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Hello.. and welcome to my website:

I am Lesley Ann Crossingham and I offer:

*Spirit Guide Intuitive Art * Astrology/Intuitive Readings

My Books * audio recordings * Sacred Tree Indy Publishing.



I have been drawing Spirit Guides and Angels for forty years. For further information on these drawings and readings, please read the section : "Lesley's Vision" or click the link below.



I believe we all come into this world with cosmic patterns that reveals your sacred Life Purpose : Your Karmic Pathway : Your Talents : Your Relationships. I create your Astrology Wheel and give you a deep analysis of your strengths and weaknesses to help you navigate your life with inner power.  For further details, please see my readings section.

For further information please click on the link below

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I am an author and have written several books guided by spirit in order to support our journey in this work. Please check out my titles on this link. My titles are also eBooks in several sites, including AMAZON and others. For further details please click on the link below:

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I created every image on these cards and I wrote the accompanying booklet which explains every card and offers various card-spreads. These cards help you connect to, and gain deeper guidance from the higher realms.  Please follow the link below to discover more about this unique spiritual card deck.

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 Many years ago I had a retail shop in Melbourne called Spirit Vision. This name came to me during a sacred and traditional "Vision Quest" which I undertook with a Blackfoot Traditional Elder in Canada in the 1980s. During that experience I was shown that my work could support others to find their own inner visions and thus live fulfilled lives. I recounted this journey in my Shaman's Door series of three books.



I invite you to browse through this website and read the many articles and blogs I have written, offered to you to support your journey. If these words ring an inner bell, then a session, reading, a book may support your spiritual journey. I have a shop section where you can safely order products and readings, via PayPal, or you can contact me directly and make a booking. You can also check out my itinerary to see when I might be in your area.


We are all here to support, encourage and assist one another evolve to the higher vibrations of spirit, and we do that by following our intuitive instincts, inner messages, gut feelings and attractions.



I also offer a regular e-mail newsletter.

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