Angel1Every person has Angels at their side. There is no exception.  These beautiful, eternal spirits come to inspire us and work with our Spirit Guides to help us navigate our way through life. The word angel is Aramaic/ancient Hebrew and it simply means messenger. Angels are identified by their "glow." They seem to shimmer or pulsate with a higher, divine light. Angels who have appeared to me have a pure white/silver aura, although the Archangels, such as Michael have a lot of golden glow mixing with the silvery streaks.

Angels are always with us, but very often we only become aware of them when we are spiritually "stuck" at a crossroads of some kind.

A beautiful example of this is Mary Magdalene. She went to the tomb after the crucifixion to anoint/embalm Jesus, but found it empty. She assumed the worst and was so distraught that she couldn't see Jesus standing right in front of her, very much alive.

It was the angel who helped her understand that she was looking for the wrong thing and that she had to open her mind to a miracle. That was when she saw him. Her eyes opened with the Angelic message. 

 Angels come into our lives with the same message (not to look for  life among the dead) and to have the courage to see our lives differently. The minute we open our minds to an angelic thought or angelic vibration, miracles WILL happen. However, they cannot happen when we continue to think "non-Angelically."

To help us rise up to this kind of thinking, we are given "spirit guides." These beings have lived on earth in bodies such as our own. They have struggled, as we have struggled, and in many if not most cases, they have known us in previous life-times. They help us navigate our way through life and life's challenges until our vibrations rise high enough to unite with Angelic Consciousness.

Eventually we all rise above the need for Spirit Guides, because we are now ready to be angelically guided. This is the final step before full ascension or full alignment with the divine force of the universe. 

We all have angels at our sides. In fact, if your spirit guides find themselves unable to help you because of (usually!!) your fear or depression, they go to your Angels and implore them to assist you. I have given dozens of readings to people where this has happened. Your angel carries a higher vibration or energy than your guides, and it is they who guide all your lifetimes.

Therefore, if you want to speed your evolution, heal your life and live a happier, more contented life, ask your guides to help you embrace the Angels who are with you so you can be angelically guided..(and then hold onto your hat!)

I have written about Angelic guidance in several books, including "LightBody"   You may also consider ordering an Angel Painting of your main Angels, including your Archangel. I would also bring through some messages and guidance from him or her.

Working with your Angel picture will speed up your spiritual growth because your mind will become aligned with the higher vibrations of the angels. You will also find it helpful if you suffer from stress or anxiety because angels always bring such soothing healing energies as they enter the aura.

In summation, angels are powerful but they always look soft and gentle. Do not let this fool you. Angels are the strongest energy of the universe lovingly entering into your aura to prepare you to step into your pure divine energy. Without them, the journey from the lower human vibration to divine energy would be far too traumatic. They are the gentle and yet forceful stepping stone from this world of suffering, separation and pain to the eternal world of love, hope and generosity. 


If you long to return to the true and eternal internal world of love, ask your angels to guide you. Remember that you are calling upon the most powerful allies in the universe.