Lesley Ann Crossingham is an internationally recognised Spiritual artist, clairvoyant, author and teacher. She was born an Empath, and is therefore fully clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient. She has seen fairies, angels, spiritual guides and departed loved-ones since the age of seven.

Lesley’s extraordinary life has taken her right around the world. She has studied on every continent and in all major schools of thought. She is a fully awakened Empath and Shaman who brings the gems of enlightenment into every workshop or private session.


... Lesley spent her early life in England and Scotland. She was a sensitive, dark haired child who began to see fairy spirits at an early age. Fortunately, her mother and Grandmother were also Empaths and were able to guide and support her awakening abilities. She was sent north to the Hebrides as a young teenager to be trained by the Celtic Mentors of the Mystery Schools under the guidance of her Grandmother. She left the U.K. to live in southern Africa, and become a young mother of two boys. Yet she continued to see and communicate with spirits. Then a series of coincidences and signs led her to the famous Phoenix Ashram near Durban in South Africa. The ashram had been founded, in the 1905 by Mahatma Gandhi. There she was trained in eastern Hindu and Buddhist meditations as well as the Satyagraha concept which basically means the insistence on truth. (sadly the Ashram was burned to the ground in 1985)

From there she travelled to Canada, trained as a photo journalist and worked on two Native American Indian newspapers in Alberta, in the west. During her years as a journalist, she apprenticed under three Native American Indian medicine people and spent her time travelling from one reservation to another, reporting stories, taking photographs and interviewing elders and spiritual teachers for the newspaper. She underwent many ceremonies and teachings, including a traditional Vision Quest in the southern Rocky Mountains.

She moved to Australia in the late 1980s and began to teach and share the traditional Native Indian ways that she had learned in Canada. She taught traditional beadwork, as well as drum making classes. She later opened three retail shops, all called Spirit Vision. She sold traditional Indian goods, as well as the materials to help people make their own medicine bags or tools of empowerment. During this time she also began to express her visions in pastel paintings and offered them at many new age festivals, including the Ballarat Rainbow Festival in the early 90s.

Lesley has attended festivals and Spiritual Centres overseas, including Singapore, Malaysia, the United Kingdom and the United States over the last few years.

Today Lesley focuses mainly on writing her books. Currently she has produced 18 books, including numerous eBooks which you can find on Amazon and other websites. She continues to offer clairvoyant readings and Native Indian Shaman circles.

Lesley is also the admin/owner of Sacred Tree Books, Spirit Vision, Find Your Psychic and Circle of Stones websites which she has created to help propagate and support genuine spiritual growth and to provide a platform where spiritual workers can support one another world-wide.


Lesley has written about many of her experiences in her books, in particular The Shaman's Door Series, which focuses on the wisdom teachings of the Medicine Wheel as well as her personal journey living and working with traditional people.  Please visit her bookshop for further insights into her writing and to learn more about her books. If you wish to know more about Lesley, and see some of the photographs she took on the northern reservations of Canada, please see,

The Journey So Far... written by Lesley

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Lesley has also created three CDs of her Native Indian Music, and two DVD presentations. She is a contributing writer, and book reviewer for several magazines, including New Dawn Magazine. She is also a book reviewer for Amazon.

 Lesley travels Australia and many parts of the world offering her unique spiritual drawings. She also offers workshops as well as postal and private sessions. Please explore this website for more information on Lesley, her books and her artwork. We also invite you to add your name to our newsletter list and receive regular email updates.