Everyone has many Spirit Guides and Angels at their side. This Multiple Guide Reading includes all the Guides and Angels I can see with you, along with messages from them. Or you can order a family picture of each angel of each family member, which comes with a message from each angel.
Sales price $ 150.00
We have many guides who work with us. The single guide portrait is offered to help you connect to your main guide, but if you also wish to connect with other guides and angels who come to you with a specific spiritual pathway, Lesley can offer you a portrait of all of them together, along with a message from each guide and/or angels. Lesley can also create a Family Unity portrait of each angel in your house-hold and how they connect to each member of your family. This painting helps you to understand the karmic link that has drawn you together in this lifetimes.
In this painting, Lesley creates the portrait in "landscape" style, which means the paper is placed on its side. This allows Lesley plenty of space to capture the image of each of your guides or angels, or combination of both, without the painting looking squashed or cluttered. You will receive a personal portrait of your main guide, along with any supportive guides, such as your guardian guide (who looks after your physical well being) Healing Guide, who may help you offer healings to others, angels who bring forth inspiration, and of course guardian angels.
Lesley also includes written messages and guidance from each of the guides and/or angels. This portrait includes some totems, and also the aura colours she sees around you.
(Please see sample picture to the left!)

The Family Portrait includes each angel of every member of the family. This special portrait will also allow you to understand each other better, as you discover past-life links that you share and why you have been brought together. Your angels will guide you to create harmony in your household. If you are having difficulties, this angelic picture may help remedy the problem, particularly if you place it in the family section of your home (Feng Shui).
This portrait can be offered as a "portrait" style, with the paper 70cm long and 55 wide, or "landscape" as above, with the same size paper used sideways. If you have a large family, it is usually best to have the portrait drawn in Landscape as it looks less cluttered. However, you can select the style you prefer along with your paper colour choices.
PLEASE Note:  Lesley will need the full names and birthdays of each member of the family, plus photos of everyone to help her get in connection with your particular energy. After you have placed your order, please email Lesley with your details. You may also choose your paper colour: Black * Navy Blue * Turquoise * Pink * brown * Light Blue. The paper sizes are 55 x 70 cm and are professional high quality archival papers.
lesleyauthor3ADDITIONAL NOTE If you prefer to do internet banking this can be arranged. Please email her via the button below.
Australian postage is included in the cost of all these readings. Overseas postage can be added. Please email Lesley for more information and to get a quote for postage to you!