workbook 01We live within a great, holographic mystery filled with many challenges and puzzles. Yet millions feel isolated and alone as they battle ill health, emotional problems, and mental illness.

Some cling to the dream of a heavenly realm which awaits us after death, and yet the shaman has another view-point. The shaman brings the gift of healing in the now present moment and if you embrace the sacred steps of shamanic healing, your life can and will change for the better

Shamans have existed in all communities since the very dawn of time. Some call them called Sangoma-doctors, or healers, or witches, or wizards and a thousand other names. These are the brave ones who put their sanity, their personal well-being on the line in order to delve deeper into the great mystery of life. These are the shamans who are determined to dive into the great unknown in order to retrieve the pearl of wisdom and wonder to share with others!

Many years ago, through a series of coincidences, a shaman’s door opened in my life. I was guided by my own inner wanting to explore this pathway with the guidance and tutelage of some incredible Native American traditional people. I have written about this in my book series: The Shaman’s Door in the hope that others might understand their own inner urge to delve into the depths of the mystery.

During that time I attended dozens of ceremonies, but the most profound and life-changing ceremony was “Sacred Circle,” or shaman gathering circles. They are simple, and yet profound because they are a place where everyone together calls in the helping spirits (The Grandmothers for teaching, and the Grandfathers for healing) and embrace the shamanic principles that awaken the soul. The key is to apply yourself; and be willing to plunge like a pearl diver into the deepest oceans to seek out the hidden jewels.

The Shaman Circle is a simple and yet profound ritual. We employ the drum and traditional chants and drum vibrations to help you shift your consciousness from the regular world into the alternative realities. Within these realities you find your spirit keepers and allies. These are usually referred to as your Totems and your Guides. In the shaman journey you meet them, face to face. You connect and receive messages directly, not via a third party or through a “reading” of any kind. Over time, you will learn to move up to the various levels of reality. Beyond this world are other worlds, other dimensions and higher wisdom. Of course, there are also converse worlds, filled with darkness, reptilian creatures and lost souls. The true shaman can traverse them all with impunity; for he or she is "impeccable" and therefore cannot be held captive! This is the end-goal and the journey of the shaman.

If you feel a calling to walk this path, know that it demands your full attention and your concentration. You must practice and work on your attunement every day without fail. Each person develops at a different speed, and so you must trust your process. Most importantly, know that your journey will be absolutely perfect for you.

My books may be of service to you. I also make drums and have offered drummaking classes in Australia since 1991. I learned the craft from my Cree traditional teachers, many years ago. The drum is incredibly powerful and at some stage you may have to get your own. Most importantly, open your mind and your heart to your guiding spirits, even if you do not know who or what they are yet. Refer to them as Grandmothers and Grandfathers, for that offers honour and respect. Then ask to be shown. You will receive signs and coincidences. The more you work with receiving and following guidance the easier it will become.

Taking these steps moves you away from an immature spirituality that expects a “psychic” to tell you what to do, to heal you or to sort you out. This is the pathway of the spiritual adult who takes responsibility for all outcomes and sees every event as a opportunity to grow, expand and know more. The spiritual adult knows it may be uncomfortable and that their ego will probably have a number of hissy-fits. Only you know if you are ready to step through the shaman’s door. Once you have stepped through, magic happens. You life reads like a fairy tale and amazing things occur. Please read my brief overview of my life journey for just a portion of some of the amazing things that have occurred to me. Trust me... there is more but it would take twenty books to tell you everything!