bluebird1My spiritual journey has taken me right around the world, but it was only when I lived and trained in Canada and the USA with traditional Native American Elders that my skills fully awakened within. 

Both my mother and Grandmother had been part of the traditional Spiritualist Church movement in Scotland.

I was sent to my Grandmother as a young girl to learn the Celtic traditions. She lived in the far north Islands, home of many ancient stone circles where I was initiated into the Celtic traditions. Yet it was only when I went to Canada, in search of my ancestry (I have a small amount of Native American Indian blood, via my Scottish Grandmother) that I did anything about my natural, undeveloped clairvoyant abilities.

I was working as a newspaper reporter travelling across the reservations of northern Canada. Yet within days soon the Native Indian elders would look at me, obviously observing my aura.

They would tell me that I should “sit a while,” which is their short-hand for sitting in circle. On top of that, I was having some “heavy duty” experiences with wild animals, including a full-grown eagle that landed next to me and began to sing!

Most traditional people are Empaths who are naturally “clairvoyant” and they could see that I could “see” auras and spiritual energies. These abilities had awakened within me when I was seven and had a nasty case of whooping cough. I began to see fairies dancing on my foot-board and this led to seeing all kinds of lights and colours around people. However, until I spent time with traditional people in Canada, I really didn’t understand what I saw, and actually viewed it as a bit of a curse rather than a blessing.  So, to cut an extremely long story short, I began my development with traditional people in a tipi, with the drum, smudging feathers, herbs, and shamanic practices... and I was, usually, the only “non tribal member” in the tent. The first time I went into a sweat lodge, I tried to take my shorthand note pad with me, so embarrassing now, because I had no idea what was going on. Sadly for me, Traditional people do not explain things. Instead they insist that you experience everything, and then they only explain it to you if you don’t “get it” from spirit! However, I was young, strong, very stubborn and determined to embrace this very obvious wisdom! – and who wouldn’t? If you want to know more about my journey please read the article under "My Journey.. my words" on the main menu of this site.


This is the pathway that works best for me because my primary skill or talent is that of being clairvoyant – in other words I literally “see” energies – colours – animals – guides or spiritual beings standing with you. 

I can see the colours of your aura, with my physical eyes, as it swirls around you, constantly moving and fluctuating with every thought or emotional reaction. 

I can see heavy energy around chakras, indicating a bit of a battle going on in your mind or health issue. 

I can see if you are giving your energy to another person, event or energy field. If this is the case, I see tendrils of gray/silver or black energy, wash off your aura, pulling your life-force energy away from your body and off to something or someone else.

Just because I “see” doesn’t mean I automatically understand! After close to forty years of practice, I generally have an idea of what I am being shown, but I try to never have assumptions. I simply ask your guiding energies for information and messages about that situation, and that all develops into what we usually call a “reading.”

My ability or my skill, does not mean that go around staring at auras and having a sticky-beak into your private concerns. I am aware of energy around every person at all times, but I don’t actually look at it and define it unless it is appropriate and/or you give me permission. You must also remember that I ask your guidance (not mine) for understanding, so if that is private, or closed, I cannot get a true understanding anyway. However, when someone’s energy might affect me I usually get a feeling or signal about a person, such as a drunk staggering towards me in the street. I will always analyse the situation from the point of view of my safety and the well-being of those around me. I go no further than that because your energies are your private concern, and unless you give me permission, I don’t go snooping.  Perhaps, more importantly, bear in mind that most people are not nearly as interesting as they think they are!

As I go deeper into what I see, I can also move in and through your soul-records, with your permission of course. I get to literally “see” movies of your life or previous lifetimes that are impacting on your current situation. I get all this as a multi-dimensional package that looks like an orb of various lights and colours floating in front of me. It opens up and then spins like a wet-tennis ball, releasing the light-information into my system. I then read or translate this into a dialogue that hopefully means something to you. 

This whole process happens very rapidly for me which is why I often talk very, very fast!!! (sorry, just trying to keep up with them!!!)  If the information is still foggy, I can ask your guides or your spiritual guardians for more clarity, which I usually receive as yet another orb of light (the proper name is rote!) and therefore more fast talking, or in some cases, I hear a dialogue.

The pictures I draw for you are of what I see around you. Your guides also tell me what to include in the drawing as well as give me insights and information which I pass on to you.


Vision Boards:

So many people spend so much time creating Vision Boards, and making affirmations based on “how things should unfold in my life,” but I have to tell you that never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine, visualize, affirm what ended up happening to me in Canada. In fact, if I had tried to visualise something it would have been pretty dull compared to the reality that I actually lived.

So with all due respect to these very trendy methods, I would like to remind you that when you “put out to the universe,” to add :

 “This or something even better now manifests for me, in perfect timing and in perfect ways...thank you very much... I am grateful.” 

Then hang on to your boots because you have just called magic into your life!!!