SpiralDance 01We are all shamans -- Everyone can do this! Yet although we all have the potential, few of us put in the time, effort and focus to truly awaken those inner powers. An awakened shaman is a person who is in constant alignment and receives continuous spiritual "downloads" from the spirits of the universe. The shaman does not "specialize" in one kind of spiritual connection, but is able to open up to all spiritual levels, from the lower Astral, through to the highest spiritual levels. In addition, he or she can align with the ancestor spirits of certain locations and sacred places as well the nature spirits of all kinds and in all circumstances. For most people this takes years of training and dedication. The training is always first-hand apprentice-type trainings. Shamanism cannot be taught out of a book, DVD or an internet course because it is not intellectual, it is experiential.

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Shamans have existed in all communities since the dawn of time. In Africa they may be called Sangoma-doctors, But they exist in every community all around the world. They are the healers and wise ones with clairvoyant sight who can assist you to take the path of self-healing. The Shaman must be brave. They often have to put their sanity, their personal well-being on the line in order to delve deeper into the great mystery of life. They are the ones who will dive into the great unknown in order to retrieve the pearl of wisdom and wonder to share with others!

Many years ago, through a series of coincidences, a shaman’s door opened in my life. I was guided to explore this pathway with the guidance and tutelage of some incredible Native American traditional people.

ricketts1I have been so blessed and at times challenged by our world, yet despite the best and worst experiences, the inner song of who I am and why I came here has guided me, around the world and back again. 

Many years ago I lived and worked with traditional Native American Elders. I learned very quickly that the old ones have a power, a secret and a deep understanding that only comes with living to an old age. Sadly, in the west, our Elders are not often respected but seen as burdons. I have visited nursing homes to see our Elders drugged and wheeled in front of a TV and then fed a sugar-rich, plastic diet. Yet all Elders have enormous wisdom for us, if we could get out of the way, listen and learn!

Since the dawn of time, the shaman has been the healer and spiritual helper of his or her tribe or group. The shaman is a way shower, a pointer to the answers to the mysteries of life. The biggest question we all face, at one time or another is the fact that we die. Babies die; old people linger in pain for years; almost everyone eventually becomes sick or distressed. Life can be painful, difficult and very short! . Like so many others, I wanted to know why some people get sick and others don’t. I went in search, just as so many others have at other times.....My journey led me to Canada and right around the world. I have written several books on my journey. I have called them the Shaman’s Door, because I believe it is a door we can all enter to walk in a new world, and have a new life. Not everyone is meant to be a shaman for others, but everyone can benefit from a shamanic healing.

Joe elder1Despite what we see and witness in the world, every person is in the process of their spiritual awakening. This may seem a bold and sweeping statement, but it is the core wisdom foundation of the true Shamanic Pathway. So many people think the shaman’s work is all about beating a drum and offering healing using various rituals, sacred herbs or magical powers. Yes, these things can be employed, but (and this is a BIG but...!) The true Shaman works at the level of the seeker (client).

In other words if a seeker has deep fear around “foreigners” for example, the Shaman doesn’t try to reason with him and explain that this is a foolish fear. The shaman accepts that this is where the person is “at” and works to assist the inner healing needed to help the seeker work forward, towards the light or his/her soul, which will eventually reveal that their fears are unfounded.

aadRAGONFLYThe Shaman aligns with nature and allows Mother Earth and Father Sky to be the guide. All shamans know that the natural focal points of the solstice and equinox energies are a beautiful gift from Mother Earth to help us reflect, take time for ourselves and align with healing. The Earth herself is a temple, but within the wilds and sacred places she offers us many signs and many Totem Spirits to help us all heal ourselves and our world. The shimmering and magical dragonfly is the totem of eternal and ever renewing life and is one of the spirit healers of the soul. The dragonfly symbolizes spring-time, which is the magical time of renewal.

In the years since the 2012 Mayan prophecy culmination we have seen many endings and completions.

owl 02We all have spirit guides and angels, yet there are those who feel closest to spirit when they connect with an animal or totem spirit. The word totem means friend and every shaman embraces the gifts the little owl friend has to offer! The word "medicine" refers to the gifts the totem brings. All totems have gifts, but the owl's gifts are magical!

The owl-medicine gifts include the ability to see in the dark, extreme sensitivity, intuition, patience and the stamina to overcome obstacles. There are some who say the owl reveals deception but this is only one of her many gifts. When you hear but do not see the owl, she asks us to remain alert, focused and in step with the ever evolving, changing spiritual pathway.