grayowls1Whilst most of us walk the journey of life trying our best to live in light there are those who believe that because they attend a meditation circle or offer (or receive) psychic readings, or do yoga that this activity is automatically "spiritual" and that they are, therefore, growing.

This is not always the case. In fact "spiritual" people are often more likely to be "stuck" in old dysfunctional thinking than the regular person who simply tries to be more caring and loving in his or her community. The Wisdom Path requires constant evaluation and that is the power of the Owl Totem!

Shamanism teaches that the eternal Self, or inner spirit/soul, is knowable and through knowing the self we find our true and eternal selves. This journey is governed or guided by the Owl. So much is written about the owl as a totem, and much of it tends to be negative. Some tribal groups believe the owl calls you name when you are about to die. The deeper meaning is that the ego or false self needs to die, and the Owl is calling you to do this as speedily as possible. The owl bring clairvoyant seeing as well as intuition and sensitivity. The owl comes when we are ready to transend to a higher spiritual level. They teach us that heaven is a state of consciousness and we can attain that consciousness at any time. If you feel the owl with you, ask yourself what needs to die within (not your body! but beliefs or thoughts!) as you do this the door to deeper wisdom is opened for you.

Blesed be...Lesley