The pathway of the shaman can be lonely and challenging, but it is this journey that leads to spiritual illumination. Life offers us many pathways, and dozens of cross-roads, yet it is when we take the "risky" road, that we find the true essence of life. The shaman's path is always risky because it forces us to confront and heal all blocks to the expression of love and joy in this world. When we do not live this way, we are enslaved by fear. Fear arises when we forget who and what we are... the shaman's path lead you to your inner truth and your eternal soul.

Lesley's spellbinding publications reflect her shamanic journey in her own words. She reveals the pathway and offers you the clear and powerful steps that lead to your own spiritual liberation.

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The image and the many legends of Mary Magdalene have always been shrouded in mystery. Who was this woman who had the audacity to anoint Jesus? Was she a prostitute? Was she the final sacred Goddess-Priestess that so many wanted to destroy. Her story still intrigues today. Many want to own her, others want to distort her legend and write her into a script that supports their perception of spiritual womanhood.. and yet there is so much more to her than that because in the end Mary's story is profoundly, a love story....

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Are you an Empath? There is a huge difference between being a psychic and an Empath, and Lesley explains it all in this ground-breaking book. Take the quick test and then take the journey of self discovery.

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The Goddess Codes are a pattern or resonnation that awakens divine transformation. Only when we enter the inner sacred space of the heart will the gifts of the Goddess be revealed. Her pathway is one of pure love for the self and for all creation.

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Would you like to learn how to see the human aura? Would you like to awaken your natural clairvoyant abilities?? Lightbody will introduce you to this amazing practice and show you how to develop your own intuitive abilities using Lesley's methods. This book is a handy eBook! and is now available as a paperback book, via this site. You can still get the eBook, via Amazon Kindle.

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LIVING LUMINOSITY - Keys to Awakening in the Aquarian Age

Living in the new Aquarian Age has its challenges. The Universal Energies have changed and we must align ourselves with a new approach to our lives and to our world. This book reveals how we can empower our lives to work in concert with the Universe and how our world will change over the next twenty years.

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Earth Medicine, and sacred ceremony is the core teaching of the Native American shaman’s path. Everyone can connect and attune to Mother Earth via these beautiful Earth Mother ceremonies. This book focuses on the pathway of Ceremony, including the Medicine Wheel, the crystals, colours, herbs, and the journey of the daily shaman. This book offers the wisdom Lesley was gifted by traditional people of the North West, and her teacher, Sun Bear. It is a workbook, and therefore offers practical steps to smudge, cleanse, attune and receive spiritual guidance, based on the Native American Indian ways. This book helps you to align with nature and ...

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SHAMANS DOOR - 1 - Wolf Trail

This is Lesley's personal story of how she began to walk the Medicine Path, or the "Good Red Road" of spirit, many years ago. She was a young journalist who found herself in the wilds of Northern Alberta in Canada. She met a Medicine Man, and he sent her to a wise teacher in the far north. In this personal story you will discover gems of wisdom that you can apply to your life. We are told that either side of us walk two wolves. One is dark and pulls you away from truth, and the other is white and guides you towards your medicine Path. Yet there is more to the story than that. The wolf path is also the name of the Milky Way, a ...

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SHAMANS DOOR -2 - Kachina

A mysterious invitation to visit the ancient Hopi mesas in the deep desert wilderness of Arizona takes a young woman on an amazing transformative journey. This book shares the wisdom of the moon lodge, and the power of women who gather together to share wisdom and ceremony.

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SHAMANS DOOR -3 - Ghost Mountain

This is a very personal, and at times heart-breaking account of Lesley's journey to Ghost Mountain, the place of the Vision Quest and awakening shamanic wisdom. Only when you are ready to become a ghost can you receive your true Medicine Powers. Medicine is never sought; it arrives When you are ready and open to receive. The medicine totem enters the sacred medicine wheel and makes you part of his/her spirit clan. You then belong to the totem, and you are therefore under his/her guidance for the rest of your life.....

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StarSeed Beings, Empaths and Earth Mystics have come to this world on mission to offer global and inter-galactic healing by awakening others to their inner spiritual identity. Yet so often they are attacked and prevented from achieving their mission by others. One group in particular is attracted to all mystics, and they are the Narcissists. This was once considered a rare mental illness, yet at this stage in the Earth's Awakening, it appears that people with this "illness" dominate the world, our culture and the spiritual community. In this book we examine the link between Mystics of all kinds, and Narcissists to discover why there is this ...

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StarSeed Beings are galactic Beings, aligned with both Mother Earth and the Stars. They have come to this world on mission to offer healing by awakening others to their inner spiritual identity. They do this in many ways, but the essence has been called the cup of Christ, or the Holy Grail, This is the second book and builds on the wisdom offered in The Magdalene Papers. As before, Lesley channeled the spirit of Mary Magdalene to offer insights into the StarSeed contract, but most importantly, awaken StarSeeds into knowing their part in offering the Holy Grail to others. Only when a StarSeed embraces and strengthens their role as bringers ...

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