We are all on a pathway to the Timber Wolf. In this second part I will try to illustrate how traditional shaman teachers help people understand the two wolves, black and white, who guide us to the Timber wolf.

We all know that this world is a school yet... it seems hardly anyone really understands that the “learning/growing” process is in reality an unlearning or divesting process not an expanding process. It is only through transformation, which must include release that we arrive at higher oneness. 

This is the key teaching of the Timberwolf.

Most people love the story of the two wolves and of course everyone wants to focus on the white wolf. He is the good wolf who leads you to the light. Yet we cannot find the transcendent wolf, the Timber Wolf, without... the black wolf....! (darn it!)

I often find it amusing that people who are happily expanding, attaining, seeking out, nailing down, grabbing, plundering and pouncing on new “stuff” delude themselves into thinking that they are following the white wolf. This is natural BUT this need to "get/attain" is the journey of the Black wolf and most people hate to think that. 

The white wolf’s teachings include taking the journey of losing, divesting, releasing, removing and cleansing. These are the hardest, most stressful elements of the journey. What is even funnier (sorry.. but I find it funny) is that when something “bad” happens and people lose money, prestige or status, they think it was the black wolf who was the culprit. In fact it was that little white wolfie... he is determined to make you less so you can be more than you ever dreamed possible! He does this because he loves you and doesn’t want you to get stuck in materialism of any kind, bless his little white cotton socks!

Native American Indian shamans knew this, as do the eastern yogi masters. They are so similar it is frightening. Both my eastern and western teachers taught the same thing in different ways. In both cases, they shunned materialism, lived in poverty (by our standards) and spent their time releasing (the Yogis) or giving away (Native Indians) This is the key to spiritual growth but we westerners fight it tooth and nail!

The reason is, of course.. your friend and mine...  the Black Wolf or the ego

The Black Wolf: aka the ego

Ego loves inflation. The ego loves to be stroked, gently cajoled, flattered, pandered and indulged. This is how salespeople sell you stuff you do not need. This is why they drape a bikini girl across the front of the little red sports car (subtle or what!) This is why there is no shortage of Viagra and this is why people spend a fortune at the high-sell Certificate Psychic courses in order to be a “qualified” blah blah. It is all ego. 

But have you noticed how offended people are when you mention this? Talk about tiptoeing on eggshells!

The ego is not inherently bad; it is an inner program (like a computer program) created to guide an eternal spirit through a world filled with potential disaster. You need an ego to cross the road safely as well as to remember to check if the fish is safe to eat. You do not need the ego to help you find happiness.. that is not its job. Problem is, that most people use the ego for everything.

The fact is that the ego is a false and brittle self that we use as a “floatation device” (like the one under the seat in the airplane) when we feel bad about ourselves. 

When I encounter anyone with an ego problem I know it is because at some level they hate themselves. If you can remember this next time when someone is ranting/screaming and accusing you of being in ego, it helps... ONLY ego can be offended.. spirit just shrugs and smiles sweetly!

The ego, or the black wolf is the manifestation of low self esteem and an aching need to be something or someone of consequence in our world. The ego/black wolf believes that if it is considered to be important by others that this will make it “special” therefore less vulnerable and safer in this often frightening world. The more power it can garner the more people observe it to be different, elevated, special, above the herd and therefore, further away from death, the better. The black wolf considers insignificance to be death and must be avoided at all costs.

Another vital teaching of the black wolf is obsession. Anyone with an ego problem is always obsessed about something. A case in point is the obsession expressed by frenzied cyber trolls. I wrote a blog about it called “stay present”. These people often have several facebook accounts with false names, or a series of weirdo friends who band together to collectively obsess about every little detail and then worry themselves into a tizzy over the “perceived” actions of others. I say perceived because facts and truth usually have very little to do with their frenzied and obsessive rants!

Obsession keeps you occupied on another. It stops you finding your white wolf.. it keeps you unbalanced (sometimes literally!) and distracted by "others." and.. it is absolutely exhausting!

Obsession is governed by the black wolf but he is not doing this to torment you, although it may seem that way. He is doing this because as you work on your spiritual growth, you will inevitably bring up the shadow self, or the part of you that you will not acknowledge. The shadow is a Jungian theme; when unacknowledged the shadow automatically builds to counter balance the growing light. When someone engages in spiritual work such as developing psychic skills, meditating or practicing yoga their shadow rises to be healed and released because the light (white wolf) insists on this. Then the black wolf (shadow)  steps forward to guide you towards what must be healed in your life.

This is not bad... this is good.. but generally most people resist it. In many cases they project their shadow onto other people and blame, scream, have tantrums and more.. This kind of thing forms the impetus for cyber trolls to go nuts or people to write poison pen letters, or go into rants in the supermarket or when someone pinches their parking spot; or even worse, bottle it all up and push it into their internal organs and create cancer and a thousand other dis-eases! 

It is all shadow, it is all ego, it is guided by the black wolf.

If in the moment of potential rant (blame, scream, hysteria!), you can stop, breathe deeply and ask black wolf how to show you how to transform this, you will step closer to the Timber Wolf (hiding in the silver birch trees!). Everyone works with both wolves because everyone, whether they know it or not, feeds both of them with their energy. Only when we transform the two wolves into the Timber Wolf do we ascend the shadow.

The key, as always is love.

Love your wolves, love your shadow, stop projecting out and blaming others, and truly own it. Then and only then will you love yourself. It is easy to love your attributes; it is challenging to love your bad temper, your perceived failures and your jealousy, but nonetheless, love is transformative and it takes you to the Timber Wolf’s home! 


Please read my other blogs, particularly the one on the trolls because this activity is the epitome of ego or the black wolf turned wild, savage and rabid.