SacredPath1Your aura is part of your eternal soul or spirit. When your body ceases to be, your aura blends with the higher essence of your soul into the eternal one-ness of your true self. Therefore it is important for you to connect to your aura because it is through this “membrane” that your Higher Self, Spirit Guides and Angels communicate with you. The aura is an interactive, multi-dimensional portal that envelops your whole physical body. It is a communication device that is constantly receiving messages and relaying them on to you, through your chakras. All Beings have an aura and therefore receive guidance this way. There is always a continuous flow of light, communication and love from your guides. -- It is this energy that I draw in your personal spiritual session.

Spirit Guides come with wisdom from many ancient cultures/traditions. This amazing wisdom supports your current life and helps you to embrace your spiritual life lessons. For example an Egyptian Priest/priestess brings the teachings of deep spiritual meditation/ritual/ancient wisdom. A Native American Indian asks us to connect to nature and the wisdom of the Mother Earth. The Celtic Priests teach us the magical ways of Mind-science, and the fact that thought creates reality.

I draw the guide or angel who wishes to come forward but I can ask to see the guide who helps you with certain areas of your life, such as the guide who helps you heal or create your art. We have guides who protect us but also others who inspire our creativity, talents, and gifts. They all bring messages and wisdom to help us all lead a fulfilling life.

 Female Guides / Angels – We are being asked to align more deeply with intuitive feminine sensitivities. They help us embrace meditation, gentleness, quietness and contemplation.

Male Guides / Angels ask us to be more assertive and “pro-active”. There are times to step out and take a chance with life, and male guides help us find the inner fortitude to take risks, to speak out, and to take necessary action.

 Totem Animals: Life Purpose:

owlieTotem animals work with our instincts and feelings. They move to the section of the aura to stimulate the chakra involved.

Above the Head: - New energies are now entering and urging you to reach higher. It is time to stretch yourself. New wisdom enters through the crown chakra and then is shared throughout the aura.

Head Level – It is time to use your mind to understand your gifts offered by your totems. Do this by studying them and allowing them to influence your thinking. 

Third Eye - They are bringing clearer visions -- You are opening up more and more!

Throat area - They wish to channel or communicate more strongly. This is time for you to create, write, paint or draw!

Heart - Embrace the love in your heart, trust yourself and be true to your ideals. You may also have lessons around trust and self-love! If this is a dark energy, you may need to heal inner guilt or sadness.

The colour or ray influences the way your totems interact with you. The wolf, for example, brings new pathways, but the ray (colour) helps you understand your direction. A Green wolf offers a new pathway of healing - A blue wolf brings the new pathway of spiritual intuitive growth - a Red wolf brings the new pathway of transformation. More than one of a certain Totem indicates that the message is urgent because the energy is doubled or tripled. Two of the same indicates the need to balance the male and female elements and three of the same kind indicates you must work with your totem’s wisdom on all three levels (Mind/Spirit/Physical).

 There are hundreds of Totems. Here are just a few:

 Wolf: New Teachings/New pathways are being revealed.


Eagle:  Time to fly higher, gain a new perspective of clarity andclearer vision.

Owl:  Wisdom/clairvoyant sight/mystery/clearing deceptions.

Dolphin:  Time to leap into the unknown, act with courage

Butterfly:    Transform by leaving the past behind

Bear:      Time to walk alone and receive healing in quietness.

Buffalo:    Receive wisdom from past-lifetimes

Dragonfly:  Soul Mates/people from past lifetimes are now entering your life to bring gifts of healing.


Combine the wisdom of your totems with their colour and you will understand your message more clearly. Then add the position of your totem for this is where you need the message will affect and influence your life.


chakrangelChakras are wheel-like energy centres that align your aura with your body. They work like “mini” computers by processing energy from the higher self, your angels and guides through to you. They spin when they receive information. They sparkle when this information comes from higher dimensions.

The traditional chakra colours, red through to crystal white, are constantly receiving additional colours/vibrations from higher realms. This opens new doorways to wisdom and attunement. When you meditate, or simply relax and open, these colours wash through the aura and “speak” to one another.

This picture, left, is an Angel who guides the information floating into the chakras. You can see they all blend and interact with one another.

There are also chakras in the shoulders and they align with the wings of your angel. This is why we sometimes feel our angels gently grasp us by the shoulders.

As you ascend, your angel wings will automatically begin to float up from your shoulder chakras.


.... Orbs and Spheres of Light

You may have seen these in photographs. I have seen them for many years. They enter your aura bringing wisdom, light and information (like a very beautiful CDRom)

angelette1They also sing or hum at a very high pitch; you may hear them as you meditate or drop off to sleep. They automatically flow towards the chakras and dissolve their wisdom-gifts, like little crystal drops, into your chakras. If you resist, they will not force you to take their energy; they simply wait, rotating softly in the outer aura until you realise they bring you a wonderful gift.

 If we resist, a totem may hold and protect the energy until we relax and open. You will see many orbs around the totems who are helping you understand your spiritual journey. All you need to do is ask your totem to bring the energy to you, then relax and meditate as this occurs. The picture I have used above, of the owl, shows the owl holding on to one of the orbs. When I see this, I know the person is a little afraid of their own power (which in this case would be clairvoyant abilities) but the owl patiently waits for you to change your mind. As you can see... the owl is not frightening and his gift would bring great wisdom and peace into your life. If this occurs to you, simply meditate on the totem holding the orb and ask him or her to allow it to dissolve into your beingness. You will know when this happens because a flush of warm, loving energy will tingle through your body and your mind!

Getting the Most out of your Picture:

Your picture is unique to you, but in order to get the most out of it, tiger you need to meditate or relax with it.

After you have framed or laminated your picture spend time simply looking at it. Ideally you will do this every morning before you begin your day. All you need to do is ask your guide and your totems to guide you today. Look at your picture for a few moments when you are open and relaxed.

Ask that your guide or angel walk at your side and offer you his or her wisdom. Ask your totems to bring you the inner intuitive messages they have for you today, and ask that you notice the many colours of your aura reflected all around you.

During the day you will notice "coincidences" and know they are guidance. When this occurs stop for a moment and breath deeply. Go into your heart and ask to be shown what you need to know, and what your Spirit Guide is trying to show or tell you.

When possible, spend a little more time in an open-eyed meditation with your picture. You will notice that when you place glass in front of black paper, it becomes like a magical mirror. You will see your own reflection blended with the colours of your aura and guides. This is what I see when I look at you, or anyone.

As you meditate with your picture it trains your eyes to open up to seeing auras other other energies. Very soon you will begin to see the picture appear to quivver and move. You may find one section seems to become brighter or one or more colours jumping out at you. This means you are receiving information from your guiding energies.

Stop! Breathe.... you will soon receive their messages!

 doubledolphinsOver time your own natural clairvoyant abilities will open up, bit by bit. Each person's journey is different but if you continue with this meditation you will get results.

I have also created the Sacred Journey Oracle Cards to work in conjunction with the guide pictures. If you meditate with your picture, and then draw a card from the deck, your messages will become clearer and easier to understand. The guides can ensure that you receive the card that will speak to your heart and bring you the wisdom you need.

 These are tools that help awaken your inner spiritual abilities, and with time you will discover you do not need these tools any more because the guidance comes to you naturally and without effort.


For further information, please read my book:The Empath which goes into further detail.

Spirit Vision with Lesley Ann Crossingham