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Lesley is clairvoyant and she draws the Spirit Guides, Angels, and aura colours she clairvoyantly "sees" around you. Lesley channels personal messages, guidance and insights about your life and your spiritual journey. This includes information from your soul-group, past lifetimes, your karmic pathway, and your life-journey right now. All of her drawings are in full colour and everything is explained to you in detail during the reading.

Lesley offers you her unique clairvoyant readings by connecting into the higher spiritual vibrations. She has been offering her unique drawings and readings since 1978, and has taught many other spiritual artists.

To gain deeper insights into Lesley's spiritual perspective, please read her books, blogs, articles and newsletters on this site and on other websites including the eZine: Circle of Stones.

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Lesley was voted the 2013 * 2014 *2015 * 2016 * 2017 *2018 Spirit Guide Artist

and Spiritual Author * Peoples' Choice Psychic Award 

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 Lesley offers her unique artwork of your spirit guides and angels at various locations.




Mind Body Spirit Festival - Brisbane

Stand A11 - February 28 * 29 * March 1st

Lesley will be offering personal sessions, long and short,

with Spirit Guide & Angel Art portraits.

Her books and other materials will also be for sale.

Please book directly with her on the day.



This itinerary is just a basic outline of Lesley's schedule.

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