As a child I would spend hours drawing little fairy spirits because they were the first Spiritual Beings I saw. I was very fortunate to have a mother and Grandmother who not only believed in fairies, but encouraged me to speak to them as well as draw them. These days we view fairies as simple nature spirits who help the flowers grow, but for my Scottish Grandmother they could also be rather naughty and mischievous! If her washing line broke, she would blame the fairies for being cheeky. But they never did this to harm or annoy her, but rather to remind her that play, enjoying nature and relaxing is also a very important part of life.

Nature Spirits are everywhere! When I was very sick, as a child, they would dance along the footboard at the end of my bed.I quickly noticed that some of them were rather chubby and I would laugh as they would literally waddle like plump little ducks. They did this to cheer me up and to remind me, yet again, that the Angels and the fairies loved me, and wanted me to get better soon.

Over time I would get out my wax crayons and draw these little ones, showing the pictures to my mother and grandmother. They always encouraged me to keep on drawing what I saw. I also noticed that as I did these little drawings that, because of concentration, that I could see the fairies more clearly and also hear their sweet little voices. This actually enhanced and supported my own clairvoyant abilties, although I did not realise it at the time.

It is with great pleasure and love that I would like to share with you some of the fairy-lore I have gathered over the years.


What do they look like? Fairies vary from place to place. They are very different in America to how they appear in Europe. Most of the pictures we see of them are typical English fairies - very pale skinned and rather thin. The Scottish fairies, however are burly and rather hairy. They always have very very hairy legs and the male ones always have very long beards with bushy eye brows! Australian fairies are much bigger, for some reason. They are often about three foot tall, so can make you jump when you first see them. They vary a lot from place to place, but many of them here seem to be a cross between totems and humans. I have only seen these kinds of fairies in ancient Egypt, so perhaps there is a link between these two places.

Where so they live? Fairies always live in and around nature. They are indeed nature-keepers. Every flower has a fairy sitting inside it, singing softly in tune with the wind and birds. In a flower bush, with dozens of little flowers, you will hear a chorus of fairies all singing together as the sun rises or sets. Talk to them! I do all the time!

Fairies like gifts: If you want to create an alliance or relationship with fairies they EXPECT presents! The earth fairies love jewellery for some reason, so if I ever loose one earring I always gift the other one to the fairies. My Scottish Grandmother would say that they had already stolen the first earring and were therefore expecting the other one to arrive any day! Many people also give them coins, because they also like them too.

Fairies are aligned with the elements: There are, of course, earth, air, fire and water fairies. You can see the fire fairies dancing in every candle! But there are also etheric fairies who go through the various dimension doors. They are the ones who can help you grow your spirit so you can follow them into other worlds if you desire to do so!

Fairies can be Spirit Guides. Fairies are always with us to help us create a better world. If you are a gardener and love your garden, make friends with your fairy. You can ask him or her to make themselves known to you and even tell you their names. Then they can help you create a beautiful garden, or even help you understand a disease a plant or tree has and how to heal it.

Water Fairies work with people who like to sail boats of various kinds, again as long as you give them presents. They prefer metal objects which should be placed in the ocean or river. This is why you will find so many stories in the Celtic tradition where people laid a sword, helmet or ring into the water as a promise. Air fairies work with those who wish to fly and of course fire fairies work with Metal Smiths to help them create their beautiful artwork!

Fairy Spirits are always very practical and help you develop your art.... mine does! and she is a hard little worker sitting at my side in my art studio working on my art.


Your Spirit Guides, Your Angels and Your Fairies are here to help you; once you get a strong connection to them, you will feel their loving guidance with you every day and every moment....Let me look with you. It is just a story, just a little movie script you have written and then forgot to delete.

We can walk together. We can look together and allow the angels to guide us towards the light of release. I can see your movie for you. I can describe the details and offer you the story. Most importantly, I can hear the angelic messages of healing and also offer them to you. It is your story. I can help you shine a light upon the shadow-play of your fears and help you sing a new song of release, healing and light.




This is my clairvoyance.

This is my Spirit Vision….

If it resonates for you, follow your heart!



Blessed be....