StarSeed Beings are galactic Beings, aligned with both Mother Earth and the Stars. They have come to this world on mission to offer healing by awakening others to their inner spiritual identity. They do this in many ways, but the essence has been called the cup of Christ, or the Holy Grail, This is the second book and builds on the wisdom offered in The Magdalene Papers. As before, Lesley channeled the spirit of Mary Magdalene to offer insights into the StarSeed contract, but most importantly, awaken StarSeeds into knowing their part in offering the Holy Grail to others. Only when a StarSeed embraces and strengthens their role as bringers of the Grail will they feel complete and whole. Are you a StarSeed?...
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This book follows on from the first StarSeed book and contains the words of the Starseed Mary Magdalene, who is part of my soul and of yours too. Mary was one of the rejected ones who didn’t fit in to the role offered women during her time on Earth, because Mary could hear a higher guidance urging her to offer healing rather than compliance. She was attacked for this and her wisdom was ridiculed. Yet without Goddess wisdom no one can heal or come into complete wholeness.

Yet there have been many StarSeeds who have returned, time after time, to offer healing. If they cannot complete their journey in one lifetime, their soul is contracted to return again and again, until the seed is embraced by the Earth-beings. One such StarSeed is/was St John who wrote the Book of Revelations. He also incarnated as the founder of the Templars, and again as the great teacher, Carl Jung. In each lifetime he laid elements of wisdom into the minds of the frightened Earth people that would sprout into wholeness when they were ready. 


This wisdom is the Holy Grail.


The Holy Grail is not a physical cup or a bloodline -- It is a spirit line. It is a line of seeded energy that flows endlessly, returning again and again, until it awakens within the heart of one who is ready. There have been many keepers of the Grail and each one has resurrected the sacred energy and reawakened it for those who were ready.

This book describes the grail wisdom and offers it to those who are ready to hear and embrace its transformative wisdom. In this second book, Mary offers the deeper Goddess wisdom, the wisdom she was unable to offer in her lifetime two thousand years ago. She describes the kundalini energy rising technique that follows the natural flow of all energy. It is this kundalini or serpent power that can be awakened in any person who sits quietly, allows and meditates on their inner truth. This is the serpent that frightened the patriarchal priests who banned women/priestesses because they wanted to control the population. They had to subdue the Goddesses and priestesses who offers liberation.

In this second book, Mary Magdalene outlines the technique clearly and offers the deepest spiritual awakening wisdom. It builds on the previous book and assumes you have already embraced your StarSeed powers. You are now ready to go deeper and truly shine. 


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