The words psychic and clairvoyant are used to describe various spiritual abilities. The word Psychic means to receive insights or messages via feelings and intuition. This may also include using Tarot Cards and other methods. The word clairvoyant means to see clearly, including the spiritual energies around a person. I refer to myself as a clairvoyant because my most prominent spiritual ability is that of "seeing." I literally see the spirits around you and draw them for you as a spiritual portrait of your energies.

Angel1We all have angels offering help and support. These beautiful spirits come to inspire us and work with our Spirit Guides to help us navigate our lives. The word angel is Aramaic/ancient Hebrew and it simply means messenger. Angels are identified by their "glow." They seem to shimmer or pulsate with a higher, divine light. Angels who have appeared to me have a pure white/silver aura, although the Archangels, such as Michael have a lot of golden glow mixing with the silvery streaks.

Your aura is part of your soul or spirit and your guides and angels speak to you through it. The aura is an interactive, multi-dimensional portal that envelops your physical body but also connects you to your Higher-Self and allows your angels and guides to give you guidance. It is this energy that I draw in your personal spiritual art session.

We are each guided by several spirit guides who are part of your spiritual family. You have usually known them in a previous life time. They are never strangers.