The words psychic and clairvoyant are used to describe various spiritual abilities. The word Psychic means to receive insights or messages via feelings and intuition. This may also include using Tarot Cards and other methods. The word clairvoyant means to see clearly, including the spiritual energies around a person. I refer to myself as a clairvoyant because my most prominent spiritual ability is that of "seeing." I literally see the spirits around you and draw them for you as a spiritual portrait of your energies.
I clairvoyantly see energies, patterns, pictures, manifestations around people and places. It is like an image is dropped in front of my eyes as I look at you, or look into the future at an event or manifestation in your life. Sometimes your guides and angels even play a little movie for me, all in full colour with sound, to help me gain insights into your life-patterns. 
I always connect to the highest energy around you rather than to psychic or "astral" realm because this area also contains your "wishes, hopes and dreams!" which can muddy the waters in any reading. I could be "popular" and tell you that all your dreams will come true... but that is not always accurate!
Psychic powers: A psychic can attune to your aura and to your psychic body-energy. They may use various  divination systems to read and interpret what they sense around you. This may include the use of tarot cards, crystal balls, palmistry or other devices and instruments.
A psychic picks up or reads your energy including what you are manifesting with your focused (or sometimes unfocused) mind. Your thoughts, desires and constant thought-patterns actually manifest all around you in your aura and if you have a strong attachment to the psychic realm, also known as the Astral, most of your spiritual energy flows via the Astral. A psychic doesn't need to be very attuned or even clairvoyant to pick up on this energy, in fact the best salespersons use exactly this technique!!!
This kind of psychic reading can be a valuable “warning” or insight into what your thoughts are doing in your mind. For it is indeed very true that your thoughts create your experience/reality. 
If you are constantly worrying/obsessing or thinking about “not having enough” money to pay bills or to make ends meet, this energy, or thought-pattern will manifest that constant experience. A good psychic will tell you that more poverty is on its way to you and she or he would be right! This is invaluable because you may not realize exactly how much energy you are expending on your worrying pattern. With that valuable knowledge, you can actively choose to change your thoughts, and thus the pattern of lack in your life. A psychic can also pick up on friends/relatives who are also strongly connected to the Astral; which is why they can be absolutely correct about your son or daughter. 
While all of this information can be interesting, it is hardly life-changing. Most of the messages are ordinary things like buying a new car next year, or going on a holiday with your mother. Not that there is anything wrong with being told those details, but in the end.. who cares!
I am much more interested in spiritual evolution; painful patterns that are crippling your life and how to rise above these petty patterns that probably have dogged your heals for many lifetimes.
A clairvoyant such as myself, can also see that pattern but more importantly receive insights and guidance from the Higher Realms on why this pattern has manifested in your life. This includes a karmic pattern or wound that is part of your life-purpose to heal in this lifetime. Only a skilled clairvoyant can see these wounds or patterns that vibrate through your current life and then go deep enough to identify and outline the work or balance required to return your life to harmony. 
Lesleycardsfw.fwMost of us fall into one or more of these patterns.
One of the most common pattern is the Atlantean wound. People who have an attraction to the raging ocean, dolphins, crystals and white temples, often also have a huge “guilt” wound and feel “guilty” just about all the time. A psychic may sense that the person is self-sabotaging their lives, perhaps financially, or in other ways, but they will not get the core wound without being given deeper information that goes beyond the psychic realm. 
It is all about levels.
The psychic level is not “bad” --  it is just immature. It is based on the belief that everyone has a preordained life... which is so not true! ... and that if you are nice that nice things will happen to you. Sadly, I have news for those of you who believe this... life is not fair... or haven't you noticed. Good things happen to bad people, and bad things happen to good people. If you want to rise above this yin-yang roller-coaster of life you have to develop spiritual "muscles" via good old fashioned "will power" and (also, good old fashioned) self discipline. Just expecting things to happen because of time, or fairness or simply because you want it to happen is an immature approach to life. When you rise above this level and take responsibility for your life choices and your karmic pathway you can then embrace your life’s gift and learn to change it or allow it with inner knowing. 
Inner Peace:
Much as we "think" we want this or that (soul-mate / "spiritual career" / serve spirit etc) In the end, we all want the same thing – to live in inner peace without the constant need to strive, struggle, push, wait or feel deprived in anyway.
A good clairvoyant can help you discover this pathway because he or she can go much deeper than a psychic. Without knowledge of your higher connection, your karma, your life purpose, you cannot make the creative and healing changes you need to live a more peaceful life.
I am not a fortune teller! I am not going to give you "messages" from deceased loved-ones, or observations and messages about your relatives, or your neighbours, or when you are going to move house, sell your car, live inter-State or any of that incidental stuff. None of this is "bad" but it is not my connection.  Instead I will offer you a reading about you! It is all about your growth and your life journey into self-healing.
There is no magic wand or glittery pixie dust that will make your life better or clearer or more fulfilling... only your personal self-work will make a difference. I can help you get a handle on what you need to do, or not do! In the end you are the only one who can heal, forgive and release old patterns and embrace, nurture and love new and loving self-patterns.
If you feel a reading from me is something that would support your life, please have a look at the Consultations and Readings sections of this site, and see if it feels right for you. Most importantly, follow your heart and your feelings. You will be guided to the person you need to support your pathway.
Many Blessings......