There are many stories about how the Sacred Pipe, also known as the Peace Pipe was given to the traditional people of North America. In all cases, and with all nations, it was always brought to them in mysterious ways and always via a woman.

Perhaps the most famous is the Lakota story of the White Buffalo Calf maiden, which is a truly beautiful legend. To the Blackfoot people, the woman came from a cloud and was wearing lots of feathers in her hair. To the Cree she came on a small boat along the great rivers, and she is called the White Beaver Woman.. so many stories and all containing incredible wisdom. In all cases, the feminine is the gift giver and therefore we are all asked to nurture her within. 

The Sacred Pipe is often called the peace pipe, but there is much more to the pipe than this. Each pipe was given a mission or a focus. The Sacred Pipes of the Dawn Star Teaching lodge were brought to the world by the Dawn Star man to spread the teachings of one-ness and unity. This all happened when there were many wars and conflicts between the various nations, so the peace chiefs came to spread peace. To do this they formed a lodge or teaching circle, many centuries ago. The Dawn Star Teachers were also known as peace chiefs. No matter where they travelled, they were always seen as envoys of peace and their pipes were passed down through the centuries to the dozens of teachers and ceremonial leaders.

At the beginning of this new century one of the elders had a vision. She was shown that during the final years of this age (i.e. up until December 2012) Sacred Pipes would be placed in the Earth to help the transition. She was asked to create twenty two brand new "rainbow" pipes, to acknowledge the vision of Black Elk. 

The rainbow pipes were sent out into every corner of the world. Two of them came to Australia. One was given to a woman and another to a man. Carrying and caring for a pipe is not an easy undertaking because it require a strong spiritual connection and the ability to overcome inner weakness. We are always tested when we are given an opportunity to move forward and in this case one person fell into ego and the other into the soul. Nevertheless, the mission was completed and the rainbow pipe now lies under the earth in central Australia, connecting to the rainbow grid that has been created right across the world.

Since then all the pipes have been put into the ground and therefore we are all in constant ceremony. When a pipe is kept separated and in its bag, it is resting, however, when it is joined and filled with tobacco or smoking mix, it is active or in ceremony. Most of these pipes have been laid in the ground, filled and therefore in constant ceremony. This means that anyone and everyone, if they attune themselves to Mother Earth can feel the power and receive the pipe blessings.

The final ceremony took place in December 2012. The pipes that call people together, right across the world, were laid into Mother Earth.  If you simply put your focus into the earth, you feel these pipes all communicating with one another. What this means is that everyone and anyone who focuses on unity automatically become pipe-carriers or ceremonial leaders. Or in other words, we are all one at last!

The Mayans tell us that once we allow ourselves to attune into Mother Earth we will come into balance. For many centuries we have separated ourselves from the oneness of creation, and so needed ceremonial leaders to help us re-connect. While these ceremonies are lovely and we might feel absolutely wonderful during and after the ceremony, we must find ways to anchor ourselves in the energy, and simply be there at all times. We can easily fall into the trap of seeking out the thrill of the new or unusual, but what we forget when we go on this search is that we are tacitly saying “I don’t have this connection” and the Universe says “Yes, you are right, you don’t have this connection.” Thus this is our experience.

What the Mayans were trying to point to is a time when oneness isn’t just a catch phrase or a trendy idea, but a living reality. This living reality cannot occur whilst we search and ache for this or that. It can only be locked into everyone’s reality when enough of us say, quite simply: “I am already enough. I am there. I am, that I am” and really mean it.

I am so blessed to have been part of this journey and to have walked this unusual path during the years necessary to its unfoldment. It ultimately means that anyone, with enough humbleness and the desire to serve spirit can literally connect to the energies of the pipe-ceremony happening right now across Mother Earth. All you need to do, should you feel the calling, is to meditate or focus on the beautiful Grandmother Spirits who watch over this world, and ask to smoke the pipe. You will feel their presence and you can offer your prayers to the whole world, and indeed the whole universe at any time. Quieten your mind. Know all you need has been already given to you, and now simply pray. I hope you can embrace this energy and not fall into the trap of constantly seeking. We are always at choice and we can become finders the minute we believe in ourselves!

Incidentally, all the photos here are of my teachers, who I honour. I haven't published them before because I promised I would not prior to the end of the age. I honour them now.

The photo at the top of the story is of Medicine Bear who was my master teacher.


Blessed be!