totems01 Native American Indian people have given the world so many gifts of wisdom. They have reminded us and awakened us to the ancient knowledge all our ancestors had long ago. One of these beautiful gifts is the memory and wisdom of our Totems, or animal spirit guides. Traditional people call these spirit beings our "keepers" or friends. The word totem is a Cree Native American Indian word and it means friend or ally.

As a spiritual artist, I see Totem Animal spirits in your aura and they are very important elements of your guidance. Totems come to strengthen your instincts, intuition and trust, but most importantly, they come with wonderful gifts to help you awaken your natural spiritual gifts once again.

You are Spirit!! This world, your physical body, is just a temporary place of learning. As your soul enters the dense energy-field of the Earth we often forget this and identify only with the physical.  However, because most of us carry karmic patterns from previous incarnations our lives can contain many negative and painful patterns. Spirit Guides and Angels come forward to help us process old wounds, return to balance and harmony so we can fulfill our life's mission.

Our Spirit Guides help us identify these blocks and they literally guide us towards the right healing, the correct teacher or the most powerful rituals. This is why we may have several guides from many different time-zones and ancient cultures.

I am a Spiritual Artist, and have offered my artwork and clairvoyant readings for over forty years. I started off offering small little drawings of what I saw around people, and over time they have expanded as I tried to fit more and more onto the paper. My pictures are now around 55 x 70cms in size and I generally use black paper to ensure I get the aura colours correct. I do this because we are not just "guided" by spirit guides, but also the aura colours themselves. We are also guided instinctively by our totems, so it was hard to leave anything out. You can read more about angels, totems and aura energies in other articles in this blog area.
In this article I will be focusing on my pictures, how to care for them,
and how to work with them.

Angel1There are Angels standing with everyone - there is no exception.  So much is written about these beautiful, eternal spirits that can be misleading or even erroneous. Angels are not magical pixies who come to put everything right in our lives, from our point of view. They come to help/assist us to navigate our way through life and awaken into our true spiritual identity. 

The word angel is Aramaic/ancient Hebrew and it simply means messenger. Angels are identified by their "glow." They seem to shimmer or pulsate with a higher, divine light. Angels who have appeared to me have a pure white/silver aura, although the Archangels, such as Michael often have a lot of golden glow mixing with the silvery streaks.

SacredPath1Your aura is part of your eternal soul or spirit. When your body ceases to be, your aura blends with the higher essence of your soul into the eternal one-ness of your true self. Therefore it is important for you to connect to your aura because it is through this “membrane” that your Higher Self, Spirit Guides and Angels communicate with you. The aura is an interactive, multi-dimensional portal that envelops your whole physical body. It is a communication device that is constantly receiving messages and relaying them on to you, through your chakras. All Beings have an aura and therefore receive guidance this way. There is always a continuous flow of light, communication and love from your guides. -- It is this energy that I draw in your personal spiritual session.