owlmanWe often hear people declare that they are not religious, but rather spiritual, as if this definition offers clarity. Sadly, far from clarification, this statement can indicate the exact opposite, because it all depends on how you define spirituality. For many people, simply an interest in psychic readings, or alternative health methods constitutes the definition of spirituality. Others believe that no longer attending conventional church services but believing in angels or fairies means they are now spiritual. There are those who attend spiritual-type churches, listen to channelled messages, or overhead readings, and discuss this over coffee with friends, again declaring they are spiritual.

At perhaps the other end of the scale we see folks who lament the latest conspiracy theory and worry about chemtrails, toxins in the food and the fearful elite who control 80 percent of the world’s wealth. These folks too would likewise describe themselves as spiritual.

And yet if you look closely you will clearly see that most of these groups have simply spiritualized their (former or traditional) religion by adding angels, fairies, global cabals and essential oils into their belief system. Underneath these “new” beliefs remains the old and original Christian-style system of heaven and hell, with a slap of vindication thrown in for good measure. This is not spirituality. It is merely religion with a new dress, no doubt purple velvet.

So how do we define the difference between spirituality and religiousity?

The easiest way to separate the genuine spiritual from the “new-look” same old religion is to discover and uncover if you have a strong belief in a “battle/struggle” with the:  * devil * the reptilians * karma * the global elite * negative energy * the dark side * kryptonite * Darth Vader or anyone or anything else. The belief in a struggle between good and evil is the core belief of all religion and indeed is often the reason the religion exists in the first place. ALL religions are involved in a battle and they are looking for soldiers to join their ranks!. The “bad” something/someone varies, but you better be good or else. This “good guys” versus the “bad guys” ensures the religion remains strong and can keep pulling in new converts. In order to ensure people stay, they offer a horrible story of what happens when we follow the bad guys, and this includes a firy hell through to reincarnation into the body of a pig with a penchant for eating poo. (I kid you not!)

Genuine spirituality recognises that within all life is a spiritual divinity, a pure essence that is untouched by this world. You may call this God, Goddess, all that is. Genuine spirituality recognises that every being is a spirit and not the material body, and this includes this material planet. True spirituality declares that we are spirits having a very temporary Earth-School existence, but our true home is elsewhere. Many spirits become addicted to remaining in Earth-School, and have incarnated over and over again into a variety of different bodies, but they cannot change their true identity.

This third dimensional world is a perfect “school” to help wayward forgetful spirits to remember who and what they truly are. This world does not need to be saved or, more importantly, fought over, because it can never, ever be destroyed (although I grant you it can come pretty close and become extremely painful!)

At some stage, the genuine spiritual person, asks him or herself.. how can I ascend or graduate this school? And that is the true mark of the awakening spiritual being.

So many of us remain in the half awake state of believing in a mythical heaven complete with Nana and Pop in a country cottage in a perfect fluffy-cloud heaven, or believing we need to fight the evil reptilian overlords who are deliberating poisoning us all in order to enchain our souls into the dark underworld of hell, and a dozen other scenarios. Yes, all of these realities can co-exist within the third dimensional Earth computer mainframe, but NONE of them are permanently your home. They become your temporary home by your energetic, vibrational choice, but your true and unchanging home remains always a whisper away.

The key, of course, is love. As we become sad, depressed, upset, or anxious about the dark shadows of this world. As we believe in the foolish fairy-tales of a perfect world that we have to die in order to achieve, we build barriers within our minds that prevent the golden door being seen, accepted and embraced. Instead, if we remain in the light and love of the true and pure heart, our natural vibratory energy reveals the ever open door of ascension (or graduation). Even more importantly, you can enter at any time because it has nothing to do with leaving the physical body. In fact if you wait for death, you will ensure the door remains closed.

So please ignore those fearful messages/emails toting fear. Fear darkens and heavies your vibration. Instead embrace the facts with love, do what you can do with love and light, and know that your eternal loving beauty is who you truly are, as is EVERY living being. This why your Spirit Guides are with you. They are not here to guide you to some cloud-kookoo land of illusion. They are with you to guide you home, and this is why I spend so much time and effort drawing the beautiful energies I see with EVERY person. I hope my art and my writing inspires you to drop religion and embrace true spirituality, for I can assure you that your guides want you to do this because they truly love you.

If you would like to explore this more deeply, check out my many books which in essence point to this pathway. It is always easy to find and within reach of all and everyone.


This article is part of a short PDF eBook I originally named: Fun and Games during the third dimensional journey, or the small print you forgot to read before you signed on for Earth School. But of course this is far too long for a book title. email me if you'd like to know more...