question; including the questions posed by our beloved Saturn.

Special Message to Taurus Sun/Moon/Ascendant. Uranus just entered Taurus with his electrical energy (in May.. there for seven years!!!). You may be inclined to overeat; what can I say, enjoy but you may put on weight? As the electrical energy of Aquarian Uranus hits plodding Taurus, who rules the Earth, we may well see more volcanic eruptions both internally and externally. Hang in there. Uranus is also good!!! 


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