StarSeed Beings belong to the Earth and yet also to the Stars. They have come to this world on mission to bring healing by demonstration and total alignment with all that is true, good and of the light. Yet so many StarSeed Beings feel lost and abandoned in a difficult and challenging world. In this book, Lesley channeled the spirit of Mary Magdalene to offer insights into the StarSeed contract, but most importantly, to offer a pathway of inner healing to allow the StarSeed Being to shine and complete his or her spiritual contract in this lifetime. Are you a StarSeed?...
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.......It began in late 2017 after seeing a news program about the lost painting of Leonard da Vinci, the Christ of the World. In the beautiful painting a Cosmic Christ is depicted as blend of He and She, with coppery feminine curls and a chest that could be either, or both, male or female, yet with a knowing smile. He holds a crystal orb with stars twinkling within. I knew immediately this was the Starseed Christ, my brother, my lover, my soul-seed family member. At that very thought I felt a wave of energy flood my heart. I rushed to the computer keyboard and the writing just flowed, and flowed!

This book contains the words of the Starseed Mary Magdalene, who is part of my soul and of yours too. She is the rejected one, the one who was different and didn’t fit in, the one that was attacked for not fitting the role set out for her, and other women of her time. She is the one who can point Starseeds and Empath-Starseeds to a new path of inner peace, tranquillity, assuredness and most importantly, a deep feeling of belonging.

This book describes what it means to be an incarnated Starseed Being and how that manifests in your life. Much of what Mary presents here may shock you, for the Starseeds are not all perfect beings, some of them have become stuck in the shattering process and expressed extreme darkness. However, most have tended to close down, trying to remain safe in a frightening, unhomely world. These are the quiet Starseeds and Starseed Empaths who need the healing and the spiritual awakening of Mary Magdalene.

In StarSeed, Mary describes the journey of the spiritual Starseed and how, via various techniques, healing can occur by connecting to your true spiritual family and aligning yourself with your planetary or spiritual home. Only by aligning with this ever-available pulse of light and healing love will you be able to heal your life and complete your soul’s mission in this world.

You are meant to shine in the firmament as the bright and luminous one you were created to be. You are one of the lights in the mystical orb Jesus carries in the Da Vinci painting.. I shall join you there, for....I am the Magdalene....And now she speaks again....


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This book is also available as an eBook.