owl 02We all have spirit guides and angels, yet there are those who feel closest to spirit when they connect with an animal or totem spirit. The word totem means friend and every shaman embraces the gifts the little owl friend has to offer! The word "medicine" refers to the gifts the totem brings. All totems have gifts, but the owl's gifts are magical!

The owl-medicine gifts include the ability to see in the dark, extreme sensitivity, intuition, patience and the stamina to overcome obstacles. There are some who say the owl reveals deception but this is only one of her many gifts. When you hear but do not see the owl, she asks us to remain alert, focused and in step with the ever evolving, changing spiritual pathway.

So many of us feel drawn to owls, even if we rarely hear or see them. I believe this occurs when our inner soul-self is gently asking us to delve deeper and awaken our natural clairvoyant sensitivies. We all have this ability, and the gentle, and yet strong, owl can help us find the right way to strengthen our intuition and spiritual abilities.

When you feel this, know that a little owl has called your name and will be guiding you, perhaps unseen. Sadly much that is written about the owl is negative. There are some tribal groups who believe the owl calls you name when you are about to die. The deeper meaning of this is that the ego or false self needs to "die" so that the eternal spirit within can soar with owl wings. The Owl is calling you to stop resisting this transformation and to see it as a liberation.

The owl brings medicine to all people, but there are those Medicine men and woman who have a strong alignment with owl. These people are often very solitary people who bring enormous wisdom to others. Most importantly, the owl medicine person brings spiritual transformation. In addition the owl teachs us that heaven is a state of consciousness and we can attain that consciousness at any time.

If you feel the owl with you, ask yourself what needs to die within (not your body! but beliefs or fears!) as you do this, the door to deeper wisdom is opened for you by the beautiful little owl. Meditating on the owl will actually help your transition.

The image I have used here is from my Sacred Journey Oracle deck. I have a strong and powerful connection to the owl, and if you feel this way too, simply meditate with the image here, or find an image that resonates for you. The owl is also one of the most powerful healing totems, who can help unblock the third eye, and so much more. Be guided by your heart and know that there is no such thing as a "bad" totem. They all have wonderful gifts to offer us all! The owl is also represented in the Medicine Wheel, and lies along the final pathway to illumination.

If the Medicine Wheel teachings call you, you will find a complete explanation of the wheel in the Sacred Circle Workbook if you feel drawn to the Medicine Wheel wisdom.

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Blessed be...Lesley