I was born sensitive and what my mother called "overly imaginative." For years I battled this gift, which I saw as a horrible curse rather than a blessing. Like so many young people, I felt different, alone and had no idea why I could hear thoughts, see spirits and colours that others could not.

My parents were often called to the Head Mistresses' office because of my hysterics (as they called it). In despair, my mother sent me north to Scotland and the dubious care of my tiny Scottish Grandmother in the far off Islands of the Hebrides. This mystical and ancient land had a name for me.. I was faye, or gifted by the fairies! Today we have a new word... Empath... And millions of Empaths are currently incarnating into this world.

In the far north of Scotland I felt accepted because my skills were considered a gift from the fairies. My Grandmother explained that I had a gift and that I was to use it to help others. I was and am an Empath, but because I had a wise grandmother I was able to see this gift. Without her I would have probably fallen into drugs, drink and probably worst. This is what happens to thousands of Empaths who are not nurtured and guided!

Are you and Empath? Do you see your "strangeness" as a curse rather than a blessing? Do members of your family think you are strange?

I believe my experiences and insights can help and this is why I have written THE EMPATH. It is based on the Scottish wisdom shared with me by my Grandmothers and others within the Celtic mystery school. My Grandmother said that being an Empath was once rare. In ancient times the "fay" ones or people who had been "touched by the fairies" were sent away to the mystery schools for special training. But now that has all changed. I am seeing huge waves of Empaths being born into this world. There are thousands of young people who are self harming, using illicit drugs, depression and suicide issues as well as anti social behavior because they are Empaths and do not know it.

I returned to the south and finished my education but I did not fit in. So I left. Because of my ancestry, I applied to Canada and was given citizenship and free university education as an aboriginal person. Then I trained with traditional Native American Indians and discovered that most if not all Native people are empaths. Living like this is considered "normal" by these wonderful people. After all those years of wandering the world, I had found a home with the Empaths.

This is why the material I offer here might be a little out of step with western conventions. This is because I come from a empath and shamanic view point. Let me assure you that everything I write or offer in workshops, books or sessions comes directly from my spiritual connection, which I have stalwartly tested, over and over again.

The answer is simple - it is profound and it is within you already!

Yet as I look around at the “new-age” market, all the expos and festivals, I see deceptions and lies being offered by (alleged) "psychics" that if followed actively interfere with your guidance and undermine your life-pathway. Your guidance-system has been created to take you on the quickest, most painless way for you to ascend into perpetual inner peace. When you allow others to mislead you, you may well go round in circles for millennium.

This is one of the reasons why I have written The Empath Codex Veritas!

Right now, all across the planet, Empaths (who are not the same as psychics, or psychic mediums) are starting to awaken, but because their energy is not supported or nurtured many of them fall into what we usually call psychological illnesses such as depression and even suicide. Did you know that on average 7 people commit suicide every day in Australia? This number is rising every day.

Empaths are people who don’t often appear to be very “spiritual” by current standards. This includes a propensity to swear, abuse alcohol and/or drugs and get angry with what they see as injustices. Our society condemns people like this and calls them weak or unspiritual, or my personal favourite: “young souls” which is spiritual b/s for “I am better than them.” In fact Empaths are so super-sensitive that choosing these substances can help numb them down and allow them to appear to function in a very dysfunctional world.

In this new book, I outline the basics of being an Empath and offer a quick quiz to help you gain an insight into your abilities. Most importantly I also explain the temptation to abuse substances (and this includes anger and guilt patterns). I hope this segment will help you release any self-judgement you might have about yourself that makes you think you might not be “spiritual enough.”

Then... I get into the controversial stuff! This informationcomes from material given to me from the Mystery Schools.

There is a lot of downright lies and deception offered by “spiritual experts” who are basically just trying to peddle their merchandise and become the next “spiritual-celeb.” One of the most popular are the psychic-medium shows where messages from grandma are proffered as if it were eternal spiritual truth. While these shows seem pretty harmless and I know people find them entertaining, the underlying problem is that they make “heaven” into something it is not. Suddenly physical-death has been painted a “must see” destination filled with love, light, Nana and Pop, no problems, no worries and utterly wonderful. Therefore it is easy to see why so many people see suicide as a smart option... after all, your psychopathic, embittered old grandma has morphed into a lovely white-haired old lady who loves you!. All your debts, your rotten job, the nasty neighbours and the beat-up old car dissolve in a puff of smoke -- all you have to do is die!

Anyone would think that psychic-mediums, and their dubious ‘readings’ was a new thing! There have been people who could do this from the very beginning of time itself. All they are doing is connecting into the Astral, which is not truly heaven at all.

I fully realize that The Empath Codex Veritas is a book that probably only a few people will feel drawn to because it blasts those lies and deceptions right out of the water. Sadly many of us are very fond of those deceptions because they are so very nice, and they make us feel “special” and “very spiritual.” Of course, in the end, I know (and you know) that everyone will find their way back home. No one can be lost forever. True heaven or ascension is the destiny of us all, the only thing we have command over is the time it takes to get there.

I have been so blessed by my life! I have had incredible experiences, but more importantly, I have met the very best of teachers, entered the most profound Mystery Schools and sat at the feet of great masters. Therefore I cannot stand back and say nothing as I see so many people taking this dark and unnecessary detour that ensures more pain and suffering. None of it is necessary and none of it offers you one shred of wisdom whatsoever.

The bottom line is, sadly, the bottom line.

The truth is not “sales-worthy.” The spin doctors can’t put much of a spin on truth because it requires you to love yourself and feel worthy. All sales, whether it be for the latest wrinkle cream or dubious spiritual teachings require you, the buyer, to feel less than good about yourself. This is why they drape bikini girls across the bonnet of a new car to entice the boys to think they will get a babe if they drive a red sports car! This is why they use Jane Fonda (who has had more nips and tucks than you’ve had hot dinners) to sell wrinkle cream! -- It is sales and nothing more -- and it requires you to feel needy, empty and lost in order to separate you from your “hard earned!”

The same sales ploys are used in “spirituality.” Whether it is yet another certificated course or yet another special card set from the Angels, or yet another book from some author from The Secret, they are all based on “my life would be better if...”

What if you could be free of all of this in a heart-beat? You can, the minute you understand the world, and yourself, and stop buying stuff to feel better about yourself!

If this resonates you may find my new book opens some inner doors in your mind. You will notice that all of the books I offer are very reasonably priced. This is because, in essence, you get them at wholesale prices. I don’t have them distributed through to the shops or through the big wholesalers for obvious reasons.


I am always happy to receive your feedback and any questions you may have on what I have written. I certainly hope I have made it all very clear, but sometimes when you have known something for so many years, you can assume everyone knows it.


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