A traditional way to heal the heart....

We are all on this strange and often painful journey called life. Whilst most of us attempt to find some meaning in our lives and do our best to be a loving and productive member of society, we all know that our lives, even if we live to be over a hundred years old, are short. 

It is now four years since the 2012 Mayan prophecy culmination; and as predicted last year, 2016, was a year of endings and completions. That has included many deaths. Many who passed over this year were musicians and involved in the arts. It is hardly surprising, in many ways, that we also mark exactly five hundred years since the death of Shakespeare whose influence is felt to this day. The musicians and artists who have recently passed were all part of a collective spiritual soul group, who incarnated to offer us insights, inspiration and spiritual depth... so now they have gone from this dimension.. now what?

Within the hearts of those who allow themselves to truly feel, there is a longing that cannot be satisfied with words or by reason. We all share a heart-felt desire to be nestled in the arms of beauty, caring, compassion and relationship because it is our nature to feel, to love and to express love in every moment. When these qualities are not expressed they burst forth in dreams, fantastic legends, or in collective experiences such as the numerous appearances of the Virgin Mary. I believe the current world-wide obsession with Mary Magdalene and novels such as The Da Vinci Code indicates the collective urge to embrace, once again, the Divine Feminine and return to our inner truth, our eternal and holy blue-print, the balanced male-female Christ Consciousness.

Anyone who has been interested in spirituality has been aware of the many prophesies about the year 2012 as well as the current prophesy that this Pope is the final Pontiff. There are many other prophecies we could discuss, but in the end, we have to remember that prophecy is not given to “warn” us so much as to prepare us and encourage us all to change. 

It seems that humans hate to change, but we do like to whine about how had things are. This is why, I believe, the Spirit Grandfathers and Grandmothers ensured that we would be gently pushed along the circular (actually upward spiral!) path of the Medicine wheel. If we embrace the slow and steady path of the Medicine Wheel, change becomes easier, smoother and actually a lot of fun! -- it is all about perspective -- once we align our perspective with spirit, our life journey becomes so much clearer.

If you read any of my blogs, articles or books, you soon realize that I interpret all events through the lens of an intuitive. This has been a bit of a lonely path because for many years I have been unable to discuss what I see/feel and know with others. Yet in the last few years I have begun to see a huge groundswell of people who see, feel and intuit, as I do! 

This is why I wrote my book, The Empath to offer some insights and advice for the budding and awakening Empath.

I have recently encountered large numbers of folks who feel very confused and have misinterpreted

eagleman1Many of us talk about the “new age” movement. We use it as a description of festivals or expos where we know we will meet healers, psychics, spiritual teachers and yoga practitioners, yet we tend to forget exactly what “new age” really means. It is, of course, a reference to the new age promised by many prophets, particularly the Mayan Calendar, Nostradamus and even the Bible.