I believe we are given talents or abilities to offer to others to enhance and heal their lives. Even when I was very tiny, I was the child called upon to read, write or illustrate stories because I loved it and it came naturally to me. I believe I do this because I have an open portal to the great libraries of the universe (also known as the Akashic Records) and that I am able to help you access that same information.

As I grew older and my clairvoyant sensitivities increased, I found I was able to connect into another person and read their story (with their permission, of course!!!) Over time, the story became a vision/movie that I could literally see dancing around the person. I am able to describe your story to you by narrating the movie I am seeing. I can also rewind the story, fast forward and get a quick synopsis. I basically, download your vision/movie from the Akashic Records and then describe it for you.

Your soul vision/movie can move back in time and access past lifetimes that are impacting you right now. I can move into your future which will unfold based on current decisions and choices you make now.

So many of us suffer and struggle in life needlessly. Others tell us that this world is a school and therefore is mean to be a very difficult and challenging place. Others believe we are being tested by God. And yet others say that only through appreciation of returning to that oneness can we truly understand our lives. So many people feel utterly separate, isolated and abandoned. But there is hope, and there are answers, once you connect to your spiritual guiding energies. 

Your Guides and Your Angels are here to help you; once you get a strong connection to them, you will feel their loving guidance with you every day and evry moment....Let me look with you. It is just a story, just a little movie script you have written and then forgot to delete. We can walk together. We can look together and allow the angels to guide us towards the light of release. I can see your movie for you. I can describe everything for you and offer you the story. I can hear the angelic messages of healing and also offer them to you. It is your story. I am the troubadour who can shine a light upon the shadow-play of your fears and help you sing a new song of release, healing and light.



This is my clairvoyance.

This is my Spirit Vision….

If it resonates for you, follow your heart!



Blessed be....