Since the very dawn of time, shamans and spiritual people have gathered, usually in a circle, to meditate, focus and pray. Every culture, in every corner of the world has done this. And, if you have ever attended any kind of spiritual gathering you know the peace, tranquility and inner healing that takes place in these gatherings.

Many years ago, I went to the reservations of Northern Canada and sat in what they call "sacred circle." It is Sacred because we gather to pray for peace, love and understanding. When I arrived in Australia in the early 1990s I offered the same gatherings, and in all cases, we shared the wisdom and I offered the teaching stories, but it was simply the act of gathering, passing the "Talking Stick" and sharing that brought about the healing.

Recently I returned back to North America to visit with the Elders and reconnect. So much has changed, and I promise I will write about it in more detail. As many of you know, traditional people are under pressure for their land and water, and this was the same conflict I witnessed all those years ago. Yet, despite the fact that things are definitely more challenging, the one common request, EVERY elder made to me was for us to once again gather and focus on the light.

Therefore I will be offering traditional Native Indian gatherings/circles in the Burleigh area of the Gold Coast. If you would like more details, or simply be part of it, please contact me. My circles are based on traditional medicine gatherings where the focus is on healing ourselves, Mother Earth and Father Sky, and all the people in this world. 

For those who want to go deeper, and awaken their own Shamanic powers, I will be offering more intense gatherings. Again, please contact me. 

   The Dawn Star:

The name of my "lodge" is the Dawn Star. This star is of course, Venus, the planet that changes from morning to evening throughout the year. I was initiated in the traditions of the Dawn Star, who are also called the Peace Chiefs, because they could go from tribe to tribe to spread the message of peace without getting into difficulties. I have been sharing these ways in Australia and Canada for over thirty years. Therefore there are many other Dawn Star Teachers.

I have shared the names of a few of them on my page: "Supporting Light Workers." These people have shown dedication to the traditions, have respected the teachers and Elders of The Dawn Star Lodge and have demonstrated dedication to peace, love and sharing. I happily and joyfully recommend these dedicated people. Please follow the link below!