Since the dawn of time, the shaman has been the healer and spiritual helper of his or her tribe or group. The shaman is a way shower, a pointer to the answers to the mysteries of life. The biggest question we all face, at one time or another is the fact that we die. Babies die; old people linger in pain for years; almost everyone eventually becomes sick or distressed. Life can be painful, difficult and very short! . Like so many others, I wanted to know why some people get sick and others don’t. I went in search, just as so many others have at other times.....My journey led me to Canada and right around the world. I have written several books on my journey. I have called them the Shaman’s Door, because I believe it is a door we can all enter to walk in a new world, and have a new life. Not everyone is meant to be a shaman for others, but everyone can benefit from a shamanic healing.


What is a shamanic healing:

The essence of shamanism is the ability for the shaman to morph or blend with the spirit or energy of another person and become a guiding light for them. This is, in fact, quite easy once we understand we are all one being. There are no individual spirits, only one! Much as you might baulk at thinking you are one with Hitler and Donald Trump you are also one with Mother Teresa and Gandhi. Once you truly understand the oneness of life, everything begins to make sense!

Shamans believe that every time we are traumatized or hurt we lose a little piece of the soul. Part of you is left behind in that childhood wound or that horrible marriage, or that rape.. This wounded part of you continues to speak to you of pain, loss and separation, like a voice always in the background of your life. Over time this constant reminder affects your life and your body. The shaman returns to that place and brings that part of you back to you, to live in wholeness of the now! This is called a soul retrieval ceremony or ritual. However, if the person uses their wound to gain sympathy or pity from others, the healing may be very temporary. The shaman cannot “make” your soul stay in present time if you keep returning to past wounds and energize them into your current time. You energize a wound when you constantly think about it, talk to others about it, whine about it, use it as an excuse for your unsuccessful life, impress people with your story of "you think you had it bad... you should hear what happened to me!" (yawn). etc. Drop these self indulgent habits or you will never heal. 

Once you have experienced true wholeness you no longer feel the need to play drama-games to gain sympathy energy from others. At this stage, when your soul is whole and complete (as created  by Great Spirit) your body will reflect this wholeness.


Drum: The primary method is the drum, along with the rattle and flute. The drum first diagnoses the imbalance in the particular chakra or energy area, and through the will of spirit, your focus on the light and the power of the drum, we can drum the chakra back into harmony once again. Simple!

Sacred Smoke: The ceremony of the sacred pipe (often called the Peace Pipe) and other rituals using burning herbs and combinations are used to gently pull the spirit back into present time. The shaman makes up a mixture of herbs and offers a ceremony to the spirits to bring balance to the person concerned. I will not go into the exact procedure, because this is something that is not spoken of or written about. You have to be taught directly by a teacher or benefactor. My benefactor taught me, step by step, how to do these rituals. 

I offer this sacred smoke ceremony on every full moon. Please check out my facebook page for the announcement.

No matter what method(s) employed, the key is the return of your spirit back to present time. You can do this for yourself when you refuse to fuss about the past or think about your wounds. Thought strengthens manifestations. Therefore, shift your thought into appreciation and gratitude and you become your own shaman.

Shamanism: Of course there are dozens of people who have done a weekend intensive shaman course, but that doesn’t make them shamans. Sadly, in our western system of consumerism there is the idea that if you pay enough money, you can buy anything, including these kinds of qualifications. If you hear of a shaman offering these rituals you must first be very sure that they will connect to you in a healthy and harmonious way. Shamans have been known to use “bad” medicine. What this means is that they have a personal agenda that takes precedent over your healing and well-being. In other words, they want either: fame or fortune, and sometimes both. This is why it is imperative that the shaman does not charge money for their ceremonies. They may ask for a donation or contribution of some kind. Secondly, if a shaman promises a “cure” rather than a healing, it is probably best to run the other way. Most importantly, if you do not get a good feeling about the person your spirit guides are giving you a warning. It is always best to listen to those warnings.

I offer healings for a donation. Please see the link below. It is part of your healing that you give to another and in this case, you will be supporting Native American education. You must be clear in your mind that you no longer want to retain your disorder/illness. If you find you garner a lot of sympathy, pats and pity, a healing cannot be effective because you actually like having the wound. This is why I also suggest you tell no one about your healing or about your experiences. It is your journey, no one needs to know, and if they do they may sympathize with you. If they sympathize they send their energy to the disorder. Ask people to support your health and well-being. Never whinge or whine about your disorder, because you will gather a whole pile of people who will energize your “problem” and thus support its manifestation in your life. 

If you would like me to perform tobacco ceremonies you need to send me tobacco. Please email me before you do this, so I can give you the specifics.

If you feel called to this, it is there for you. If you feel it is not your pathway be kind enough not to attack or criticise those who wish to be part of it. Great Spirit works in many ways and through many traditions. Each of us is called to our own pathway and thus another person’s journey is really none of our concern. Please check out the link below and feel free to email me with any questions.