Our beloved planet, the world we call Earth, is incredibly ancient and has undergone many deaths and rebirths because, as a Goddess, she is constantly regenerating. We see her magic every day! Who cannot be thrilled by the blossoming of life every Spring, and perhaps a little sad as winter’s cold fingers sweep through the world each year. We all know we live in a circle of endless magic because we are part of a living Goddess organism.

There are many Native American Indian teaching stories that are simple and yet utterly profound. You may remember the coyote road-runner cartoon show when you were a child. That series was actually based on the famous coyote stories Native Americans used as teaching tools for their children. Coyote is always trying to outwit everyone only to end up hurting himself rather than the innocent one he tries to con out of something. 

One story, you see frequently (often on facebook and elsewhere) is the story of the Two Wolves. The story describes two spirit guides or totem spirit guides who walk with every person. One is a black wolf and would lead you astray and the other is the white wolf, who leads you out of the forest and into the light. You maintain your alliance with the wolf you feed. The black wolf loves bitterness, anger, annoyance and all negative feelings. The white wolf eats love, truth, kindness, compassion and all good things.

One of the most commonly asked question I receive, almost daily, is how do I awaken or develop my clairvoyant or psychic abilities? It is becoming clear that more people are finally realizing that psychic or clairvoyant abilities are not special gifts for the few, but an inherent ability, especially given so many Empaths are being born into the world at this time. 

One of the biggest obstacles to developing this ability is, however, the very fact that you “think” it needs to be developed.

We live within a great, holographic mystery filled with many challenges and puzzles. We live in a world where we are supposed to trust in an invisible God and learn to embrace life when we all know that one day, no matter what, we will die. Whilst we may “believe” religion’s tales about heavenly realms, angels and trumpets,  we still have to accept that it is all based on faith and trust. While thousands of us are happy with the reassurances from authority figures there are others who are never satisfied with words and legends, no matter how beautiful. 

These are the ones who ache to know. They desperately want to experience other worlds, other realms, first hand. They want direct and clear communication; they want a full and soul-changing experience that opens their spirit eyes once and for all time.

These people are the shamans and they follow the beat of a different drum.

We are all on a pathway to the Timber Wolf. In this second part I will try to illustrate how traditional shaman teachers help people understand the two wolves, black and white, who guide us to the Timber wolf.

We all know that this world is a school yet... it seems hardly anyone really understands that the “learning/growing” process is in reality an unlearning or divesting process not an expanding process. It is only through transformation, which must include release that we arrive at higher oneness. 

This is the key teaching of the Timberwolf.

I found a copy of Sun Bear’s (Gheezis Mokwa) book in an obscure second-hand books shop sometime in the early 1980s. Sun Bear was a well known sacred teacher of Ojibwe (Anishinabe) descent. He was an activist, lecturer, and author.

He was born in 1929 and was the publisher of Many Smokes, a Native American monthly news magazine. I had been given a copy of his first book, At Home in the Wilderness, which was a guide to living outdoors in harmony with nature. I still have this old and now tattered book, which he signed for me. He lived in Washington State, just south of where I was in Alberta, Canada, and invited me down to his land.

I have been so blessed and at times challenged by our world, but despite the best and worst experiences the inner song of who I am and why I came here has guided me, around the world and back again. 

I was always an artist. At school my pictures were usually pined on the walls and my stories read aloud to the class, but as I grew older I came under enormous pressure to find a "real career" suitable for a young lady. In those days our choices were limited, especially for the working class children of the factory workers. I essentially had to choose between "secretarial" or "pre-nursing." The really clever girls were singled out to become teachers, and artistic types like me were precluded. My dream of being a travelling writer/artist was ridiculed and so I found myself in the secretarial class. My dreams did not die as I pounded those old iron typewriters. I found myself daydreaming about my future adventures because I was determined to find a way of expressing my art and somehow getting enough to live on.

And, by pure serendipity, good luck and karma I did!

Since the dawn of time, the shaman has been the healer and spiritual helper of his or her tribe or group. The shaman is a way shower, a pointer to the answers to the mysteries of life. The biggest question we all face, at one time or another is the fact that we die. Babies die; old people linger in pain for years; almost everyone eventually becomes sick or distressed. Life can be painful, difficult and very short! . Like so many others, I wanted to know why some people get sick and others don’t. I went in search, just as so many others have at other times.....My journey led me to Canada and right around the world. I have written several books on my journey. I have called them the Shaman’s Door, because I believe it is a door we can all enter to walk in a new world, and have a new life. Not everyone is meant to be a shaman for others, but everyone can benefit from a shamanic healing.