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I am a spiritual artist, clairvoyant and spiritual author with forty years experience. Please enjoy browsing through this website and reading the many blogs I have created. Here is an overview of what I offer:

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angellogotransp1.fwSPIRIT GUIDE ART: I clairvoyantly see your multi-dimensional Aura and your spirit guides! Because I am an Empath/shaman, I am able to use all my intuitive and clairvoyant abilities at the same time. It comes to me in a wave of light-vision and includes your aura colours, patterns and images. I immediately see your Spirit Guides, Spiritual Guardians and Angels. On the outer part of your aura I will see your personal Animal Spirit Guides. These energies are called Totems from the Native American Indian word for friend. I also see Energy Centres, known as Chakras which is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel. These centres are multi-dimensional vortexes that appear as shimmering spheres of light that speak in colour, sound and vibration. They reflect issues around health, emotional attachments, and the use and direction of your universal or Divine energy (also known as prana / chi or ki). I also offer clairvoyant readings without the spirit guide art, but I do always include a sketch of your aura because this is a vital insight into your spiritual and earth journey.  I offer personal/private sessions at my venue in the southern Gold Coast. You can also find me at various Festivals and Spiritual Centres/shops (check out my itinerary for further details). I also offer postal Readings that can be mailed anywhere in the world. For further information, please click on the link below:



angellogotransp1.fwASTROLOGY READINGS: I believe we all come into this world with cosmic patterns that reveals your sacred Life Purpose, Karmic Pathway, Talents, Relationships. I create your Astrology Wheel and give you a deep analysis of your strengths and weaknesses to help you navigate your life with inner power. I also use my clairvoyant skills to gain deeper insights into the patterns of your soul.



angellogotransp1.fwSHAMANIC HEALINGS/READINGS -- I trained with Native American Indian people in Canada and the United States. I have also studied in India with Asian meditation techniques. I have offered spiritual circles for well over thirty years. Shamanic healing is one of the most powerful experiences because it heals all spiritual dimensions at the same time, leading to permanent change. For further information, and to book your session, please click on the link below



angellogotransp1.fwBOOKS: I have a journalism background, and worked on two Native American Indian newspapers as a reporter. I am a world traveller and have studied many wisdom pathways from both the west and the east. I write from my experiences and from spiritually guided, or channelled connections. I offer my books in the hope that they bring you fresh and clear insights into the most important journey of your life -- your soul journey. Nothing else is more important! In my experience, once you have a deeper connection to your soul and your life purpose, everything in life makes sense. Please check out my books on this link. You will also find the links to my many eBooks via Amazon and other major book sellers.



angellogotransp1.fwSACRED JOURNEY ORACLE CARDS: I created every image on these cards to offer a unique tool to assist you on your spiritual journey in this world. These cards were guided by the angels to help you give yourself a reading. These cards can help and strengthen your ability to receive clear guidance and messages. Please follow the link below to discover more about this unique spiritual card deck.



I also travel to various locations in Australia and overseas... to see when I am going to be in your area, please check my itinerary!

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