AMMA 01Within the hearts of those who allow themselves to truly feel, there is a longing that cannot be satisfied with words or by reason. We all share a heart-felt desire to be nestled in the arms of beauty, caring, compassion and heart-felt relationship. This is because it is our nature to feel, to love and to express love in every moment.

When these qualities are not expressed they burst forth in dreams, fantastic legends, or in collective experiences such as the numerous appearances of the Virgin Mary. I believe the current world-wide obsession with Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary indicates the collective urge to embrace, once again, the Divine Feminine and awaken her presence in our hearts. At some level everyone knows that the Divine Feminine is an integral part of higher or Christ Consciousness, but most importantly, it is an element of divine nurturing -- it is that we all ache for in every moment.

The wisdom of our day (modern psychology) tells us that any truth we refuse to acknowledge is compensated for in myth,story and legend. This compensation redresses all imbalances and makes us feel whole and healed. The ancient legends also supply the archetypes, or patterns that colour our world, giving it substance and meaning. It is clear we collectively share a primordial desire for the mysterious and the magic. It is also clear that the story of Jesus and Mary, or Yeshua and Mariam echo still in the heart of the collective, and we long to know them, to touch them, to live their love and unite with their truth.

We have collectively created a very masculine world; It is a world where the feminine archetype has been pushed to one side. We are urged to set goals, strive for perfection and work very hard at life improvement, all very masculine approaches to life. Yet the longing for the gentleness of the feminine motivates us at very deep, usually emotional levels. Go back into ancient history and you will see that the Divine Feminine was everywhere. She is the bare breasted Goddess of Crete, holding the two writhing serpents in her hands. She is the voluptuous, yet faceless Divine Mother of Willendorf, she is Pele, she is Isis and Kuan Yin and a thousand others. Then she disappeared. Like the Irish Goddess, Bridget, she fell into the mists of forgetfulness and with her went our love for the earth and the seasons. Gone was the mystery of birth and creation. The magic of ritual, galactic alignment and the waxing of the moon dissolved into forgetfulness. All usurped by hard reason, cold facts and sensible contemplation. And our world reflects this choice.

But such universal longings cannot be stilled forever. Modern psychology teaches us that deep within all of us lies the hidden and unexpressed part of our nature. The famous Swiss Psychologist Carl Gustav Jung gave us many spiritual gifts, most notably the terms "archetype" and the "collective unconscious." Archetypes, Jung explained, are "first patterns" that form inner-blueprints for self expression. The collective unconscious, he tells us, is the place deep within where we all link and share similar dreams, desires and fantasies. This is why certain fictional and mythological characters depicted in novels or movies seem to sweep through the collective imagination of the globe. This occurs because they align with our inner archetypes, or first patterns that mould our personal desires and fantasies.

It is the unlived element of the feminine that has brought a resurgence of investigation into the last Goddess, Mary Magdalene. She is only mentioned briefly in the gospels, yet, second to the Virgin, there are more churches named after her than any other major biblical figure. Her gospel, found in Nag Hamadhi in Egypt was so repellent to church authorities that it was deliberately torn and partially destroyed. Her name was blackened! With no basis in the Gospels, Mary became a penitent prostitute. Yet Mary is so much more than this. At some level, we all know that she is the hidden or lost Goddess. We can sense her, feel her presence and hear her call us to again awaken her within.

Several thousand years ago, just a very short time in earth-history, we decided to blind ourselves to balanced psyche. Original Christianity, as practiced for the first 300 years of modern history, by such groups as the Cathars and the Egyptian Coptic church, appointed women as equal partners in faith. There is strong evidence that Mary herself founded the Egyptian church before moving to southern France. Many women were bishops and church leaders who preached and conducted ceremonies. As more ancient scriptures are uncovered, it becomes clear that Jesus and Mary held a joint ministry. These scriptures quote Jesus and Mary referring to God as "mother-father" – or Amma-Abba in the ancient Aramaic language they both spoke. As we inspect these lost scriptures, which were deliberately left out of the Bible, we discover a very different form of Christianity. Not only does this form of Christianity acknowledge women as equal partners and God as both male and female, it also indicates that Mary's wisdom as an integral and essential element of higher consciousness.

Higher consciousness is often referred to as Christ Consciousness, but it could just as easily be called Buddha Consciousness or Enlightenment. It is the objective of any serious student of metaphysics. These ancient scriptures were written by a Christian sect we now call Gnostic Christians. Gnosis simply means to have a personal experience of the God-force. The wisdom of these lost manuscripts reveals us that within every man is an inner woman, and vice versa. Both elements must be in harmony and balance for full consciousness to occur. The master Jesus/Yeshua provided us with the male archetype of this higher consciousness, but the other essential element expressed by Mary Magdalene was repressed, suppressed and distorted. What we have been left with is the desire and the physical urge to strive for enlightenment, but without the feminine balance of nurturing and support. Without balance, enlightenment remains just out of reach. Enlightenment can only occur when all inner elements are brought into harmony and we therefore begin to identify with the wholeness of our being. Harmony can only occur through melding feminine and masculine elements into oneness.

As Jung said, that which we repress returns to us in dreams and legends. When the church fathers repressed the essential element of the sacred feminine, her story went "underground." At the time of the Crusades in and around the 12th century many European Knights travelled to the Holy-land and rediscovered these ancient texts. Those who tried to preach Mary's wisdom openly, such as the Cathars in southern France, were destroyed by church authorities. Mary's story was sublimated into legend, and taught in mystery schools. The famous stories of the Holy Grail, King Arthur and the Round Table, and all of our "fairy" tales such as Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty were all birthed at this time. They were all originally mystery school stories based on the lost wisdom of Mary. The inherent beauty and deep spiritual truths woven throughout these stories speak to us at deep psychological levels. All these many centuries later, the memory of Cinderella's story is still burned into our minds, because it connects to an inner truth that vibrates throughout our collective unconsciousness.

StarSeed.sapphire 01Take a moment to really think about these stories. Have you ever wondered why, after all these centuries, they remain so popular? Notice that all of the stories have a young girl, usually a hidden or unknown princess, as the protagonist. She is, for the most part, dispossessed by someone not as pure or righteous as she is. She is pushed from her rightful place and forced to live as a lowly servant, such as Cinderella, or put under a spell of forgetfulness, such as Sleeping Beauty. These were allusions to the fate of Mary Magdalene and the fate of the inner feminine that lies within us all.

You will recall the beautiful and gentle Snow White, and how, despite her innocence and purity, she is robbed of her inheritance by her step-mother and left to fend for herself in the woods. But notice that, despite all the spells, poison apples and armed woodsmen, no one can ever kill the innocent princesses? The princesses can be hidden, put into a coma, or chained to a mop and broom, but never destroyed. The culmination of the story also follows a pattern. We see a prince who steadfastly searches for his hidden princess and unites his energy with her. In Sleeping Beauty he must chop his way through the brambles and briars that have shrouded her castle. In Cinderella, he must search for the one who "fits" the slipper. Finally, despite all the odds he finds the princess and in their one-ness they live "happily ever-after."

This great wisdom resonates in our hearts because we recognise the lost face of Mary, the forgotten goddess, in all of them. Mary Magdalene is a secret, hidden in plain sight, just waiting for the right time to awaken. Just like Sleeping Beauty it may take a long time and the castle and its treasure may seem well hidden, but with steadfast dedication, we can find this inner realm.

There are many pointers that indicate this moment has come. Our collective urge to return to feminine wisdom, coupled with the amazing discoveries of hidden codices and scriptures point to the awakening of Mary's truth and the integration of the wisdom of the Sacred Feminine.

I believe the one they called the Magdalene is within everyone and I know she is within me. She is a voice lost to us for the last two thousand years. She is the voice of the feminine Christ, the Divine Bride and our own inner Queen. Enter that inner realm and you will find yourself walking with her along the streets of old Jerusalem. Join her as she sits with him on the hill under the heavily laden olive trees of Gethsemane. All you have to do is be still and listen, very quietly, to that small inner voice, and then you will reawaken the Divine Feminine. When you do this you will discover that she was always there. Just like Snow White, she was only sleeping. She is awakened by a kiss of love, acceptance and reverence and that, dear ones, is enlightenment...

The photograph at the top of this article is from my book: Amma Na Tha - which is Aramaic for the Mother returns. It is the first in a series of books that have flowed through me from Mary Magdalene. Initially I felt rather overwhelmed by this, but now I see, very clearly that I am that energy when I am aligned with love and unity between all peoples. You can find this too, and it begins when you walk her journey in your own life.

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The second book - the Goddess Codes recounts those early steps of awakening the Goddess within. My experience of this awakening meant that even more information and creativity flowed through me than before. Shortly after writing The Goddess Codes, The Empath book came through.

Finally, and perhaps not finally, Mary Magdalene has channeled a series of books on our Star or universal origins, for she like us all is a StarSeed. I invite you to allow the inner Divine Feminine to awaken within and allow yourself to be guided to the books and information that will help guide your pathway to Divine Awakening -- Your gift to yourself and indeed, the whole of creation.