SpiralDance 01We are all shamans -- everyone has that potential --  but the vast majority of us are sleeping shamans. No doubt you have seen dozens of workshops, presentations and demonstrations by a variety of people beating a drum and declaring that they are shamans. The fact is that a beautifully painted drum, a weekend intensive certificate course, or a feather in the hair, does not an awakened shaman make, no matter what they tell you, or how much they charge. A genuine shaman does not worry about looking the part, they know it is all about being. An awakened shaman is a person who is in constant alignment and connects with the spirits of the universe including the ancestor spirits of the elements, and (most importantly!) they may appear very ordinary to the untrained eye.

wolfpack2There are many wonderful Native American Indian teaching stories. You may remember the coyote road-runner cartoon show which was based on the coyote teaching stories of Native Americans. Naughty coyote tries to outsmart the innocent ones but always ends up making a fool of himself. 

The other well known story is the tale of the Two Wolves which pops up on Facebook frequently.

workbook 01We live within a great, holographic mystery filled with many challenges and puzzles. Yet millions feel isolated and alone as they battle ill health, emotional problems, and mental illness.

Some cling to the dream of a heavenly realm which awaits us after death, and yet the shaman has another view-point. The shaman brings the gift of healing in the now present moment and if you embrace the sacred steps of shamanic healing, your life can and will change for the better

ricketts1I have been so blessed and at times challenged by our world, yet despite the best and worst experiences, the inner song of who I am and why I came here has guided me, around the world and back again. 

Many years ago I lived and worked with traditional Native American Elders. I learned very quickly that the old ones have a power, a secret and a deep understanding that only comes with living to an old age. Sadly, in the west, our Elders are not often respected but seen as burdons. I have visited nursing homes to see our Elders drugged and wheeled in front of a TV and then fed a sugar-rich, plastic diet. Yet all Elders have enormous wisdom for us, if we could get out of the way, listen and learn!

Since the dawn of time, the shaman has been the healer and spiritual helper of his or her tribe or group. The shaman is a way shower, a pointer to the answers to the mysteries of life. The biggest question we all face, at one time or another is the fact that we die. Babies die; old people linger in pain for years; almost everyone eventually becomes sick or distressed. Life can be painful, difficult and very short! . Like so many others, I wanted to know why some people get sick and others don’t. I went in search, just as so many others have at other times.....My journey led me to Canada and right around the world. I have written several books on my journey. I have called them the Shaman’s Door, because I believe it is a door we can all enter to walk in a new world, and have a new life. Not everyone is meant to be a shaman for others, but everyone can benefit from a shamanic healing.

bluebird1My spiritual journey has taken me right around the world, but it was only when I lived and trained in Canada and the USA with traditional Native American Elders that my skills fully awakened within. 

Both my mother and Grandmother had been part of the traditional Spiritualist Church movement in Scotland.

Joe elder1Despite what we see and witness in the world, every person is in the process of their spiritual awakening. This may seem a bold and sweeping statement, but it is the core wisdom foundation of the true Shamanic Pathway. So many people think the shaman’s work is all about beating a drum and offering healing using various rituals, sacred herbs or magical powers. Yes, these things can be employed, but (and this is a BIG but...!) The true Shaman works at the level of the seeker (client).

empathplain1You will find a lot of information on "shamanism" yet we are all shamans the minute we shift our focus from daily physical concerns to the Universal view-point. The true shaman synchronizes with nature and allows nature to guide them. The shaman embraces the natural focal points of the solistice and equinox energies knowing that Mother Earth has gifted us these natural "temples" of focus to heal ourselves and our world. It is the gift of nature herself, and the shimmering dragonfly who is the totem of eternal and ever renewing life.